KARA: Please help the Dalbong’s Shelter dogs in their transition toward adoption

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Dalbong’s Shelter is a private shelter where 130 rescued dogs are currently staying. Dogs abandoned during the redevelopment of Eunpyeong New Town more than a decade ago, and dogs born to them since then, were saved by a person who wanted to protect them. Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) has been providing help so that Dalbong’s shelter can save lives and stand independently.

KARA is rescuing the dogs one by one. After socialization training, we are giving them chances to find a forever family and a warm home.

On May 29, the fourth rescue of Dalbong’s shelter was carried out, and eight dogs were able to take their first step into the wider world.

Unfortunately, the kit test after the rescue confirmed that 5 dogs were positive for heartworms. At the end of the two-week stabilization period, dogs receive basic health care, such as treatment for skin disease, optimum weight, as well as treatment for heartworms. They are beginning the process toward adoption.

Please give love and support for Dalbong’s dogs who have come out to the world so that they all can be treated as soon as possible and get ready to meet their forever families.

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