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Sister Province Campaign
Gyeonggi-do, Korea-North Holland Province, Netherlands

Sister and Friendship City Agreements are formed between two cities with the aim of being mutually beneficial (for trade, cultural exchanges, business links etc., and to foster friendship), and many cities throughout the United States and around the world have such ‘twin cities’ all over South Korea. We can bring the unacceptable practices of South Korea’s dog meat trades to the attention of the relevant City Mayors and their Offices, and to urge them, in the spirit of friendship and for the good of the Korean people, to reach out to their counterparts in South Korea, asking them to enforce their laws and to put an end to the cruel dog and cat meat trades.  Click HERE to take actions on the new Sister Province Campaign today. 

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Mother dog hanged in front of her babies in Gwangju

A terrible animal abuse occurred, where a man hanged a mother dog in front of her babies. KARA got an animal abuse report from Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province, rescued six remaining dogs, and submitted an accusation to the police station in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province, calling for strong punishment for the case.

The slaughter of the mother dog took place in broad daylight. The informant witnessed the scene when he heard a dog scream in the factory area across his house. The informant ran hurriedly and shouted to stop the man hanging a dog’s neck. Soon after, he took the dog, who was vomiting blood, to an animal hospital, but she eventually died, and the informant held her funeral.
There were two months old babies and another dog, Diana, left at the scene. The informant presented evidence that the dog was hung in front of them, and that the abuser threw carcass of cats to feed the dogs.
The informant reported the incident to the police and local governments, but the police reacted insignificant, asking him to leave the body alone. The local government did not listen to the informant’s request to receive a memorandum in writing that he would never raise animals again. Both the police and local governments in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province, remained passive about such brutal animal abuse crimes.
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