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[CARE] Help Fund 65 Dogs
Rescued from Burning to Death

Last Christmas Eve, a dog escaped, with bad burns, from a slaughterhouse in Siheung, Korea. Shortly after that, the same site of atrocities was ambushed by CARE, and 70 dogs were rescued from death row.
We are CARE – the animal rights group with a history of exposing illegal dog slaughters and cruelty against animals in Korea.
What we found in that slaughterhouse that day were burnt floors and torches, used to burn dogs to death. There were about 80 dogs that resembled Yumi, the first escapee that was found.
We set about saving the remaining dogs, but during the period of segregation to protect the dogs from the owner and perpetrator of these horrendous acts, the dogs were kidnapped by this person and sold to other dog slaughterhouses.
Have you ever seen how these dogs are transported? 5 to 6 of dogs are squashed into small metal cages, some of them crushed to death in the process. All suffer from broken limbs and/or pneumonia from the harsh weather. The transporting process is the cruelest aspect of the dog consumption industry in this country.
It has been said that these dogs die from complications within 5 days, even if they are not slaughtered because the way they are treated and transported is despicably cruel.
On 30th December, we tracked down the kidnapped dogs and by pressuring the slaughterhouse owners, the dogs were returned.
However, just in two days, 35 of them had already been killed. The perpetrators gave us other dogs to fill the number, and in total, we are now protecting 65 dogs.
However, after being on the death truck for hours and back, the dogs suffered hardship in breathing and with the cold air, all of them have caught pneumonia. Some of these dogs are bleeding, requiring transfusion. A lot of them have fractures and bits of bones are found in their x-rays. Some are diagnosed with blood poisoning. They are terrified of humans even more than they were before.
The veterinary bill amounts to nearly $130,000, and we must find homes for them as well.
We won’t give up on these lives, although the money and the realities weigh heavily on us. We want to show the world the harsh realities of the death truck, and save the lives of these dogs, the survivors of the death truck.
We’re urgently asking for your help.
🧡 Thank you for caring and for your generosity!! 🧡


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Photo: Rescued Dogs with Broken Limbs and Pneumonia. Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE).

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  1. Christopher Jones
    Christopher JonesFebruary 9,20

    CARE seems to be an impacting, diversified outfit and I will be looking into them further towards consideration. A couple of friendly comments upon your summary, however. Pneumonia is an infection in the lungs, and can be caused by a number of different things, including fungus, bacteria, and viruses. Pneumonia is more prevalent in winter months, not because it is cold, but because the dogs tend to in close contact and under duress. Also, given you mention these dogs are being burned to death, it’s hard to agree that the awful transporting could possibly be worse than being burned to death. Clear violation of the KARA laws in every way. Thank you for your communications.

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