Samcheok’s response to our e-People petition regarding the dogs burned to death in the Uljin forest fire 3/10/22

Application No.: 1AA-2203-0193338
Application Date: 2022-03-07
South Korea, punish the dog farmers in Uljin and Samcheok who abandoned their dogs in raised wire cages to be burned to death or injured in the fire!, Petition:
대한민국은 개들을 뜬장에 가둔채로 방치하여 불에 타 죽고 다치게한 울진군과 삼척지방의 개농장주인들을 처벌하라!, 청원:

📌 Please note: The South Korean government continues to deceive us with lies and excuses. Click HERE to learn more.

Civil Petition Results
organization in charge 강원도
staff in charge 최하영
contact 033-570-3863
processing date 2022-03-10
result 국민신문고 민원(1AA-2201-0181157)호와 관련하여 “산불로 인해 개농장에 갇힌 개들의 죽음에 대한 개농장 주인 처벌 요청” 민원에 대한 답변을 붙임과 같이 등록하고자 합니다.

붙임 1. 민원신청서 1부.
2. petition_result_ENG(1AA-2203-0193338) 1부. 끝.
Attachment petition_result_ENG(1AA-2203-0193338).doc 다운로드
End date 2022-03-18 23:59:59

Guide to Petition Handling Results
1. Information on Civil Petitioner
Name 비공개
Application No. 1AA-2203-0193338
Date of Application 2022-03-10

2. Civil Petition Results
Summary of requested petition 산불로 인해 개농장에 갇힌 개들의 죽음에 대한 개농장 주인 처벌 요청에 대한 답변
Results 1. 안녕하십니까? 우리 시의 동물보호 업무에 관심을 가져 주셔서 감사합니다. 귀하께서 국민신문고를 통해 신청하신 민원(신청번호 1AA-2203-0193338)에 대한 검토 결과를 다음과 같이 알려드립니다.
2. 귀하의 민원내용은 “산불로 인하여 개농장에 갇힌 개들의 죽음에 대한 개농장 주인 처벌 요청”으로 이해됩니다.
3. 우리 시는 해당 민원과 관련하여 이번 산불 발생지역에 개농장이 없음을 알려드립니다. 또한 우리 시는 동물학대 행위가 신고될 경우 법적 기준에 따라 엄중한 조치를 취하고 있으며, 사회적 관심도 증가에 따라 동물학대 방지를 위한 홍보도 지속적으로 강화할 것입니다.
4. 귀하의 질문에 만족스러운 답변이 되었기를 바랍니다.
Organization 삼척시농업기술센터
Department 축산과
Date of processing 2022-03-10
Staff in Charge 최하영

Translation by Google translate (Google translate does not translate with complete accuracy.):

1. How are you? Thank you for your interest in our city’s animal welfare work. We are pleased to inform you of the results of the review of the civil complaint (application number 1AA-2203-0193338) that you applied for through the e-People petition as follows.
2. Your complaint is understood as “a request for punishment by the dog farm owner for the deaths of dogs trapped in the dog farm due to a forest fire”.
3. Our city informs you that there is no dog farm in the area where the fire occurred in relation to the complaint. In addition, our city is taking strict measures according to legal standards when animal cruelty is reported, and we will continue to strengthen publicity to prevent cruelty to animals as social interest increases.
4. We hope that your question has been answered satisfactorily.
Organization Samcheok Agricultural Technology Center
Department Livestock Division
Date of processing 2022-03-10
Staff in Charge Choi Ha-young

  1. Karron Lovatt-Fraser
    Karron Lovatt-FraserApril 6,22

    There is evidence to refute your denial.. Declaring untruths is cheating the public, and wrecking your reputation as representatives of the people. In the West it’s called a sham or a cover up. Stop ignoring the evidence.

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