[Update: e-People petition response] Urgent Action Alert! Forest fire in Uljin burns dogs imprisoned in dog meat farms.

Korean government refuses to take any action against this callous dog butcher who left his 150 dogs imprisoned in raised wire cages in a forest fire, causing many to be burned alive and many others to suffer severe burn injuries.

Click below for the South Korean government’s responses:

We must not let the Korean government get away with neglecting its duty of enforcing the Animal Protection law. Countless dogs are burned to death every time there is a fire in South Korea because of the Korean people’s heartless attitude and profound indifference to their suffering. This has to stop.

👉 Please click HERE to continue to take action and file e-People petitions.

👉 Click HERE for more updates from the burned Uljin dog slaughterhouse, 3/17/2022.

👉 Click HERE for updates “The Uljin dog slaughterhouse burned in a recent forest fire is still a battlefield.” 3/25/2022.

Urgent Action Alert! Forest fire in Uljin burns dogs imprisoned in dog meat farms.
Coexistence of Animal Rights on Eart (CARE).
  1. Robert Ricewasser
    Robert RicewasserMarch 26,22

    I urge you to immediately close these cruel dog meat farms and prosecute the owner’s and those who cruelly butcher dogs. Dogs & cats are companion animals and should not be considered a food source or source for fur.

  2. Lynette Ridder
    Lynette RidderMarch 27,22

    Please close these houses of horror and prosecute the owners for such horrific cruelty. No creature should ever be treated this way. Dogs and cats are our trusted companions and deserve kindness.

  3. John Farnan
    John FarnanMarch 29,22

    This is an immoral abomination inflicted on companion animals. You corrupt dog meat trade psychopaths have no sense of empathy for life to allow this filthy sadistic trade to continue. This is the 21st C., not the dark ages, or is it still in Korea? The dog is a loyal and loving companion animal and you have no moral intelligence to ban this horror. Shame on your apathetic and indifferent country.

  4. Sher
    SherJuly 20,22

    Repulsive society of mentally deficient humans!!!! Your evil, satanic animal torture must end. Hard to believe that there are people like you with zero compassion!!! Disgusting and shameful

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