KARA: Horrific conditions at the “Dog Training Center” in Uijeongbu where dogs are abused and left to die

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⚠️ KARA is demanding an emergency rescue of about 30 dogs left unattended at a training center in Uijeongbu!
The training center, which is no different from dog farms, is located in the redevelopment area, and demolition and construction are occurring nearby. There were dogs left in the facility. According to reports, the trainer left the dogs unattended in the training center, leading to death, along with illegal breeding and illegal sales. The trainer kept on increasing the number of dogs in order to get more compensation from the government.

The dogs we saw on the scene were in terrible condition. This place, which claims to be a Border Collie training center, is full of dogs trapped in small cages and craving for human hands. The bowl is empty, and we don’t know how long they have been starving. The majority of dogs were skinny. There are dogs who can’t stand up, and those who just lie down and hit their tails because they don’t have the strength to get up.

Between the thick bushes next to the training camp, we found several bones. KARA’s activists have found seven carcasses. The construction workers who saw us said, “We all know that the trainer threw dead dogs into the bushes around here.”

The local government of Uijeongbu offered assistance in the rescue of eight of the 28 animals in the training center, but hesitated to issue emergency rescue for all of them as Kara requested. It ended up only getting the trainer’s promise of improvement.
The special judicial police in Gyeonggi Province are investigating the trainer, but that is not enough to rescue the rest of the dogs left in the training center. It is essential that the local government actively supports the emergency rescue.

KARA calls for Uijeongbu to identify all animals in the entire workplaces operated by the trainer and to invoke emergency rescue measures for all animals!

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Subject: Uijeongbu, South Korea, Shut down the illegal “dog training center” immediately and rescue all the remaining dogs.

To the City of Uijeongbu and the Special Judicial Police in Gyeonggi Province:

The “Dog Training Center” located in Gyeonggi-do, Uijeongbu, Sangok-ro, in the land purchased by YG Entertainment, is in violation of the Animal Protection Act. This center must immediately be shut down and all remaining dogs rescued, and the dog trainer prosecuted for animal cruelty under the Animal Protection Act. More information about this case can be found here:
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  1. sandra rose
    sandra roseJuly 25,20

    What’s the matter with you people.

  2. Joseph Tolerico
    Joseph TolericoJuly 26,20

    Disgusting Korean Government should be overthrown for their allowing the horrific treatment of these poor dogs and cats and God will make them pay a horrible price for their cruelty!

  3. Cathy barker
    Cathy barkerJuly 26,20

    What an utter disgusting state what is the matter with people today shame on you all

  4. Dee
    DeeJuly 26,20

    This is just horrid. Cannot believe this is still going on. The place is disgusting with
    flies,crap etc. No animal should be in conditions as this is and many more places just
    as bad. The dogs and cats do not need to be eaten etc. This country needs to become
    a country of love for all animals. No more eating dogs and cats as they are pets and
    should be loved and cared for. Makes me sad to see this filth being continued.

  5. Stina Öberg
    Stina ÖbergJuly 27,20

    So sad what’s wrong with these People so much cruelty against innecent animals . My heart is bleeding för these poor dogs 😢😢😢❤

  6. Christiane Huard
    Christiane HuardJuly 27,20

    Abominable,comment des êtres humains peuvent-ils être dénués de sensibilité envers des êtres vivants,c’est ignoble ,cela doit cesser!

  7. linda M wearmouth
    linda M wearmouthJuly 29,20

    Border collies are a british dog and are very intelligent sensitive dogs…certainly not to be cooped up and starved etc…breaks my heart…these dogs are brilliant sheepdogs and agility dogs…please contact british rescues to get them to the UK to be adopted

  8. alessandra
    alessandraAugust 14,20

    La proposta di Linda è bellissima ma non risolve il problema disgustoso di tutti gli altri cani che continuano ad essere uccisi torturati e mangiati da persone….. crudeli e incivili

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