Update: Unjust verdict on the charges against Nami Kim

Sharing from Nami Kim and her team.

Nami Kim assulted at Universe Dog FarmNami Kim received a notice from the Incheon District Court this week, following a charge against her by the police, for defending herself when being physically attacked by the brother of a dog farmer at the Universe Dog Farm in Incheon(South Korea).

The Prosecutor’s Office advised her that a parcel had been received from several weeks earlier, with more than 20,000 signatures on the Petition! She sends her thanks to everyone involved and wants everyone to know how grateful she is.

However, the court case which lasted over six months, and was aired on one of the three major television stations, resulted in a very disappointing verdict for Nami.

Nami was not present in court when they issued a verdict for injuring the butcher’s brother and fined her 1,000,000 Korean Won (equivalent of US$900). This is a complete injustice as Nami is not young and she is not a man (it probably would never had gone to court if she were male) – and the only form of weapon she had whilst being beaten and trying to defend herself were just her teeth. And Nami thinks that the unfair verdict was more than likely because the judge, himself, might eat dogs.

The good news, though, is that Nami says that this dog farm has now gone completely (the butcher is dead, too); this market used to supply meat to the Moran Market (the largest dog meat market in South Korea) – so this was a major victory for last year; but a high price has been paid for it by her.

Nami now has another farm to try and shut down and may have more in future: Munhak-dong in Incheon and Kyesan dog farms.

You can see Nami’s Facebook post about this HERE.

Even though this case is now closed, our Petition is not! And we will keep it up as a form of protest against the Korean court’s injustice; and, just as importantly, to show Nami Kim and her Team that we stand behind them and their dedicated efforts to save the Korean dogs from horrendous cruelty.

Click HERE for more information about this case.

Below is the contact information of the judge presided on this case:

Judge Hyun-Deok Kim
Incheon District Court
17 Soseong-ro 163 bungil (Hakik-dong)
Namgu District, Incheon, Gyeonggi-do Province
Postal Code 22220
South Korea

Phone: 011-82-32-860-1113~4

김현덕 판사님
[22220] 경기도 인천 남구 소성로 163번길 17(학익동)
South Korea


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  1. valerie
    valerieJanuary 21,16

    This all so unfair fining a woman saving dogs from an horrific death I’m with her all the way. Dogs are not for eating they were put on this earth to be a man’s best friend and be part of a family. The dog meat trade is a cruel, barbaric trade. This has got to stop including cats.

  2. Miss Teresa Keegan
    Miss Teresa KeeganJanuary 21,16

    This practice is both Barbaric & medieval & makes the country look backward & not a place to visit – this is quite apart from the fact that other countries Believe that your country have not progressed from living in Caves & you are as a people Extremely cruel in your outlook to ;life & to be stayed well away from – not good if you want to attract Tourism !! stop it & move into the 21st Century !

  3. Juergen Pichert
    Juergen PichertJanuary 21,16

    Nami Kim and her team are heroes. We have to help there grateful work. We need more, more people!!! Talk about it, tell the owner of dogs and cats about the horrible situation in South Korea. Print the flyers and put it on important places.

  4. Karen Wolf
    Karen WolfJanuary 22,16

    Outrageous ?She was the victim–Not him!?

  5. Diane Smith
    Diane SmithJanuary 23,16

    The barbarism of South Korea, home of the manufacture of five automobiles sold in the U.S. and other countries must be made known internationally. How an educated govt. can condone the torture, EXTREME TORTURE, and INHUMANE, torturous slaughtering practices of these poor creatures must be exposed and stopped!!!!! These practices are followed in all 3rd world Asian countries. The ignorance and barbarisms must stop!
    Where is the humanity of government officials who are supposed to bed overseeing the enacting and/or enforcement of laws to protect these dogs and cats????
    Nami Kim will one day be seen as a heroine, not a criminal, by governments. The rest of us currently applaud and laud her
    Its too bad local officials didn’t do their job, causing Nami Kim to try and enforce the laws herself, out of concern for these creatures. Shame on lazy government officials who find it easier to not act. They need to be removed from their posts !!

  6. debbie mckenzie
    debbie mckenzieJanuary 26,16

    It’s Disgusting

  7. debbie mckenzie
    debbie mckenzieJanuary 26,16

    IT’s Disgusting!!!

  8. Kimberly ( Neal )Brunson
    Kimberly ( Neal )BrunsonAugust 11,16

    A woman defending herself from the physical attack of a man is further victimized by Korean court. Justice was not served in this regard.

  9. Louise Baird
    Louise BairdAugust 11,16

    The dog meat trade is a crime against humanity. When they did this to people it was called the holocaust. In this time, in this world, the Global Village cannot allow this epic horror to continue. To look away is the worst thing we can do. “If you have the ability to make a difference, you have a responsbility to make a difference” (Sir Winston Churchill). Nami Kim, Marc Ching and all their angels deserve the Global Villages support. Nami is so COURAGEOUS and a hero. The lyrics of a song come to mind also “what if god was one of us?”…. Change is coming because of people like Nami. I fully support her and all her efforts and want the countries who support the dog meat trade to know that the Global Village SEES YOU AND JUDGES YOU. Karma will find you.

  10. Judith griffin
    Judith griffinAugust 11,16

    What would these dogs do. If people like her didn’t fight for them

  11. Denise Baudin
    Denise BaudinAugust 12,16

    This unjust verdict on the charges against Nami Kim certainly does nothing to improve South Korea’s cat and dog eating nation reputation. It is their choice.
    Millions of people are with you Nami Kim. We are sending you thoughts of love. We are praying and asking the Universe to send you strength. Thank you.

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