Chilgok: Injecting water and illegal slaughter of dogs and black goats

This is a translation of MBN news reported on May 19, 2014: Injecting water and illegal slaughter of dogs and black goats… 1.8 Billion Korean Won ($1.8 Million USD) of unfair profit taken 물 먹인 개·흑염소 불법도축… 18억 챙겨

Injecting water and illegal slaughter of dogs and black goats… 1.8 Billion Korean Won ($1.8 Million USD) of unfair profit taken

As the weather gets hot, lots of people are turning to “health food”.
A group selling dogs and black goats(used as supposed health food) to restaurants after forcibly injecting them with water to inflate their weight has been caught.
A whopping 12,000 animals valued at 3.8 Billion Korean Won ($3.8 Million USD) were slaughtered in 3 year period.
Woo-Young Sim reports.

Entrance to a slaughterhouse in Chilgok, Gyeongsangbuk-do province.
There are dozens of dogs in the cages on a truck.
Inside there are dozens of dogs as well as black goats locked up in cages.
Black goats and dogs which look recently slaughtered are scattered on the cement ground.
A dog injected with water is lying and seems to be in agony.
There are no proper sanitation facilities anywhere.

54 year old LeeOO and his group have been selling illegally slaughtered dogs and black goats. These animals that died by electric shock were sold to twenty health food restaurants around the Daegu area.
They inflated the weight of dogs and goats by 2kg through the technique of injecting water unsuitable for drinking to their hearts with high pressure hoses.
The number of dogs and goats slaughtered this way reached 12,000 from 2010 until recently.

Il-Hui Kim, Daegu Metropolitan Police Agency Criminal Investigation Section Leader
They distributed 3.8 Billion Korean Won ($3.8 Million USD) worth and took an unfair profit of 1.8 Billion Korean Won ($1.8 Million USD).
The police also seized and took action for forfeiture at the scene, with cash in the amount of 450 Million Korean Won ($450K USD) presumed to be from this criminal operation.
The police incarcerated LeeOO and charged three employees with crimes without detention.

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  1. Jacqui Trevillian
    Jacqui TrevillianJuly 12,14

    Your Excellency:

    Humane people worldwide in their millions are shocked and speechless over the horrors inflicted on dogs in the meat trade in Korea. It is also well known that these dogs endure agony that no living being ever should. Cruel confinement and Various methods of slaughter are used on the dogs totally void of compassion, unbecoming of humankind. In the worst cases they are beaten to death slowly and deliberately to soften their flesh while keeping the head intact in order to soften the meat. Can anyone in Korea be this hungry? There is no word in any world language that can adequately describe this kind of horror.

    Is this the way Korea repays dogs well known for their love, affection, loyalty and ALTRUISM to our fellow Human Beings? Is greater treachery of friends possible?

    Modern technology is bringing the world closer and the unbelievable atrocities committed against Dogs in Korea is reaching more and more people worldwide. Apart from the brutalization of the dogs, even in the absence of compassion, would one still want Korea to become known as the land that brutalizes the vulnerable and the defenseless to the maximum.

    When I see this kind of malevolence on the helpless dogs, I am embarrassed to be called human. I have no doubt that many Koreans feel the same.

    We are hopeful that compassion will prevail over grievous and rampant injustice to dogs in Korea and that you will take steps to bring this to an end.

    J. Trevillian
    Melbourne, Australia

  2. Batselé
    BatseléJuly 15,14


  3. nina camilleri
    nina camilleriNovember 23,16

    Please stop this wickedness

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