A Samsungnak fel kell emelnie a hangját Dél-Korea brutalitása ellen!

Samsung must speak out against the brutality of South Korea! in Hungarian.

Seoul Gyeongdong Dog Meat Market, South Korea.

Az összes nagyvállalat, vagy koreaiul “Jaebol” közül Dél-Koreában, a Samsung számít a leghíresebbnek, termékeik megtalálhatóak minden háztartásban. Ez a cég rendkívül erős is: ha a Samsung menedzsmentje beszél valamiről, Korea miniszterelnöke odafigyel rájuk. Mennyire elkeserítő és szégyenteljes, hogy vagyonuk és befolyásuk ellenére a Samsung vezetői egyáltalán nem akarnak segítséget nyújtani a saját országukban folyó rettenetes és ördögi kutya- és macskahúsipar elleni harchoz. Ez a gonosz ipar saját honfitársaik és országuk szégyenfoltja, több ok miatt is. Akkor hát miért nem érez a Samsung semmilyen társadalmi felelősséget, és tesz valamit? Miért elégedettek azzal, ha nem tesznek semmit ez ellen az irtózatos ipar ellen?

Ideje, hogy a Samsung kiálljon és segítsen véget vetni az illegális és erkölcstelen gyakorlatnak, mely során az ember legjobb barátját brutálisan kínozzák és megeszik. Ma a Samsung vezetőségének írunk.

Call for Action

Suggested Message to Samsung

Subject: Help bring an end to the unacceptable and cruel South Korean Dog and Cat Meat Trades!

To the management of Samsung:

This is more than a question of “should man eat this type of meat?”: these are despicably cruel and uncivilized trades, which affect all levels of society in Korea: the children, who have to witness such overt acts of violence – dogs being electrocuted or beaten to death in front of them; the citizens who have to live with the harmful environmental impacts in their neighborhoods – filthy, unregulated effluent from dog farms, the noise of the suffering creatures, the stench from the uncleaned, excrement-filled cages; the national (and global) issue of meat entering the food chain which is not fit for human consumption – the animals are often fed on slops and fly-blown waste; the impending health crisis through the worldwide indiscriminate use of antibiotics – the animals are often pumped full of antibiotics to control infection and disease that are rife in these neglected creatures.

This is a two billion dollar industry – but one which has no place in a modern society, and certainly no place in a country that is as successful and prosperous as South Korea, a country which boasts achievements in urban development, manufacturing, and technology.

We are sure that you would never condone any inhumane or deliberately cruel act to any creature in your city, or country, but we want to remind you that it is not enough to just sit by and quietly disapprove of your fellow countrymen’s shameful behavior – you must stand up and take positive action to bring about a permanent end to the unacceptable dog and cat meat trades, and so end the abominable cruelty that is routinely involved in all parts of these trades.

What can you do? You can start by making it your company’s policy to ban the consumption of dog or cat meat products by your employees; you can educate your employees towards a more compassionate and understanding view of their companion animals; you can lobby your government to enact and enforce better animal protection laws, which would thereby end these trades.

We urge you to openly voice your opposition to these trades and, by doing so, let your customers know that you want your country to change – because, right now, many of your customers across the globe are finding it morally difficult to buy products from a company such as yours, who only seems concerned about profit, profit, greed … and profit.

Please, watch this video, see the truth for yourself – and then take action.
Thank you.

Online petitions:

👉 Samsung: Help us to end the abhorrent cruelty and suffering of cats & dogs in your country.
👉Boycott South Korean Dog and Cat Meat Cruelty! Boycott Samsung!
👉 Samsung, Hyundai, Kia, LG, POSCO, SK, FILA and all South Korean Companies: Adopt a company policy to ban dog and cat meat consumption!

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