Ccso Gaon: Gwangju (Gyeonggi-do), Shut down the illegal dog farm in Tanbeol-dong immediately!

Update: July 19, 2020. Puppies are available for adoption.

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Do you remember the mommy dog and her puppies that were rescued by Gaon from the Gwangju dog farm last month? The puppies are growing and Gaon is now seeking loving and caring families for them. At the time of the rescue, their mommy was separated from her puppies, frantically running in circles outside of the cage where the puppies were, crying and trying to get back to them. It showed how much this mommy cared about her puppies! If you are interested in adopting, please contact Gaon through their Facebook page.

🐶✍️ Click HERE for the Ccso Gaon’s Facebook page.

Posted by Ccso Gaon on Thursday, July 9, 2020

Posted by Ccso Gaon on Thursday, July 9, 2020

Sharing for Ccso Gaon.

This dog farm is in Gwangju (Gyeonggi-do province), South Korea. (Address: Gwangju Tanbeol-dong 510-7. 510-14) These dogs are living in pure hell in scorching heat, with no water to drink. They are given moldy, rotten garbage as food. CCSO Gaon has been working to shut it down, but the owner is not cooperative.

👉 Click HERE to watch the videos and photos of this dog farm.

For now, Ccso Gaon was able to rescue a litter of newborns with their mom. CCSO Gaon is asking that we file complaints and make calls to the City of Gwangju, urging them to shut this dog farm permanently and rescue all the dogs. We need to let the city of Gwangju know that we are watching this dog farm with horror and anguish. Please take simple and quick action today!

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Post by Ccso Gaon:

아이들좀 봐주세요 ~이곳 아이들도 방치와 학대로 하루를 버티지 못할꺼같습니다 고양시에 이어 이곳은 광주시 입니다 민원 ~ 민원전화 꼭 부탁드립니다

통합시민 사회단체는

오늘 경기도 광주시 탄벌동 개농장을 찾아갔습니다

이농장은 1 년넘게 제보받고 작업하는 농장이였습니다 광주시 측은 철거중이라고 이야기했으나 오늘 상황을 지켜보고자 찾아간 개농장은 일부 철거는 되어 규모는 작아졌지만 ~

세상에~~ 최악의 악취와 최악의 쓰레기보다 더한 환경 ~
온갓 쓰레기더미에 업주없이 아이들이 방치되어있고 어는 개농장에 아이들보다 더 열악한 환경속에서 밥도 물도 없는 밥그릇속엔 말라비틀어진 곰팡이가 쩔은 쓰레기밥과 바짝 마른 물 ~ 이 속에 작고 큰 다양한 아이들이 숨죽이며 천천히 죽어가는 모습이였습니다
개농장 아이들은 찾아온 우리를보며 마지막 기회일지 모른다며 목이 찟어져라 울고있는것을 우리는 알고있습니다

이 속에서 발견한 하얀 믹스 진도~
미친듯 돌아다니며 한 케이지앞에서 들어가지못하고 낑낑거리는 모습에 너무 놀랐습니다 위에 케이지에 바로 태어난거같은 꼬물이들이 서로 뒤엉켜있었습니다 새끼곁으로 가려고 미친듯이 뛴 아이는 새끼들의 엄마였습니다

가온은 어떠한 책임을 감수하더라도 어미와 아이들을 우선 구조하기로 마믐먹고 구조를 시작하였습니다 아이를 구조한후 일요일 너무 늦은시간이라 병원을 찾아다녔지만 문을 닫았고 아이들과 엄마는 불안한듯 울고있었습니다 우선 가온은 결국 아이들을 임시로 안정을 위해 사료와 물 영양캔을 주고 보호힐곳에 두었습니다

불안했던 아이는 금방 눈을마주치며 꼬리를 ~~
이 순간은 닥쳐올 여러가지 부족함의 미래보다 지금의 이 순간을 감사할수밖에 없는 모습이 아니였을까 생각합니다

광주시 쯕은 철거중이라고 이야기하고있으나 아이들은 방치되어있고 점점더 숨조차쉬기힘든 더운날씨가 계속된다면 아이들은 죽어갈것입니다
아이들은 40 마리 정도 있는상태이지만 너무나 작은아이들은 가슴을 심장을~미어지게 만들었습니다

이 글을 읽고계실 모든분들께~잠깐의 시간을 내어주시어 민원전화 부탁드립니다

이곳의 아이들을 모두 구조할수는 없더라도 이제는 끝을 내야겠습니다 기본적으로 아이들을 방치된 상태로 둘수 없습니다 수의학적 치료와 작은 개체수는 업주와 이야기하여 입양갈수 있도록 이야기할 계획입니다

내일 월요일 바로 민원으로 이곳이 철거될수있도록 아이들이 보회될수있도록 민원전화 꼭 ~ 꼭~ 부탁드립니다

여러분의 민원과 가온의 적극적인 활동으로 이제는 끝을 낼수있도록 폭풍민원 부탁드립니다

#경기도 광주시 탄벌동510-7. 510-14 (땅이붙어있음)

#광주시 동물보호과 민원전화 031 760 4419


1.폐기물 관리에관한 법률위반

2.혹서에 방치 사료 물 지급 안됨 (학대상태)

3.주인 부재로 인한 관리 불가능

4.수의학적 처치에 필요 위반
긴급 격리 필요한 사항


6.혹서에 방치하여 고통을 주는행위

많은 민원전화 부탁드립니다

  1. Lisa Zengou
    Lisa ZengouJune 17,20

    Please put an end to the horrific practice of torturing dogs!

  2. mitra changizi
    mitra changiziJune 17,20

    Please stop eating dogs .this is cruel .they are like humans.they feel pain

  3. Pauline Collins
    Pauline CollinsJune 17,20

    Shut down this disgusting, evil industry of animal cruelty immediately! South Korea, it is time to ban this “horror” forever.

  4. rui almeida
    rui almeidaJune 17,20

    This is so desumane.
    Doing this to an animal.
    So shame.

  5. Swetlana Frei
    Swetlana FreiJune 17,20

    These scums, who tortoure innocent animals are typical sociopathes and deserve the same treatment, as sociopathy is uncurable (sociopaths possess neither conscience nor ethic or moral) and they will never stop to abuse animals and people around him. Korean Government schould punish them properly. Sadly, millions of animals are still being violently killed for their meat every year. The tragedy of the short and miserable lives they live on dog farms is only compounded by their deaths via gassing, bludgeoning or electrocution.

  6. Lorraine Fitzkee
    Lorraine FitzkeeJune 17,20

    Please stop torturing and killing these innocent dogs!! This needs to stop now!!

  7. Marisel Gonzalez
    Marisel GonzalezJune 17,20

    Please end this horrific horrific treatment that is being done to these precious animals, they are so innocent and we love them as our family, they protect, love and teach humans things that we cannot learn from another human being, that have a soul, they are not just dogs and cats get are a being that many of us have at home as family members, please let’s all come together as one and end this horrible act towards them

    Thank you

  8. Maria Alvarado
    Maria AlvaradoJune 17,20

    Stop killing dogs and cats for their meat and fur

  9. Jan Allen
    Jan AllenJune 17,20

    Please STOP!!!!! This is barbaric! Don’t you have any empathy for God’s precious animals? How would you like it if this was done to you?

  10. Dale
    DaleJune 18,20

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
    Mahatma Gandhi……………………South Korea could be really Great ifthey stopped killing dogs and cats!!!!

  11. Dean Francois
    Dean FrancoisJune 18,20

    For thousands of years man has bred dogs to be man’s loyal companion. What kind of barbaric ignorant people would do this to them? I or my family will not purchase anything made in South Korea or China as in Kia, Hyundai, LG, Samsung and others as long as dogs are treated in this way. If it’s made in an evil backward dog eating country don’t buy it. There are plenty of other more civilized nations.

  12. Kathy Tenda
    Kathy TendaJune 18,20

    Why aren’t the majority of the people in these cities and country against this?

  13. Glenna
    GlennaJune 18,20

    How dare you people do this to dogs and cats they are family pets they ARE NOT FOOD – and how dare you do the horrible things you do to these innocent animals ! You know what I believe should be any innocent animal abused and murdered by you – you deserve the exact treatment and fate! No one on this earth that harms animals like you people do deserve to be upon this earth! These animals want love and to be treated with care and respect – not the hell you have been doing to them ! This is inhumane – and if you think this is right then you should be fine with this happening to you!

  14. Aline Chen
    Aline ChenJune 18,20

    Please stop torturing and killing dogs and cats!!!!!

  15. Mike wilson
    Mike wilsonJune 18,20

    Stop this cruel thing you are doing

  16. Ivonne Montero
    Ivonne MonteroJune 18,20

    Stop killing dogs and cats, please.

  17. Palles Natacha
    Palles NatachaJune 18,20

    STOP killing innocent animals ! This is cruel and horrible…

  18. veroniq
    veroniqJune 18,20

    Stop! stop killing animals….you are mean people…..

  19. Barbara Barone
    Barbara BaroneJune 18,20

    Stop this torture’s. I hope the people who kill and torture the dogs died and go to hell. The dogs are very loving and they do feel and think and they were made from GOD.

    AIKE HILGERJune 18,20

    Es werden die UNSCHULDIGEN gemordet und gefressen……Menschen dagegen sin NIE UNSCHULDIG !!!!!!!

  21. Ewa Perczak
    Ewa PerczakJune 18,20

    so cruel, so awful and horrible, I always ask myself how the man can be so horrendous with the dogs and cats, dogs are with us since 10 thousands of years and always help us without conditions , man has evolved everywhere… when he will make the first step to this evolution in SKorea ?

  22. Leung Chi Yin
    Leung Chi YinJune 18,20

    Please stop torturing and killing these innocent dogs!!

  23. Maria
    MariaJune 18,20

    Sent letters. e-people ignores me – they either reply with some bullshit about site problems, or don’t reply at all.

  24. Maria
    MariaJune 18,20

    C’m on people! Don’t write @stpo it!@ HERE. This site is created by exactly those who want to stop it. Write it where Koreean officials will see – on their pages, to their mailboxes, on e-people, anywhere. But there’s no use to write it here.

  25. Dana Orságová
    Dana OrságováJune 18,20

    please stop killing animals !!!!! please help for dogs and cats !!!!! PLEASE !!!

  26. Min Kim
    Min KimJune 18,20

    This is SO WRONG. WHEN WILL THIS STOP. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING IN THE WORLD WE ALL LIVE IN. Please people around the world, help and support South Korea to end this…

  27. Min Kim
    Min KimJune 18,20

    this is so wrong. pls help south korea to end this. when will this end I am so ashamed. the fact that this is really happening is ridiculous. what do people get from this cruel, moronic action. why and how is this happening…

  28. lisa
    lisaJune 18,20


  29. FBDS
    FBDSJune 18,20

    Please, please, stop all this. You are torturing and killing LIVING SOULS. All these agonies, these lives taken… only to eat meat ! That’s horrible, barbaric, unbearable.

  30. Ann spencer
    Ann spencerJune 18,20

    These countries need to get into the 21st century, they are long over due change to animal welfare…the cultural beliefs are hideous & out dated, they are ignorant to the needs of animals, they need an education plan for future generations, they must not be allowed to hide behind culture…they are or claim to be an intelligent nations, so therefore they know the abuse & cruelty they inflict is wrong…every country is capable of change, so send these sadistic & savage practices into the history books…shocking this trade still exists

  31. MS
    MSJune 18,20

    SHUT DOWN sadistic, immoral Dog Meat Farms FOREVER — SHUT DOWN this depravedly cruel trade FOREVER — S.Korea should be ashamed of tolerating these COWARDLY, brutal Cat & Dog Farms.

  32. Aureli Orfanelli
    Aureli OrfanelliJune 18,20

    SHUT DOWN sadistic, immoral Dog Meat Farms FOREVER — SHUT DOWN this depravedly cruel trade FOREVER — S.Korea should be ashamed of tolerating these COWARDLY, brutal Cat & Dog Farms.

  33. Margaret Falzon
    Margaret FalzonJune 18,20


    TOUTOUNEJune 19,20


  35. Eva Anderson-Hanhineva
    Eva Anderson-HanhinevaJune 19,20

    Stop dead animals, what are the people in this country who can do such terrible things to living beings ..

  36. Margaret Irving
    Margaret IrvingJune 20,20

    this is so sickening. The bastards of the Yulin festival should be fined. I find it hard to feed and give water to my 5 babies because I am thinking of fthe poor dogs in this disgusting country

  37. Candice-Lee
    Candice-LeeJune 30,20

    Dogs are family NOT food!!!

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