Jungnam’s House construction is complete! Please support us!

This is a translation of posting on KARA(Korea Animal Rights Advocates)’s website: Jungnam’s House construction is complete! Please cheer for us! 11/14/2013

After 3 years of being forced to move numerous times, and enduring many hardships, the construction of a home where Ms. Lee and her 60 rescued dogs can live in peace, is finally completed.

Approximately 20 dogs rescued from the next door dog farm have also been moved to a safe place. Now, the only remaining work is the installation of heating and electricity to protect them from the cold.

As of 11/14/2013, we met 50% of our fundraising goal. We ask for your continued interest and support.

This is a video of Jungnam’s House dogs moving to their new home!

This is a list of donation we received for the construction of Jungnam’s House (9,251,576 in Korean Won is approximately $8,800 in USD) as of 11/14/2013. Even from abroad, Giny Woo donated $200 by paypal for the dogs at Jungnam's House. Thank you!

Construction for the dogs at Jungnam’s House have begun. Like the sunny and clear autumn sky on this day, we are hoping for a successful completion…

After clearing out the junk and trash that filled the interior of the vinyl greenhouse, the ground is being prepared.

Do you want to see how it was before?

This is how it’s changed. Ms. Lee would not have dreamed of doing all this work by herself. It’s very clean now, isn’t it? Places for the large dogs will be built here.

Due to the natural habits of dogs to dig and escape fences, cement mortar work is necessary.

We dug a deep trench around the parameter to pour cement in it. It looks sturdy, doesn’t it?

Dog houses for the large dogs are almost complete.

Vinyl exterior has been replaced with awning.

This is how it was when we visited this place for the first time – full of overgrown weeds and junk.

We cleaned up this space and put up a fence around it. We made the ground even so that the dogs can run around safely. Just imagining how happily these dogs will run around here puts smiles on our face. :O) We even put awning all around the yard so that they can not be seen from outside in order to provide security.

We installed another dog house between the container building and the vinyl house. We even made a terrace with decay-resistant wood so that dogs can enjoy the sunshine from here.

Dogs at the Jungnam’s House now have a place to keep themselves warm in the winter without having to worry about complaints from the neighbors. This gift is like a miracle to the dogs and Ms. Lee who had to live in secrecy in a room that was pitch dark and ice cold.
We are deeply grateful to everyone who donated.

The construction process is almost complete. Currently, heating and electrical work to prepare for the winter is in progress.
We ask for your continued interest and support.

Purchase of container(Including container interior facilities and furnishings)
$7,100 USD
Rent(1 Year)
$950 USD
Construction work estimate (exterior fence, vinyl house interior dog house, vinyl covering, cement mortar, fence awning, metal window screen, etc)
$7,500 USD
Container building interior heating, electrical work
$1,450 USD

Total $17,000 USD

Donation receipt information will be updated online, and we will continue to report on the progress of this construction project.

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Dogs at next door dog farm – Before being rescued by KARA by convincing the owner to close down operation and hand over the dogs. Eating rotten duck bones.

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