Response from McDonald’s – PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Sponsor

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We received a response from McDonald’s regarding our campaign, asking the sponsors of PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics to help bring an end to the dog and cat meat trades in South Korea. We are disappointed with this response. Please send your letter, post on their Facebook page, tweet, and/or call,… We must not give up until the millions of dogs in South Korea are free from this nightmarish cruelty.

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To the Sponsors of PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea: please help bring an end to the dog and cat meat trades in South Korea


Video: Dog slaughterhouse in Seongnam, South Korea. CARE (Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth).

  1. Maria
    MariaMarch 14,17

    They are proud? Ha-ha! I boycotted them after their sponsorship of Dictator’s Games (aka Winter Olympics 2014) in Sochi, but I said to myself I’ll drop the boycott if they responce positively. Nope. McDonalds, you DON’T exist for me. Forever. Dog meattrade will be abandoned, but you will stay forever ashamed.

    • Maria
      MariaMarch 14,17

      Forgot to say – I am Russian. And I boycotted them for Russian Olympic Games. They think Koreans will thank them? No, now Koreans will boycott them for Korean Games. And we’ll tell everyone. MD, you underestimate the power of people, loosers.

    • c
      cMarch 15,17

      mcdonald won’t feel ashamed at all bcos it exists to make profit which is their main aim. most business people see animals as money, not a living being.

      • c
        cMarch 15,17

        does anyone think sending emails to sponsor will encourage them to withdraw their sponsorship?? :/ arh am shore they will not.

  2. stella maris argento
    stella maris argentoMarch 14,17

    SHAME McDonalds !!!!!! BOYCOTT !!!!!!

  3. Leinani
    LeinaniMarch 14,17

    Unreal. Where’s their morals, ethics, conscience??? It doesn’t really surprise me that McDonald’s corporation would respond this way because their industry does support factory farming and we all know what occurs behind the scenes in factories that process animal products….
    Hell awaits ALL those whom are involved with the horrific, inhumane, vile, immoral, evil treatment of animals across the globe!!!

  4. Marty Price
    Marty PriceMarch 14,17

    McDonalds As Usual Puts Profits Ahead Of Everything. Their Response Was Cold And Uncaring. I Can Certainly Live Without The Crap They Serve Anyways. Boycotting McDonald’s Forever.

  5. Perczak Ewa
    Perczak EwaMarch 14,17

    of course ! What is interesting to them is make money !! Under the pretext of sponsoring the athletes they earn the money and the lives of dogs and cats: they have nothing to do ! what a shame !! no one word in the favor of these poor creatures !!! hope one day they shall understand what horrible their response is !!!

  6. Tracy Light
    Tracy LightMarch 14,17

    McDonald’s have no conscience. They don’t care about animals.. I will never step foot in any of thier establishments.

  7. Carol Brandt
    Carol BrandtMarch 14,17

    They probably would use dog and cat meat in their burgers, if they thought they could get away with it. McDonald’s, you are histoire with me.

    • Carol D
      Carol DMarch 16,17

      I was thinking that too. I have stopped eating in their dumps along time ago. Most of their staff are rude anyway.

  8. caroline micek
    caroline micekMarch 14,17

    So sorry to hear McDonald’s does not care about animals only the money that they make off of them. They have no conscience . I will spread the word that all they care is about money to all my family and friends and to help me boycott McDonald’s.

  9. Jan Jorczak
    Jan JorczakMarch 15,17

    McDonalds SUCKS! Their burgers are CRAP! You might as well eat garbage!! Their only goal is the almighty buck while they turn a blind eye to the tortured animals at the other end of the cycle. Give up the McDonald’s crap and save tons of animals.

  10. Jackie Vargus
    Jackie VargusMarch 15,17

    Their response is NOT surprising to me. After all, they are synonymous with animal cruelty, being that they profit from factory farming. Animal rights groups have been trying for years to sway McDonalds away from factory farming, and McDonalds has refused to consider any compassion for the animals that they profit from. They will not budge at all. So long as they make $money$, they will continue to support animal cruelty. The only way to get them to stop supporting and financing animal cruelty is through boycotting them. When you buy a cheeseburger and/or chicken nuggets at McDonalds, in turn you are financing the torture of those cows that are factory farmed, and chickens who are forced to live a miserable existence in battery cages. I wish people would wake up, and realize that these are innocent animals who feel fear, sadness and happiness (if allowed). Their lives are worth much more than a nasty cheeseburger or chicken nugget! Besides, factory farming is very unhealthy for us. As far as eating dogs and cats, that is just barbaric!!! The way they are tortured makes it literally insane. Please stay away from McDonalds, if not for your own health and the health of your children, then for the millions of innocent animals they have tortured for profit.

  11. Barabas Ruth
    Barabas RuthMarch 15,17

    I left a message on their FB page

    • ann
      annMarch 15,17

      I would like to read the response. Where is it???

  12. Isabel Savage
    Isabel SavageMarch 16,17


  13. Giorgio Precchia
    Giorgio PrecchiaMarch 16,17

    McDonalds fa i soldi sfruttando gli animali e gli ingenui che mangiano quella roba. Pertanto non mi sorprende la sua risposta. Da parte mia, oltre che boicottare tutti i prodotti coreani, boicotterò anche McDonalds!

  14. Brita Stein
    Brita SteinMarch 16,17

    no more McDonald!!!

  15. Tina McClelland
    Tina McClellandMarch 16,17

    I eat McDonalds probably 3 to 4 times a week on my lunch breaks.I had no idea.After reading their response to this issue and learning about their history of not caring I will no longer be doing so.I will also be uninstalling their app. and removing myself from their e mail list.There are many others to choose from.

  16. Jaime Perez
    Jaime PerezMarch 16,17

    I boycotted McDonald’s a long time ago when I found out they weren’t using care free eggs. That was almost 10 years ago. I’m still boycotting them. Heartless creeps!!

  17. David Boldt
    David BoldtMarch 17,17

    McDonald’s SUCKS!!! They have no social conscience. BOYCOTT….BOYCOTT…BOYCOTT!!

  18. Leila Lappin
    Leila LappinApril 14,17

    McDonald’s does not have any pride they have greed instead of moral values and compassion. They have been serving dog meat burgers in their restaurants in Korea! How could they take a stand against what they have been practicing! McDonald’s has a history of destroying echo systems and animals’ habitat, in Amazon rain forest, to source their cheap burgers. This corporation is the perfect example of everything that is wrong with corporations and some more.

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