Brisbane Mayor’s Office responds

[Update: October 17, 2017] We received another response from the Lord Mayor’s office.

Please see below:
Response from Brisbane Mayor 101717

To comply with Brisbane’s petition requirement, please send your petition letter signed by 3 or more persons with their residential addresses. You can use our petition text or your own words for the petition letter. Click HERE for our petition.

Click HERE for Brisbane’s petition requirements.

Mail your petition to the below address:
Office of the Lord Mayor
Brisbane City Hall
GPO Box 2287
Brisbane, Qld 4001

[Update: September 29, 2017] We received the below confirmation letter from the Brisbane Mayor’s office.

We appreciate the Mayor’s office for responding to our petition and we hope to receive a positive message soon.

Click HERE for our campaign page.

Response from Brisbane Mayor 092917

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  1. Pat L Brooks
    Pat L BrooksOctober 18,17

    I’m praying humans will get a heart and soul and will STOP TORTURING AND EATING DOGS! SHUT DOWN DOG MEAT FARMS!!!

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