Iksan’s response to our petition on e-People

Below is Iksan’s response to our petition: Iksan, South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses and markets.

Our campaign is still effective because now they are aware that the eyes of the world are watching what’s going on in their county’s dog meat industry. Let’s keep up the pressure by taking action!

  1. Libuše Frankovå
    Libuše FrankovåJanuary 23,19

    We are human, ordinary, but it brings us a common goal: to seek, to watch and to fight the bastards and other similar individuals who:
    • Torture animals
    • killing animals for profit or even worse for their own pleasure
    • keep animals in unsuitable conditions (inappropriate / small cages, no daylight and clean air, no adequate food and fluids, poor hygienic conditions, no veterinary care, etc.)
    • trade with them, etc.
    We do not want to be indifferent and close our eyes to, ever greater, cruelty and ruthlessness of human nature … We want to live in a world where everybody invokes justice and dignity where stronger ones can protect the weaker ones or those who can not defend themselves.
    It is morally unacceptable that South Korea should support the enormous suffering of dogs and cats that are brutally killed, have no good living conditions. The only solution is for the government to take responsibility for it and take steps to stop such atrocities.

    Stop the brutal and sadistic killing of our best friends dogs and cats for meat. Dogs and cats have enormous suffering! It is morally unacceptable for Koreans to violate animal welfare laws for the benefit of such a cruel business. Dog and cat is not a farm animal!

    Animals are not property. They are living beings who should be loved and protected and respected

  2. Karen Shepherd
    Karen ShepherdJanuary 23,19

    Disgusting evil culture

  3. Elaine Vance
    Elaine VanceJanuary 23,19

    Please put a stop to this awful practice. It s inhumane. How can you let this carry on
    Dogs and cats have feelings, give unconditional love and affection. What your country
    does to these poor defenceless creatures does no credit to yourselves or your country in the eyes of the world !

  4. Donna Reed
    Donna ReedJanuary 24,19

    We’re not going away! Our voices are getting louder and our numbers are increasing! This vile, barbaric industry will come to an end because we will not stop until it does!!!

  5. Timothy Gonsorek
    Timothy GonsorekJanuary 25,19

    You are a tragic people who do this and those of you who approve of it! I’m ashamed of you and you make me I’ll.

  6. Lisa R Montgomery
    Lisa R MontgomeryJanuary 31,19

    I cannot believe what I am seeing..reading..learning about horrific dog and cat meat torture trade..truly beyond comprehension and worst example of human beings and humanity.

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