Cheonsang, the last dog of Yongdu-dong slaughterhouse

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On July 1, KARA raided an illegal dog slaughterhouse in Yongdu-dong, Goyang City, confronting the butcher and rescuing 33 dogs from the scene. The rescue of 33 dogs is very fortunate, but there was one dog that could not be saved. His name is Cheonsang.

Cheonsang was born an unnamed dog in a dog farm. He was confined in a cage until he was picked up by the butcher. Cheonsang walked surprisingly calm out of the cage and trudged ahead into the slaughterhouse. Activists ran to prevent the death of Cheonsang, but when we opened the door of the slaughterhouse, Cheonsang was already lying on the floor.

Cheonsang had an illegal electric skewer in his mouth, and had vomited bloody foam. The butcher admitted that he had killed the dog and knew it was illegal. Activists rushed Cheonsang to a nearby animal hospital we had contacted in advance in case of an emergency. The waiting medical team gave the dog all the emergency care they could, but his breath did not return.

We suspect the butcher would have chosen the most gentle-natured dog for an easy slaughter. Cheonsang was treated as an insignificant life, and because he was a big dog, he had to die of cruel and terrible electrocution. We named him Cheonsang in the hope that the dog, who had already died, would be the most blooming precious being in heaven.

Ironically, the death of Cheonsang had led to the accusation and admission of the butcher and the fast rescue of the remaining dogs. Cheonsang’s body was sent to quarantine headquarters for autopsy. We are sorry we couldn’t even give him a proper funeral. Should we be relieved that Cheonsang’s body at least wouldn’t be butchered for dog meat?

We hope that dogs will no longer die unjustly and brutally. We hope that the reality of dogs in dog farms and slaughterhouses will change. KARA will never give up until the end of the dog meat industry on this land so that Cheonsang’s death will not be in vain and there will be no more deaths like Cheonsang’s.

⭐ Rest in peace, Cheonsang, who has become the brightest star.

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  1. Susi Müller-Orlowski
    Susi Müller-OrlowskiJuly 24,21

    This butcher isn’t human, he’s a monster. Why did he quickly murder that poor, good-natured dog? What evil! The same should happen to him and he should suffer a thousand times more than Cheonsang! Rest in peace, Cheonsang! Now you are free and your soul is free!

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