Victory – Update from the 500 dogs “Universe Dog Farm” in Incheon, South Korea.

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500 Dogs Dog farm_TV news

The great achievement of this year, is that I can now announce a victory of our big battle which had been on-going for the last four months.

While we had all the dogs in our hands from the 50 Dogs dog farm, we went back to the 500 Dogs meat dog farm. The dog farmer had committed suicide after my first visit on the 24th June. He hung himself while hiding in the mountains. Before that, his truck struck another truck which had caused serious injury to four people. This was quite sensational, and had aired on the 9th July by MBC, “Real Story” which included an interview with me.

I am announcing a victory although there is another long story behind with my visit yesterday. Because of the death of the dog farmer two months ago, the dog farm had completely ended the dog meat business. I saw with my own eyes, that not a single dog was there, and had not heard the usual barking of dogs. We confirmed “not a single dog” again later at the police station. It was in early August that we learned that 300 dogs were sold, left with 200 dogs which he was asking for $6 per kg wholesale price from the Moran dog meat market. We couldn’t save a dog from this dog farm but the business had eventually shut down, and all three charges I had filed against the dog farm were nullified after his funeral.

The family is still blaming me for the death, especially the elder brother. He became violent, beating me so I had to protect myself by using my teeth. Nearby policemen came, and I ended up at the police station on a charge of injuring the brother, and violation of domicile by trespassing. I was beaten as well, but the police would not hear me saying that I didn’t have any evidence of wounds, while he had a large teeth bite mark on his right hand. It is likely I am losing this case as the police and the brother know each other, as they are neighbors. The chances are high the family will bribe the police. I need a lawyer for this. The dog meat supply business is always transacted with cash, with no records at all, but we are digging through their tax records with the livestock farming license. I am charging the family for tax evasion. This is the least I can do now.

This is one more case to the two on-going court cases. Fighting the dog meat trade in Korea is tough and can be highly dangerous. That’s why few people want to get involved in this battle. Although I am working almost twenty hours a day to end the dog meat trade, I don’t see an end to this.

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  1. Jan Jorczak
    Jan JorczakOctober 4,15

    How can I donate directly to Nami Kim to help her directly. My donation to Nami Kim may be used as she sees fit – in her fight to save meat dogs or to help pay her attorney’s fees. Nami Kim, I will send a donation and support you as soon as I hear from you.

    • admin
      adminOctober 4,15

      Dear Jan,
      Here is the donation info to Nami. Thank you for your generosity!
      Donate to SaveKoreanDogs team to help us rescue more dogs from the South Korean Dog Meat Trade and keep us fighting for them.
      Donations will be used toward the following:

      Dog rescues from meat farms
      The veterinary care, food, and shelter while the dogs await relocation and adoption
      The fees associated with travel documents, travel crates, and airfare for the rescued dogs for their departure toward safety in the U.S. or Canada
      The printing of posters and flyers to distribute in order to increase awareness and lessen the dog meat consumption rates

      You can donate by Paypal: [email protected] Nam Hee Kim

      Thank you!

  2. James & Jan Cooke
    James & Jan CookeOctober 8,15

    Hello Nami…

    My name is Jan.

    I cannot give financially at this time, but what I am doing is praying for Divine Intervention, for you and the other dear, kind souls, that are on the front lines fighting evil, for Gods creatures! You and others like you are awesome warriors for animals! Please do not give up what you are doing! Cruelty as you know is evil! The best way for evil to prevail, is for good people to do nothing!

    All over the world, especially the very young and apparently to the very old, must be taught and mentored…kindness and compassion, especially towards innocent beings, whether humans, or animals! That humans are to be responsible, loving stewards of this earth and it’s creatures!
    It is quite apparent this is not the norm in societies/ families, so we advocates/ activists, that are fighting for the welfare of innocent, living beings… must petition the education systems in our individual countries and be able to get it taught in school!

    Take great care and may God be with you!!!

  3. evy s
    evy sOctober 8,15

    Keep doing what you are doing!

  4. sandra nicholson
    sandra nicholsonOctober 10,15

    God bless you for saving those poor dogs. I would like to help sending a donation in cash by mail. I don’t want to use my credicard for private reasons. Would you please send me your mail address? Do you have the address of someone in the USA? I live in USA and will be better so send the money to a address here. Thank you again for all you do for those poor dogs.!

  5. Marlene Brits
    Marlene BritsOctober 19,15

    Thank you so much for helping those poor dogs. My heart goes out to you and for the work you are doing.

  6. Millie O'Connor
    Millie O'ConnorOctober 25,15

    Thank you so much for all you do for the animals. Bless your heart.
    Millie O’Connor

  7. Lee Jones
    Lee JonesOctober 31,15

    I will donate

  8. Marilyn B.
    Marilyn B.October 31,15

    Hi Nami, Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and the wonderful work you are doing there in S.Korea! I am sorry but at the moment I cannot give you financial support! the support I give you is moral and I honestly think this is necessary too! Those poor innocente creatures are being TORTURED out of selfishness and ignorance! these beings are completely lacking in sensitivity and empathy! They don’t understand that dogs and cats feel pain too just like us!! Nami I am with you every day Thank you Dear Soul for the Good Work you do and God Bless You! Marilyn Graziano

  9. Astrid GERJETS
    Astrid GERJETSOctober 31,15

    Schande, Basdarde Strafe folgt

  10. Gloria Davies
    Gloria DaviesNovember 18,15

    Thank you so much for helping these beautiful creatures the things you must see must break your hearts so THANK YOU SO MUCH for having the guts to do the job you are all doing to help there Dogs and Cats ,,, And as for the poor Lady Nami God Bless Her for the work she is doing and NO WAY should she be going to court for defending her self it is a bloody disgrace and it is against the law to run these farms so why is the law concerned with Nami they should be going after the cruel bastards that run these awful cruel farms why is this not being stopped i really hope and pray that Nami gets off with these awful charges against her it is just all wrong it really is God Bless You All for you wonderful work you all do THANK YOU PLEASE KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE ALL DOING we love you for it From Gloria Davies I wish i could send a donation but i dont have any money so sorry

  11. Lynn J
    Lynn JNovember 19,15

    God bless you and protect you for your compassion and caring in this very important matter. I will continue to donate whenever I can. I wish it could be so much more! Thank you!

  12. ingrid voigt
    ingrid voigtDecember 3,15

    Tiere Lebewesen sind mit den gleichen Gefühlen Schmerzen Angst wie wir

  13. Michelle Carr
    Michelle CarrJanuary 21,16

    You are a hero! I do not have words to express my deep love, respect and gratitude for what you are doing. May you be kept safe. I pray you get all the money, protection and help you need. Please keep us posted. You are the finest among us. Thank you!!!

  14. Betty Chan
    Betty ChanMay 3,16

    The whole world is supporting Nami Kim’s mission to save poor doggies in Korea! Boycott Korea! I will never visit Korea until the cruel and barbaric dog meat trade ceased!

  15. Anthony Selsick
    Anthony SelsickMay 3,16

    Thank you for helping these dogs, you are an angel

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