Culver City Sister City Committee responds to call to action against the dog meat trade

We had received a Facebook email response from the Culver City Sister City Committee regarding our campaign. We asked Culver City, California to take action against the dog meat trade in Iksan, South Korea, their Sister city. We are grateful to the Culver City Sister City Committee for responding to our concerns so quickly, and their support for our campaign. They informed us that, “This discussion has been researched and shared with our’s and Iksan’s elected officials.” We hope that the mayor and the city council members of Culver City will have compassion for these poor animals, speak out against the horrible cruelty, and urge Iksan to enforce the law and close down the illegal dog meat industry.

We are especially grateful to the Korean activists (Mr. Im and his team) who had walked across South Korea, documenting and exposing the shameful, hidden secret of South Korea which includes the below video of a dog farm/slaughterhouse in Ilkan. This video, we are certain, has helped to gain the attention of Culver City, which brought about this action by the Culver City Sister City Committee. Mr. Im and his team literally risked their own safety to fight for these animals. We stand with you in solidarity!

Click HERE to see our campaign.

Please sign petition: Iksan, South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses and markets.

  1. Perczak Ewa
    Perczak EwaJuly 20,18

    the people who do that have the behovior of psychopaths ! how good to hear that other kind of people exists in SK !!! the people like you and me who take care of animals, these poor dogs and cats ! thanks to these people we are aware and I wish that all the civilised world, especially the governements of the civilised countries will take the defense of these dogs and cats openly condemning this country, money is not everything !!! if we are human, a form superior to animals, as we claim, then it is time to prove it

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