Smiley needs a special loving and caring family

Update: November 20, 2014: Smiley on his way to his new home with his new family!

We are so happy for you, Smiley and thank you so much the new family who has adopted this special little guy!

Update: November 19, 2014: Smiley along with three more of his shelter mates are rescued by Posh Pets Rescue in New York

They arrived in New York safely yesterday and getting settled into a new environment.
They will be available for adoption when they are ready. Check out their most recent photos and video on this page:
Click here for photos of them leaving Yangsan Shelter:

Their first walk in a new country. What a lucky dog!

Hope you all find a loving caring family and a forever home.

Smiley getting a backrub and enjoying his first walk in a brand new country. :O)

Waiting for a loving and caring family who can provide a forever home for this very special guy

Smiley was rescued and adopted by a home in Jangseunpo near the shelter in Yangsan. One day an alcoholic in the neighborhood was going to cook him when no one was home and started beating him. By the time a neighbor got there, Smiley was already beaten badly and his left eye was bleeding. Now he is back to the shelter with a blind left eye. Nami Kim, anti-dog meat activist and volunteering at the shelter, will handle all the documents required for overseas adoption including the quarantine documents. You will be required to pay for the transportation cost. If adopted, Smiley can depart from Busan. Despite all that he has been through, Smiley is very cheerful and friendly. He is great with other dogs too.

Smiley is currently in at a private shelter in Yangsan, South Korea. Male, a 5 year-old, breed – Great Pyrenees mixed, vaccinated and neutered, about 36 lbs, one eye blind.
If you are interested in adopting Smiley, please contact Nami with information about you and your family! Nami’s email: [email protected], [email protected]

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    LINDA BADHAMOctober 15,14


  2. Wess Staats
    Wess StaatsOctober 19,14

    Is there a way you can get him to the states?


  3. Rosa B
    Rosa BOctober 19,14

    Disgusting humans do disgusting things! I can only hope he will get the most loving family and home he deserves!!! I love him and the people doing everything they can to save these great living beings.You are angels!!!XOXO

  4. José Manoel
    José ManoelOctober 19,14

    I hope Smiley gets a very caring and loving family for him! God bless him!!

  5. Karen Coppock
    Karen CoppockOctober 19,14

    Is this dog able to be flown to another country? If we all share this on Facebook, can anyone adopt him no matter where they are from? And, yeah, the monster who would beat a defenseless living being should rot in hell!

    • Nami Kim
      Nami KimOctober 26,14

      Hello Karen,
      Yes, dogs can be shipped by animal transport company if you are willing to pay for the freight charges.
      Write me a note if you are interested in adopting him.
      [email protected]
      Thank you.


  6. Robyn
    RobynOctober 19,14

    How can anyone be so cruel to a defenceless animal? I really hope that someone will adopt him and give him the loving home that he so deserves.

  7. clifford chapman
    clifford chapmanOctober 19,14

    save this dogs life !

  8. Dagmar Webster
    Dagmar WebsterOctober 19,14

    It makes me feel crying to see such poor dogs & i hope for much tougher penalties!!!! I will cross my fingers that this lovely doggie finds a wonderful home !!!

  9. Elisabeth DONZEL
    Elisabeth DONZELOctober 19,14

    plus l’homme se croit intelligent , plus il est stupide et cruel !!!
    foutez la paix aux animaux …

  10. christina pafitis
    christina pafitisOctober 19,14

    i would love to take him but living in australia may this little angel find his loving home god bless you

  11. jenn weston
    jenn westonOctober 19,14

    Please put a stop to this!!!

  12. keena chan
    keena chanOctober 19,14

    Hello, I wrote an e-mail to you before, I came from Hong Kong, GOOD LUCK IF this dog has a home from animal lover who is really take care and responsiblity to his remain life. As I also know that all to be sent to death dogs in Korea, China late Country are waiting for escape to be murder!! I really want to save them out of danger, out of inhumane government!!!!

    If this dog is really nobody takes him back home, let me know and arrange him to Hong Kong, I will look for a small house to take care of him, take him outside for walk after coming back home. Thanks!

    Sincerely yours,
    Keena Chan

  13. Marty Bostic
    Marty BosticOctober 19,14

    Smiley looks like a lovely dog and I’m so truly sorry that this poor boy was so abused. He deserves a loving home filled with people who will treat him as the lovely companion he is. I have shared his information with many friends and asked them to share on. I hope this helps find a great home for Smiley all the sooner.

    • Nami Kim
      Nami KimOctober 26,14

      Dear Marthy,
      Any responses from those whom you shared with?
      Pls write me a note if you have one.
      [email protected]
      Thank you.

      Nami Kim

  14. Milena Machado e Silva
    Milena Machado e SilvaOctober 20,14

    Proteja ele, ele merece um carinho e muito amor.

  15. Peter Blattner
    Peter BlattnerOctober 21,14

    «The more worthy are humans, the more respectful, gentle and merciful, they are to animals»
    «Who has anchored in his moral values animals as lower living beings, she eats, tortures, sexually abused raped, and killed, should be classified as questionable personality in the legal system and treated as such»
    «And all the cowardly humans who prefer to always look away from convenience, I hope that their brainless bodys burn a day lifelong into a hell»

  16. EYG
    EYGOctober 28,14

    What an adorable dog! I wish I could rescue him, but cannot. I would love to. That face! I hope he finds a family.

  17. Amy niles
    Amy nilesNovember 4,14

    Has Smiley found a home yet?? Please let us know…he looks like such a great pup!! How much would it cost to ship him to the us?? Also would he just be treated like baggage while shipped? That worries me…I have heard bad stories like animals dying in airplanes because it was too hot. They don’t seem to treat them as living, breathing creatures. Please let me know Naming, I’d absolutely love to give this sweet boy a home if the transportation isn’t too much!! How is he with cats?? For Smiley…one of the lucky ones!! : )

  18. Svetlana
    SvetlanaJanuary 25,15

    Я очень рада за этого очаровашку.

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