Ulsan Dog Meat Market illegal dog slaughter… A knife stuck in the throat, gasping in agony

[Updates – November 30, 2016] Click the below links for the updates from Busan KAPCA:

[Busan KAPCA] Shocking – Appeal period for Sangae-dong cruel dog slaughter case has passed
[Busan KAPCA] We need your support for the press conference urging appeal of Sangae-dong Dog Meat Market cruel slaughter case

KBS News Ulsan. 8/16/16. Horrific dog slaughter, when will it end? (끔찍한 개도살 언제까지..)

TV Chosun News. 8/17/16. Horrific dog slaughter. Bludgeoning to death in front of other live dogs. (잔혹한 개 도살…다른 개 보는 앞에서 산 채로 몽둥이질)

Kukje News. 8/16/16. Ulsan Dog Meat Market illegal dog slaughter… A knife stuck in the throat, gasping in agony. ([영상] 울산 개시장 불법도살 현장…살아있는 상태로 목이 찔려 ‘헐떡’)

Naver News. 8/17/16. [Video] Brutal slaughter in while other dogs are watching… [영상] 다른 개가 보고 있는데…잔인하게 도축

South Korea’s Animal Protection Law is a joke. Look at these dogs, brutally bludgeoned with a hammer, stabbed in the neck with a knife, and agonizingly bleeding to death. How are they being protected? Terrified dogs in cages next to the slaughterhouse can see and hear them being killed. What law is protecting them? South Korea’s dog meat market is disgusting and cruel; when will it end? How much longer will Koreans ignore the cries for help and mercy from these poor animals? Next time you are thinking about buying Korean products such as Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Kia, remember the cries of man’s best friend. Do not support Korea’s economy until they stop this abomination!

Here is the story behind the horror of the videos you just watched:

It was reported on August 16, 2016, by KBS News and Kukje News, and again on August 17 by TV Chosun News, that the butcher of a dog slaughterhouse in Ulsan, Nam-gu District Sanggae-dong that has been brutally slaughtering and selling dogs has been caught.

On August 12, ahead of ‘Malbok,’ the 3rd of 3 ‘Boknal’ Korean dog days of summer, Ulsan City officials and Busan KAPCA(Korea Alliance for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) conducted a joint inspection of this dog slaughterhouse and caught the butcher AOO with dogs bludgeoned with a hammer and knife stuck in their throats to bleed them to death in a full and unobstructed view of other live dogs.

At the time of the visit, Busan KAPCA reported that two dogs were lying on the ground bleeding profusely. One of the dogs was still alive and torturously gasping for breath.

Under Article 8 of the Animal Protection Law, the act of killing an animal in front of other animals of the same species is subject to up to 1 year of imprisonment or a monetary fine of up to 10,000,000 Korean won. Accordingly, Busan KAPCA reported AOO to the police for the blatant violation of the Animal Protection Law.

Until last year, businesses that slaughter and market a variety of livestock animals, including dogs, were prevalent in the old Sanggae-dong livestock market area. When the livestock market was closed down, the number of slaughterhouses was significantly reduced. However, 6 dog slaughterhouses remain in operation, inflicting unbearable pain and suffering on these animals and selling their meat.

An Ulsan city representative stated that local government over this jurisdiction conducted broadscale maintenance several years ago, eliminating the illegal dog slaughterhouse buildings. However, because the actual act of slaughtering dogs for human consumption is not illegal, there are still people selling dog meat.


Photos: Dog slaughterhouse in Ulsan Nam-gu Sangae-dong, South Korea.

  1. Mimi Hodsoll
    Mimi HodsollSeptember 4,16

    How can humans be so cruel in their method of killing, it is bad enough that dogs are eaten for food, truly barbaric.

  2. Ann McDermon
    Ann McDermonSeptember 4,16

    No psychopath should have a say on the fate of animals or any life form. They are in abuse of office. We need to round up the psychopaths who are doing this to dogs and remove from and hold them to account. They are mass murdering criminals who should be executed. I have zero tolerance when it comes to sadistic crimes against animals Boycott all Korean goods, hit them in the pocket. All psychopaths care about is money. They have no empathy, no sensitivity and no moral conscience. This is despicable. Dogs are suffering a horrendously painful and unnecessary death because low life degenerate scum with poor to no frontal brain function do not know how to live on earth. Individuals who do this are the scum of th earth and should be removed.

    It is time to take action. Those behind this, who turn a blind eye must be exposed and Korea must be financially brought to its needs – that is the only way to wake these evil sadistic bastards up.

    Dogs should not be suffering in this manner. I am beyond being kind and respectful to degenerate murdering filth.

    • Lesley Blissett
      Lesley BlissettSeptember 7,16

      Ann, I have never heard/read any other statement that sums up the Vile Dog Meat Trade any better than you have written, your comment clearly and concisely brings home the abhorrence, the cruelty and barbarity of innocent dogs who should be being looked after and cared for by the race known as human beings, not suffering torture and deaths of such brutality by human hands as they currently do! It is the evil barbarians who carry out this torture and murder that ought to suffer it themselves!

    • Rod Opferkew
      Rod OpferkewSeptember 16,16

      Ann – I am in total agreement. I want people not to just read the news, watch the horrific videos (many of which I cannot even watch, and I have a strong stomach), and just make blanket statements but by raising awareness we can put on display what is truly going on, shed light on what is dark and hidden, and move people to act, sign petitions, give financially if possible, adopt a rescue from overseas if possible, and get legislators involved. I have zero tolerance for the sick behavior of torturing dogs and cats and come to remember that they will see punishment, in this life or the next.

      • Cypriano Brio
        Cypriano BrioJanuary 20,17

        We need to get together and do something, boycot every korean biussness, if there is enough of us it will hurt them. Buy from a dog freindly set up, but china are worse they boil them alive, i want to cry,

  3. Lucie Marsalkova
    Lucie MarsalkovaSeptember 4,16

    Odporné, trestuhodné!!! Je potřeba to už zastavit!!! Jak je možné, že jsou lidi takový hrozný sadistický zrůdy!!!

  4. julie lightfoot
    julie lightfootSeptember 4,16

    End this evil barbaric savage cruelty now this amount of heartless murdering for dog meat is truly heartbreaking so many tears for these innocent poor animals

    • Sharon
      SharonSeptember 5,16

      The cruelty of such slaughter houses shpuld be treated in the same way as they torture these animals

  5. Ķaren Rouse-Deane
    Ķaren Rouse-DeaneSeptember 5,16

    I think it is terrible putting dogs through this pain. I also hear that some of these dogs are stolen family pets. This needs to be stopped. Cruelly killed gives me a strong hatred towards those who carry this out. It has to be stopped and NOW!

  6. Diana keyser
    Diana keyserSeptember 5,16

    In my opinion why should pets be tortured to death to end up on a heartless bastards plate? I can only pray to God to change their lust for torture and consumption of tortured animals whuch were created to range free and be lived and taken good care of.

  7. Annabel Edwards
    Annabel EdwardsSeptember 6,16

    The poor dogs the pain they go through is terrible and just think all these beautiful dogs all belong to people or some of them might be strays. This cruelty is been going on for too long please stop this before more dogs are killed alive.

    • Janette Warren
      Janette WarrenSeptember 7,16

      We need people like Richard Gere and big celebrities to do a film on this so that EVERYONE IN ALL COUNTRIES WATCH THE FILM INCLUDING THOSE IN CHINA AND KOREA AND ALL OF ASIA … And with every torture scene, stealing the dogs from homes or shops, then show the GOOD TREATMENT in a loving home, sleeping with the child, then a horrid scene, then a good scene where the dog alarms the family members that the house is on fire … a storyline for the GOOD and the evil reality storyline for the EVIL … EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION AND SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME …. IS THE ONLY WAY. More BILLBOARDS … more ADVERTISEMENTS ON BUSES … is the best … support them!!!

        STEPHANIE TAUBSeptember 15,16

        Janette.. best idea anyone has put forth to date. All the petitions in the world will not have the impact your suggestion would.

        • Cypriano Brio
          Cypriano BrioJanuary 20,17

          Show them the 101 dalmations lassie the film, max the film greyfriars bobby all blind dogs in action, army dogs sniffing out bombs or finding people alive in avalanches, adverts on there tv get vets around the world to start a petition

  8. Mina H.
    Mina H.September 7,16

    This is horrible, but it also happens daily in the factory farming meat industry. Sentient feeling mammals like cows and horses, baby chicks, are dropped alive into steel grinders to be chewed up alive. Think about what you can do, where you live… purchase less or no meat, dairy and eggs.

    • Cypriano Brio
      Cypriano BrioJanuary 20,17

      I know its barbaric, but these are mans best freind, i hate cruelty of any kind, we need to boycot samsung lg, personally i would shoot the cruel farmers in uk aswell some programmes you see, but least a lot of animals are stunned before they die, its no the case for these poor dogs

  9. Joanne Swain
    Joanne SwainSeptember 7,16

    How can anyone be so cruel to innocent animals? Barbaric!! These people are not human. Please stop the cruelty now. Kill humanely if u must kill them. They are psychopaths to be able to do this to another living breathing animal. RIP poor little souls.

  10. Gloria Dawn
    Gloria DawnSeptember 7,16

    SHAME ON YOU KOREA!!! How dare you treat dogs this cruel, heartless and sadistic way !! Dogs are our very best Friends and Family, they do so much for us. STOP THE TORTURE AND SLAUGHTER NOW, the WORLD is WATCHING YOU !!!

  11. Jacqueline Tessier
    Jacqueline TessierSeptember 7,16

    We must boycott all products made in Korea, until these scumbags realize whole world is against their cruel behavior towards lovable dogs and cats. Let’s hurt these bastards where it’s painful : their thriving economy which could be on the decline as a punishment for their evil mind.

  12. Betty Chan
    Betty ChanSeptember 8,16

    YOU Barbaric Korea better STOP all dogs farm and dogs meat trade business! Shame on you! The world is watching all your evil deeds!

  13. isabella aliaud
    isabella aliaudSeptember 8,16

    Sono senza parole, inorridita e disgustata dall’indifferenza del popolo coreano che, tranne rare eccezioni, ha dimenticato cosa vuol dire avere una coscienza e un cuore. Il male o il bene compiuto ritorna sempre indietro secondo la legge di causa-effetto. Fermati Corea prima che sia troppo tardi!

  14. Cynthia Mattera
    Cynthia MatteraSeptember 8,16

    Sadly, this goes on every day in the life of factory farms pigs, chickens and cows. They are brutalized for fun by the workers, ground up alive, boiled alive, skinned alive. NO ANIMAL should ever have to endure such pain and fear for our food. Animals have rights, and we should be their caregivers, not their abusers. Tougher laws for animal abuse need to be implemented here in Korea. Currently they have no laws. Poor dogs suffer from the day they are born until they are beaten, boiled, and torched to death for dog meat. What a greddy, sick society we have become ;(

  15. Terri Dill
    Terri DillSeptember 12,16

    This lack of respect for life goes on far too much and to long. Look at the world out there. We have to start to make it better. No life deserves to be treated this way. It is disgusting. And it effects the reputation of this country, government, and people.

    • Bev Woodburn
      Bev WoodburnAugust 4,19

      It is not the World it is the vile and evil Human Species who torture and murder the innocent and voiceless and their own species.

  16. gosia
    gosiaSeptember 14,16

    I think that these people have the cruelty is in the genes, unfortunately. If the act
    so to defenseless animals may well in the same cruel way treat others. For that reason I will never visit Korea

  17. Rui Almeida
    Rui AlmeidaOctober 14,16

    This is so bad…so shame.
    So agony, desespair, pain…taking other life that way…just a horror.
    There are so much alternatives y doing that to the dogs?
    There are no arguments which can sustain this acts.
    Dogs gave there lifes to protect peopl and people do this to them?
    Not fair.

  18. Namrata
    NamrataOctober 20,16

    There is animal abuse all over the world but South Korea, China and most of the Asian countries have no laws against animal abuse. To torture and kill in the most barbaric ways are acceptable in these countries. Boycott all products made in these countries. I have never seen such animal cruelty as the dog meat trade. Totally appalling!

  19. Perczak Ewa
    Perczak EwaDecember 2,16

    Before, many great men as Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Victor Hugo, expressed themselves for the protection of the rights of animals!!! And their big sentences stayed in reports of people!!! But I see that now, nobody of the men in high places, worries about the life of animals!!! Victor Hugo said “hell for animals does not exist, they are there already” “which truth!!! It is hideous that the man manages to do things so horrible!!! Which chance that we have Nami Kim who fights against this horrible traffic !!!

  20. Denise Leblanc
    Denise LeblancDecember 26,16

    Ulsan Mayor Gi-Hyeon Kim
    경상남도 울산광역시 김기현 시장

    Gyeongsangnam-do Governor Jun-Pyo Hong
    경상남도 홍준표 도지사

    Minister of Justice Hyun-Woong Kim
    법무부 김현웅 장관

    Minister of Health and Welfare Chin-Youb Chung
    보건 복지부 정진엽 장관

    Minister of Agriculture Jae-Soo Kim
    농림축산식품부 김재수 장관

    Minister of Korea Food and Drug Safety Mun-Gi Sohn
    식품의약품안전처 손문기 처장
    YOU, BIG DECISION MAKERS, DOG AND CAT EATING NATION: Watch the video from the raid by Busan KAPCA:

  21. linda badham
    linda badhamJanuary 7,18


    • cheran briel
      cheran brielOctober 26,18

      Definatelyy you don’t kill anyone by torturing it Never Never

  22. Perczak Ewa
    Perczak EwaAugust 4,19

    I always thought that animux are in hell on our Earth! but what is happening in South Korea is worse !!! I do not know if the man can be even more cruel !!! what happens in this country is beyond any understanding !!! Robert Louis Stevenson said ” you think dogs will be in heaven ? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us”

    FISCHERJune 3,22

    Vous feriez mieux de couper la tête,de pendre,d’électrocuter ou de bouillir vivants ces barbares d’éleveurs,de bouchers,de restaurateurs et de consommateurs……Vos Hommes politiques sont des incapables corrompus qui laissent commettre de telles abominations sur “les plus fidèles compagnons de l’Homme”!!!!! HONTE A VOUS PEUPLE DE BARBARES qui osez vous dire civilisé !!!!Vous pouvez inonder le monde de vos exportations et technologies ,vous n’êtes que des MONSTRES !!!!Vos produits sont tachés définitivement du sang de ces malheureux animaux innocents !!!Vous ne devriez même pas être autorisé à vous présentez avec vos acteurs sur le tapis rouge de Cannes …..ROUGE DU SANG QUE VOUS FAITES COULER JOUR APRES JOUR DANS DES TORTURES D’UNE TELLE ABOMINATION QU’ELLES FONT VOMIR LE MONDE ENTIER !!!!BOYCOTT DE TOUS VOS PRODUITS ET EXPORTATIONS !!!!!

  24. Barbara Apgar
    Barbara ApgarJune 15,22

    I don’t know how it came to be that the horrific and tragic torture and slaughter of dogs is acceptable. All of us writing on this site love dogs and can’t imagine how psychopathic butchers can treat them so callously and do it over and over again. Do they ever look in their eyes or see them wag their tails? Do they ever think that what they are doing is wrong? Does one of them ever put down the electrocution rod or the knife used to stab them in the heart multiple times? Do they ever think twice about throwing the puppies in boiling water or putting them through a skewer on the grill? I don’t know anyone who is pure evil and who has sold their soul to to evil. These are dogs for God’s sake. The dogs who are harshly pulled out of a crowded cage with a metal hook and dragged into the slaughter area never ends. The dogs always resist no matter how sick, injured or terrified they are. It is a scene that always haunts me. I cannot imagine the butchers doing this over and over and over each day and not thinking it is wrong. Sometimes children watch the killing at the restaurants where you can purchase a dog in a cage that you want slaughtered for dinner. The dismembered parts are later brought out in styrofoam containers, sometimes dripping with blood.
    I have thought a lot about the business of dog meat in South Korea and other places. It is a business so ingrained in the culture that I don’t know if it will ever end. We will be back each year signing petitions, writing letters to SK legislators, donating and continuing to feel despondent over no ban or penalties. I had hoped that Pres Moon would have stopped it as he promised in his campaign talk but he never did. The new President has seemed to be thinking about banning it but nothing is being done. I hope the leaders will have courage and commitment in their hearts and minds and bring the suffering to an end. The business of torture and slaughter of dogs has put a bloody stain on SK that can never be erased.

    ASHLEY N BALESJuly 20,22

    This is horrific, disgusting, inhumane! May anyone involved in this burn forever in hell. Eternal suffering for whatever sick gain or enjoyment you are getting from this.

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