“The Dog Meat Professional: South Korea” book is now available

The Dog Meat Professionals: Investigating the South Korean dog meat trade

The Dog Meat Professionals Investigating the South Korean dog meat trade

The Dog Meat Professionals: Investigating the South Korean dog meat trade by James Hyams is now available at

From the author: This book is a by-product of the most in-depth and balanced investigative documentary into the dog meat trade in South Korea to date. To get the information to write this book and produce the documentary, we went deep into the world of the dog meat farmers, slaughterers, and activists and have consequently exposed the realities of the dog meat trade from birth, growth, reproduction, slaughter, and consumption. For activists, this journey is about saving the dogs. For the dog meat association, dog farmers and merchants, this journey is about maintaining their livelihood. Both parties believe mistruths about the dog meat industry which are perpetuated by international animal activists. Previous Korean governments have been indifferent and refuse to outlaw or legalise the trade. Consequently dogs continue to get raised in horrific conditions, killed, and overtly eaten daily in the thousands of dog meat restaurants across the country. Come on a journey into the worlds of The Dog Meat Professionals and gain an understanding as to the popularity of dog meat, the current legal situation on dogs as livestock, and have an informed opinion as to what can be done to initiate change.

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The Dog Meat Professionals: Investigating the South Korean dog meat trade

  1. judith campos
    judith camposJuly 18,17

    Its so sad i lo, i am wriok at this and i cried so much, i dont know why these people doesnt have any feelings i am writing this words with tears in my eyes, my hussband dont want me to see this but i share this on facebook and sometimes when i have extra money i donate , this has to stop , please have mercy and compassion please , God help them please.

  2. judith campos
    judith camposJuly 18,17

    sorry what i mean its that i cried a lot.

  3. Perczak Ewa
    Perczak EwaJuly 19,17

    it’s so cruel ,seeing this, I am still asking myself, why the politics around the whole world stay without doing nothing !! we know that without their clear position regarding this horrendous situation of these poor dogs and cats, we will have still a lot of work to do !!! these pictures are so cruel, are so horrible, that I can not imagine that the man can do it !! are we in the 21 century ? are we the people who walked on the Moon ? I wonder … The governements, all governements, they all know what happens, and as long as the money is at stake they will do the blind !!! look what happens with the Olympic Games !!!! no one has a courage to say STOP !!! it lasts too long time !!! you must change your behavior with the dogs and cats !!! but no, no one does it !!! too much money could be lost !! and the life of these poor animals seems nothing for them !! what a shame for the humanity !!

  4. Gabriela Gurdziel
    Gabriela GurdzielJuly 19,17

    I can not believe that people are able to make such a creature a living creature … and just because it tastes …. we do not need meat to survive. Now finally stop at !!!!!!!!!!!! !!

  5. Lyn
    LynJuly 19,17

    This country’s cruel and inhumanity to animals is a disgrace the world know knows what they do to their animal Korean dog eaters are hated around the word

  6. Warwick ingpen
    Warwick ingpenJuly 19,17

    I love judith campos. -Please sign and share petitions against the Dog Meat Trade, and help make a difference any way you can!! Educating children in dog eating countries is going on. The people doing it need our help.

  7. Gosia
    GosiaJuly 20,17

    start being vegan and boycott korean and chinese goods


    The cruelty, torture and death of these dogs and cats is horrific and totally unacceptable! These so called people have no compassion or mercy for these poor animals. They have a very bad mentality. Very upsetting to see their uncaring attitude. They need to be stopped totally. Their government needs to teach them that this is wrong. They need to be taught skills that are to teach them to grow other foods that do not harm animals. They need to go back to veganism so that they do not harm any animals. Dog and cat meat is not for eating! These animals are to be treated with love and respect.

  9. Jasmine Scorcini
    Jasmine ScorciniJuly 20,17

    Bitte bitte hört auf mit diesen unmenschlichen Torturen an den Tieren rettet sie helft ihnen.Was ist das für eine Regierung die so etwas zulässt.

  10. Renu
    RenuJuly 21,17

    The govt. should step in here and ban this dog eating .

  11. alessandra
    alessandraJuly 22,17

    SIETE DEI BARBARI INCIVILI E PEGGIORI DEI CAVERNICOLI spero che un giorno paghiate per la vostra crudeltà

  12. Jamie
    JamieJuly 24,17

    My heart is broken. How can people be so cruel. I can’t even be happy being an honest kind living person knowing that there are people out there capable of such acts of cruelty on a living being. I pray god is with these animals to comfort them. I don’t understand this at all. It angers me I can’t even sleep at night. I wish I could protect them all from such selfishness and ignorance. I am a nurse. I comfort and heal. This hurts so much to know this goes on and is acceptable. I wish I could take all these animals and hold and comfort them. They didn’t ask for this or deserve this. Just breaks my heart. I have no tears left:( so sad so unfair. And my sadness doesn’t go away. My tears will be back tomorrow.

  13. Mark
    MarkJuly 26,17

    Breaks my heart to see animals treated this way. Korea should be ashamed no compassion in them. Stop this evil trade. Hold your head in shame. Never will I travel to such country who hold such contempt to animals

  14. Susan Moore
    Susan MooreJuly 26,17

    These people are evil barbaric and backward I have never seen so much dispicable cruelty in my life these people want putting down and these countries literally should be fined for crimes against animals .They have no soul they see pain in those poor souls even and the fear but still torture an d murder loyal loving beautiful Faithfull dogs and cats .I wish someone would skin tear limbs and boil alive them to see how evil brainless and totally moronic they are .To say it’s your culture is just an excuse for your vile disgusting evil cruel behaviour .well all I can say is what goes around comes around karma and God will have their revenge and I hope this dispicable culture pay very dearly

  15. Jj smeiman
    Jj smeimanJuly 26,17

    Vile shameful trade the world watches in horror at this so called cultural killing

  16. Edward Dillon
    Edward DillonJuly 27,17

    The shame of your people.

  17. Frances Stent
    Frances StentMay 9,18

    As the world moves forward and we evolve we should become more aware of our home plant, but I still cannot believe the sheer utter cruelty that Korea can still allow and inflict such barbaric on dogs and cats that are sentient animals that have lived with us for centuries .
    The vile torture of these animals go beyond cruelty and suffering ,this is abhorrent to the rest of the world and shames this nation ,it is totally unethical,unnecessary and disgusting.
    This is not culture this is savage blatant cruelty.

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