Uljinhae survives painful burns to find joy!

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We have translated and published about the dog farm that was burned by the forest fire in Uljin County. Many of the dogs have died horrific death of being burned alive. Some of them survived severe burns. Many of them are still at the dog farm being cared for by CARE’s volunteers because the callous and profoundly indifferent Uljin County government refuses to take them into their shelter. Below is a story about one of the fire victims who survived.

Some of the scenes at the beginning of the video are difficult to look at, but please watch through to the end. This very moving video shows Uljinhae (meaning “Uljin’s Sun”) starting her new life after being discharged from the hospital, surviving 5 months of treatment for her burns.

“Uljinhae has survived, and she is now running like this.”

I remember being told that Uljinhae was at the crossroads between life and death. I saw her face through the window; it looked like she was having difficulty breathing. As time goes by, you can see Uljinhae playing; finding delight in being able to sniff, play, and run to her heart’s content; tasting for the first time that little bit of freedom she had never known. I hope Uljinhae, who has experienced such hard days, will have a joyful life.

“Thank you” goes out to everyone who helped to save Uljinhae.

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  1. Isabelle Marchal
    Isabelle MarchalJuly 20,22

    Tellement heureuse de voir ce chien revivre, merci à vous de vous êtes occupés de ces pauvres malheureux. Isa

  2. Giancarlo Drei
    Giancarlo DreiJuly 20,22

    save animals

  3. Lucy Kelly
    Lucy KellyJuly 26,22

    Poor dogs! What a nightmare scenario!

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