CARE: Mami is still waiting for her forever family.

Sharing for Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE)/Watchdog

With her legs bent and her body tangled in the leash, Mami managed to give birth to puppies. She never avoided her duty as a mother, even when she was unable to move her body properly.

Poor Mami was rescued but is still yet to find her adoptive family. She recently transferred from the (paid) foster center to CARE’s Run Shelter. We hope she can find her new loving home as soon as possible. Please consider donating and supporting her on their second chance. Any amount will help us greatly.

💙🙏🏻 To donate for medical treatment, fostering, or adoption of rescue dogs: You can make a one-time or monthly donation via PayPal, click 👉

🎁 It would be deeply appreciated if you could provide us with supplies, especially 350-size kennels, harnesses, leashes, or clothes. You can send us supplies to the address: RUN, 866-41, Dokjeong-ri, Jangan-myeon, Hwaseong-si. (010-8287-3239)
🍀 We shall be grateful if you could send us dog food!

✈️ We would appreciate a donation of airline mileage which will help us to transport the dogs to their forever homes.
📧 [email protected]

🙏🏼🐕❤️ Donate by Paypal:
➡: [email protected]

“다리가 꺾이고 줄이 몸을 조여 제대로 걷지 못하면서도 아이들을 낳고 돌보던 어미 콩쥐( 마미 ) 그 후”

이 가엾은 엄마 개, 기억하시는 분들 많으시지요? 아직도 입양을 가지 못 했어요. 그동안 유료 위탁소에 있었고 얼마 전 RUN에 와 있습니다. 콩쥐( 마미) 도 언제일지 모르지만 언젠가는 입양을 가야 합니다.
이 작고 가녀린 엄마 개를 응원해 주세요!
📌도살장 개들 입양 보내기 프로젝트📌110-532-427686 (서경) 신한은행
🎁입양 준비를 위해 350사이즈 캔넬과 하네스, 목줄, 옷, 바스 타올이 필요합니다.
🍀화성시 장안면 독정리 866-41
🍀콩쥐(마미) 를 위해 사료를 보내 주세요. 구조견들이 보호되는 RUN에 사료가 부족합니다.
#구조견 #동물학대 #멍스타그램 #댕스타그램 #냥스타그램

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