Adopt Dogs Rescued from Meat Trade by SaveKoreanDogs

We,, do not rescue dogs from Korea or anywhere else.

We are a volunteer group that focuses our effort on campaigning to end the dog meat trade in Korea.

However, rescuing dogs from the dog meat trade is not only an incredibly effective way to raise awareness about this issue, but also gives these poor dogs a chance at a peaceful, happy and loved life they deserve.

SaveKoreanDogs(Korean Dogs Sanctuary, Nami Kim and her team) is a registered nonprofit charity in South Korea that works to close down and rescue survivors from the dog farms/slaughterhouses. This organization is always looking for caring, loving homes in the US, Canada, UK and EU who will welcome these precious angels into their family. If you would like to inquire about adoption, find more information about the adoption process and see the dogs available for adoption, please click below buttons.
Thank you for caring!



Nami Kim Team tries to shut down dog farm with 300 puppies in Bucheon

Photo: SaveKoreanDogs. Puppies saved from dog farm in Bucheon by SaveKoreanDogs.

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  1. anna bayles
    anna baylesOctober 8,16

    what this country does to animals is barbaric,and exposes them as a savage nation not to be respected or do business with

  2. Helen Roust
    Helen RoustOctober 8,16

    Yes we may eat beef and chicken in the west, but the Bible says that it is not lawful to eat unclean meats, which includes dogs and cats. These animals are meant to be companions.

  3. Jacqueline Swift
    Jacqueline SwiftOctober 8,16

    these puppies and their parents deserve a loving family where they can live a life they were born to have,how low life can kill and eat dogs and cats is beyond understanding.let us hope that these barbaric killings and consuption of meat from this and all other countries that take part get stopped with haste.

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