Help The Little Ones Stay Warm This Winter!

A private animal shelter in Yangsan, operated by Ms. Hyeon-Suk Seo, is moving to a new location and your help is urgently needed. In order to keep the little ones warm this winter, it is essential that 2 containers are purchased; see photos HERE:

The total cost for both containers is about $3,000 USD. Can you find it in your heart to help by donating whatever amount you are able to? Every little bit helps!

Donations can be sent to Busan KAPCA (Korea Alliance for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) with the notation “Yangsan Shelter,” and they will deliver your donation to Ms. Seo. Going forward, Busan KAPCA will help in the daily operation of the shelter by giving advice on best practices as well as providing volunteer support.

🧡 Please click HERE for Busan KAPCA’s donation info:

👉 By Paypal: [email protected]
Thank you for caring!!

  1. Judy Greenfield
    Judy GreenfieldDecember 6,19

    in what currency should we donate via Paypal? US dollars? Korean?

  2. Foct
    FoctDecember 6,19

    Stop eatting cats and dogs

  3. Cathy P
    Cathy PDecember 7,19

    I would think US dollars… that’s what mine always goes in as for foreign animal shelters…

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