To the PyeongChang 2018 – Your time is now, end the illegal dog meat trade!

Below is the letter Steve Spiro of START Rescue wrote to the PyeongChang 2018 Press office:

Dear Press office,

While the Winter Olympics is a joyous occasion and one in which I usually very much look forward to, I want to bring to your attention the barbaric torture and slaughtering of the Korean dogs for meat consumption that many of your countrymen believe make them more masculine, virile or turn them into some kind of super men.

Let’s set the record straight. This is absolute nonsense and anyone with an ounce of intelligence will know how preposterous this is.

I’m sure South Korea is an intelligent nation of caring people but the dog / cat meat trade needs to end. It needs to end now. I don’t mean for two weeks before the event to make the rest of the world believe you care. I mean once and for all.

Until it becomes 100% illegal with heavy fines and serious jail time for offenders we will be stepping up our campaign to boycott the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

We have already doubled the amount of petition signers and supporters of this ban and we are continuing to get more people involved in ending this barbaric and completely unnecessary killing.

We have letters going to the US team and many more letters reaching Olympic and government levels.

We have seen the videos and heard the screaming and agonizing plea for help from the dogs themselves and we simply REFUSE to look away.

Steve Spiro
LA, Ca.

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  1. Ann Slattery
    Ann SlatteryMay 14,16

    I will boycott every nation that breeds, tortures and eats cats and dogs…barbaric people don’t deserve to live in a civilized liked world.

    • Sheila Allen
      Sheila AllenMay 15,16

      I could’nt agree with you more! It it is barbaric! Great comment!

  2. Louise Lane
    Louise LaneMay 14,16

    Well done Steve! South Korea, end your evil torture, slaughter & eating of dogs!

  3. margaret woodall
    margaret woodallMay 14,16

    It is time this cruelty was a thing of the past, stop this evil trade it is abhorrent to decent people

  4. Kathy Marquardt
    Kathy MarquardtMay 14,16

    Please stop this horrible event!

  5. Sandra Rose
    Sandra RoseMay 14,16

    Give the dogs their freedom.

  6. savoie
    savoieMay 14,16


  7. Carroll Conway
    Carroll ConwayMay 14,16

    Stop eating dogs and cats meat.

  8. Ilham
    IlhamMay 14,16

    The world is shocked and horrified by South Korea’s hellishly barbaric and heinously brutal dog and cat meat trade. It is your govt’s moral and ethical responsibility to put a ban on this savagely cruel trade which has no place in a decent, civilized world. South Korea SHAME on you. Ban this unethical trade, charge offenders with severe punishment. The world demands you Stop the dog and cat meat trade with immediate and absolute effect.

  9. Jan Jorczak
    Jan JorczakMay 14,16

    Steve, that was a well thought out letter. We all feel exactly the same. Thank you for your intellectual letter, I hope these moronic people will dwell on this and react to end the dog & cat torture and consumption. We can all boycott and keep the pressure on.

  10. Helen Taylor
    Helen TaylorMay 14,16

    I am boycotting all countries that are involved in this sadistic evil meat trade! I am telling everyone about it, I’m also emailing online companies who are selling on eBay from these countries advising them of the boycott! It has to stop , its evil and has no place anywhere!

  11. Biffy
    BiffyMay 14,16

    I am so thankful for all those who fight animal atrocities.

  12. Alexandra Möllerström
    Alexandra MöllerströmMay 14,16

    Please stop this cruelty, don’t you know that animals have feelings too?? It is 2016 not Stone Age and I think you should know this!!!!!!

  13. Pam turner
    Pam turnerMay 14,16

    Marks and spencer sell articles from China.year before last , their calendars had pictures on with cats how hypocritical is this , what China does to them.I wrote to M & S stating this and their reply was the would pass my concerns onto their buyers.MAYBE south Korea will take note of the worlds concern over their blatant cruelty with regards to them hosting the games , and Stop this barbaric trade.we will keep onto them until such times., they realise this.

  14. Sandra Dean
    Sandra DeanMay 14,16

    The brutality against Dogs is just heartbreaking. It is cruel and has no place in our World. To breed, and then torture, to slaughter and then eat dogs, is appalling and wrong. The Dog is loyal, it is loving, it is faithful, it serves and is a companion and loves its family unconditionally… this is how most people in the World view the dog…. Things need to change. This killing of millions of Dogs annually must stop. ..We need the people who can bring about an end to this cruel trade in Dog meat to stand and to use their power to make it stop,

  15. Helle Olin
    Helle OlinMay 14,16

    Well done Steve. My heart is bleading…poor dogs and cats.

  16. Perczak Ewa
    Perczak EwaMay 14,16

    ces terribles massacres, ces tortures qu’on inflige à ces pauvres chiens et chats sont insupportable !! il n’y a qu’un pays primitif qui peut agir ainsi !!! comment les Chinois peuvent le faire ?!!! sont-ils sans âmes ?? nous sommes responsables de tout être vivant sur cette terre car nous sommes au sommet de la chaîne !!! et il y a des gens, des nations qui se comportent pire que les hommes des cavernes !!! je n’arrive pas à trouver les mots pour décrire cette horreur !!! les Chinois viennent visiter nos pays, ils adorent Paris, ils voient comment nous vivons, dans un pays civilisé !!! ça devrait les choquer toute cette cruauté chez eux !!! ils doivent réagir aussi !!! s’il veulent qu’on puisse parler d’eux comme d’un pays civilisé également !! pour le moment, en ce qui me concerne, ces sont des sauvages !!!!

  17. Geraldine Daniels
    Geraldine DanielsMay 14,16

    This is not a country that needs to torture and kill dogs and cats to survive…. it is not their only food source the people will not starve to death …so please please STOP the cruelty just stop. These animals do not need to be bred for this purpose

  18. Sue Nicholls
    Sue NichollsMay 15,16

    I never stop thinking of how we can stop this horror so rampant in many Asian countries and now parts of Africa. Thankyou Steve. It rips my heart out and I send what money I can and sign petitions. I hate people who hurt animals.

  19. Perczak Ewa
    Perczak EwaMay 15,16

    I will boycott the games too !! it’s terrible that a country so advanced in technology is so primitive !!! for me this is the backward country where I will never go !!!

  20. Carole Wilson
    Carole WilsonMay 15,16

    This barbaric cruelty and killings of innocent dogs and cats needs to stop. The world is shocked a country advertising modern civilisation is committing the most henious crime out towards vulnerable anomads. This is NOT tolerated within modern compassionate society. You are ledgedly faulse advertising. We will boycott everything to do with Korea until they show some compassion and respect to these animals and ban this trade forever with maximum punishment to those who wish to continue. I have never in my entire life seen such wicked evil acts being committed towards another living creature and what makes it all the worst is that these poor animals are loyal to mankind and serve us with their loyalty and intelligence for people with needs, in policing , army etc etc etc.
    You Korea are being disloyal to these animals as you are disloyal towards the world who have begged that this end …. You are a disgrace to humanity

  21. Tracy Hicks
    Tracy HicksMay 15,16

    Boycotting these games until this practice stops…Korea becomes a civilized country

  22. Luiza
    LuizaMay 16,16

    Boycotting these games until this practice stops!!

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