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KARA: Paju Factory Dog Support Project

KARA has now rescued a total of 47 animals from the factory. 🐶
It all started when the guardian took care of four abandoned dogs. The number of dogs increased into about 100 in only four years because he didn’t neutered the dogs.  
KARA can’t rescue all the dogs, but we started this project with the mission of at least 
stoping this unfortunate breeding and finding new life for as many dogs as possible.  KARA is supporting neutering for adult dogs and planning to improve the environment of the factory. We rescued weak dogs that need immediate medical care, and young puppies that are vulnerable to infectious diseases and cannot be neutered yet.

Starting with the six 3~4 months old puppies, a total of 22 puppies were rescued. They are staying at The Bom Centre right now. ‘Jang’ who has a blocked intestine has been rescued and is being treated at KARA animal hospital, and four mothers and 19 babies, and one mother expecting birth have been rescued. A mother who gave birth two days ago is under emergency surgery due to severe bleeding in her uterus.

The guardian just took the dogs out of compassion for the abandoned dogs, but ignorance of spay and neuter led to this situation. Spay and neuter is the beginning of animal protection.

KARA is doing the best to prevent the tragedy from getting bigger. We still need your help for the rescue and treatment of about 50 dogs, adoption campaigns, and neutering of the remaining 60 dogs. Please save these dogs together with sponsorship, adoption and sharing! 💛
💙 KARA is funded entirely by donations.
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Call for Action:
Please Shut Down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

We have learned that Yulin is preparing to go forward with the Dog Meat Festival June 21-30, despite the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture’s regulations that bans commercial dog and cat meat trade that came out on May 29.
Please take actions today to urge Chinese Government to shut down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival immediately.

Click HERE to learn more and take actions.


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