Newsletter – September 20, 2016

“Boycott PyeongChang2018” with Thunderclap | Sister City Campaign – Seongdong

Thunderclap – “Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Campaign”!

Please join us to speak out against the South Korean dog and cat meat cruelty. Join our Thunderclap campaigns to say “Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Olympics in South Korea”! We will launch the Thunderclap twice a month until February 2018, when the Olympics will be taking place. We must not let this rare opportunity pass by for saving millions of Korean dogs each year from horrendous cruelty.

Some of you may have already heard of it: Thunderclap is a new platform that allows people to pledge a Tweet or Facebook message, so that they can all be ‘unleashed’ for maximum impact at one concentrated time. Think of it as a massive flash mob on Twitter.

It’s completely safe and will automatically post exactly one message on your behalf, at the designated time.

It takes 5 seconds to join. 
Click HERE to join now.

Thunderclap – “Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Campaign”!
Seongdong, a city full of ‘smiles’? Or a city full of despair:
​one that supports the dog and cat-meat trades.

The Seongdong district of Seoul – an industrial and “dynamic city taking great leaps to be futuristic”. It claims to “endeavour to be an ever-advancing city”; it wishes to be seen as one “in harmony with a pleasant natural environment”.

But while the tourist are visiting their water parks and learning centers, and admiring their lovely green environment, will they also be impressed by their continuing brutal dog and cat-meat trades? Trades in which animals are subjected to barbaric farming methods; ones with slaughterhouses and markets where these animals (often stolen or abandoned pets) are slaughtered in deliberately inhumane ways – in front of other animals: electrocuted, hanged or beaten … living animals are often thrown into boiling water alive.

We see no advancement here, no harmony – and certainly no pleasant environment for these animals. And unlike their citizens, who they claim will ‘never stop smiling’, we feel that until Seongdong brings a permanent end to these aberrant trades this is just one more city that really has nothing at all to smile about.

Seongdong, here is how to ensure a lasting smile for tourists and citizens alike: call an immediate end to the dog and cat meat trades in your city.
Click HERE to take action.

Sister City Campaign – Seoul Seongdong-District, South Korea – Cobb County, Georgia
Will Manhattan follow Irvine’s example?
Seoul Seocho District – Dark Trades in a City of ‘Bright Lights’!

Behind the glitzy veneer of Seocho, a district within Seoul, noted for its first class cafes, smart hotels and fancy restaurants, the dog meat trade carries on with its shameful work: it’s business as usual. And, business in this brutal trade means that dogs, which have been tortured throughout their short lives, end up being slaughtered in unimaginable ways – they are electrocuted, hanged, beaten to a pulp, and often the still living animal is thrown into boiling water – it is not hidden, it goes on in broad daylight.

All this suffering is carried out to satisfy the high demand for dog-meat and dog products, such as those sold in ‘health shops’, for example elixirs, known as dog-soju – a product not confined to dogs, but made out of cat-meat too (no different treatment for those animals). And to put into perspective the scale of this aberrance, a simple search on the most popular Korean search engine, called Naver, will bring up: health food centers: 130 listings; dog-meat restaurants: 56 listing – listed for in the vicinity of Seocho District. No glitz, no glamour here, just mass suffering, on a mass scale, in who-knows how many dog farms and slaughterhouses supplying these hell holes.

Irvine (another sister city of Seocho)Mayor has immediately communicated his concerns to the Mayor of Seocho but we are yet to hear about a response from Seocho. So let’s keep this going. Will Manhattan follow Irvine’s example?

Speak out against the Seoul Seocho District’s horrendous cruelty and shameful indifference TODAY! Click HERE to take action.

Photo: Yellow dog.

Sister City Campaign – Seoul Seocho-District, South Korea – Manhattan Borough, New York, New York
“We all make mistakes: in the past, some people may have done things that to them, or within their society, were acceptable or right, which we now know to be unacceptable and wrong; and we, ourselves, may have ‘erred and strayed’ when we were younger.
But we learn from our mistakes and move forward – this is progress.”
– Camilla Seaward

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