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Animal Shelters in South Korea exposed as shameful money-making rackets?

How many of these people celebrating their healthy diet of dog-meat realize that they could be eating meat from a dog that was formerly a pet? Shockingly, it has been uncovered that some so-called ‘Health Food Centers’ source their dog-meat from farms which slaughter pet breeds – and not nicely, either – but by smashing their heads in with a hammer, or using an industrial blowtorch to kill them.
Where do these slaughterhouses get these former pets from? Another investigation has found that some city shelters are not operating in the interests of their rescued animals. In the City of Dongducheon, dogs in their shelter ‘disappeared’, with some animals being traced to dog-meat farms, or ‘adopted’ out to breeding farms with similarly inhumane conditions. Animals were also found in this shelter with serious physical or parasitic infections that were left untreated – and the animals were even released to ‘new owners’ without a vetting process – owners who were found to be equally negligent.
Figures compiled over the last few years also show that, across the country, there is an alarming rise in the number of animals dying of ‘natural causes’ within these city shelters. Government shelters do not seem to be testing for disease nor do they employ basic medical treatment. And, now that more and more local government departments have begun to implement a ‘no-kill’ policy (in other words the animals are not being euthanized), it appears that the percentage of animals allegedly dying from illness or accident, has risen significantly.

New Calls for Action: 
Shut down the illegal dog farms!
6 New Counties Are Added!

Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) has a dog farm archive map which lists the dog farms throughout South Korea. Click HERE to learn more.
The list contains 2,861 dog farms and we have completed filing e-People petitions for each of these dog farms, urging the Korean government to inspect and take immediate actions to shut them down. Click HERE to see the list of e-People petitions filed.
We have added 6 more counties to our campaigns.  Please click the county names below to take quick and simple actions today. Thank you!

👉  1. Namhae

Will you help Ccso Gaon rescue these dogs?

Sharing for Ccso Gaon.  

Ccso Gaon, a group of activists in Korea, have been working to close down dog farm/slaughterhouses for several years now. With a tip from an informant, on New Year’s Day, January 1, they went to find a dog farm located below the Highway in Dangjin.
They were able to meet with the dog farm owner and convinced him to sign an agreement to completely close down his dog farm within 3 to 6 months. They can rescue all the 40-50 dogs/puppies there right now, but they have no facilities to keep them and they do not have financial resources to take on rescues.

Click HERE to see the photos and videos.

Would you please help them rescue the dogs? At least some of them? It is freezing cold in Korea and the dogs are kept in raised wire cages with no protection from harsh weather.  👉 Click HERE for the rescue updates.
If you would like to help them rescue, please donate.
You can donate by paypal: [email protected]
🧡Ccso Gaon is funded entirely by donations.
Every little bit helps and will save lives.
Thank you for caring and for your generosity!!!

Video: Ccso Gaon. Dog farm in Dangjin, South Korea.

Great News and Bad News

There are couple of important news coming from South Korea today. One is great but one is bad. Click the below links to learn more.

👉  S. Korea to strengthen regulations for better animal welfare


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