How much do you know about South Korean Dog Meat Trade?

With the launch of their new campaign STOP IT! KOREA, Humane Action Alliance released data on South Korean dog meat trade.
In South Korea – 5 Million puppies are bred for consumption every year, every 13 seconds a dog is brutally murdered for their meat, 10 times the normal amount of antibiotics is used for puppies in farms, 12 dogs are stuffed into 1M² cage during transport, 20% of dog meat is imported from China.

Source: Humane Action Alliance

  1. Elaina a delvino
    Elaina a delvinoAugust 12,13

    This is so beyond evil I say anyone that does this or eats these animals should be treated in the same manor I believe in an eye for an eye if you are a barbarian then you should be treated as such and the pain you inflict on another living species should be the pain you experience until you learn compassion it is why I am vegetarian because USA factory farms are no better it all has to stop animals are living feeling loving creature and should be treated with respect all life should be treated with respect we deserve to have the tables turned just for a moment then will we understand then will this evil stop I pray for the day it happens and I will alway fight for the love animals they understand that word more then humans

  2. Sylvia
    SylviaMarch 17,15

    Les chiens comme les chats ne sont pas faient pour la consommation. Ils nous protègent nous aiment et sont très observateurs. L’humain qui ne respecte pas la vie animale n’a rien d’un humain et les personnes feraient mieux de se méfier de ce genre d’individu.Il faut une prise de conscience rapidement…. Personne ne supporterait ce que l’on inflige aux animaux. L’éducation est a faire dès le plus jeune age. Les ministres et les autorités devraient etre beaucoup plus fermes… Il faut que cela bouge et dans le bon sens….!!

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