Victory! Bucheon passes animal protection bill.

Sharing from Nami Kim and her team‘s Facebook post on May 12, 2016.

Mr. Kim of the city’s animal welfare just shared with me a minute ago that the very first step was taken to designate Bucheon city a “dog meat free zone.” This bill enforcing the animal protection law was passed by the city council, and while it’s not on a national assembly level it is a good start for other cities to follow. I am so grateful to Mr. Kim; his hard work has paid off and we have more to do together.

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Victory! Bucheon passes animal protection bill.

Victory! Bucheon passes animal protection bill.
Victory! Bucheon passes animal protection bill.

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Currently, search engines show the sickening scale of Bucheon’s dog-meat demand

As of now, internet searches for dog meat restaurants (search word Boshintang meaning Dog Meat Soup in Korean) results in 90 restaurants in the vicinity of Bucheon. However, it is our hope that with the passing of the Animal Protection Bill, which does not in itself ban dog meat consumption but enforces domestic animal protection, (which is insufficient and a namesake only in Korea to say the least) is the start of greater change to come, eventually ending the dog meat consumption in that city.

We will call the move by Bucheon a small victory but we will keep our eye on Bucheon to see if their actions follow their words. We will continue our campaign to urge Bucheon to end the dog meat trade and be the first city in Korea to become a “Dog Meat Free City”.

Bucheon Boshintang directory search on Naver_051316

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  1. stella maris argento
    stella maris argentoMay 14,16

    Por favor que se aplique la Ley de protección a todos los perros en Corea !!!!! gracias!!!!!!!

    • Rhonda Brittingham
      Rhonda BrittinghamMay 14,16

      Thank you for working to end this hell for animals <3

    • Heidi Mugrauer
      Heidi MugrauerMay 14,16

      Finally this is good news, it needs to stop everywhere

  2. Mari
    MariMay 14,16

    Please, people, boycott Korean products and sign to help stop dog torture and pets´ meat market in South Korea. Blessings to all.

  3. doris
    dorisMay 14,16

    hello MR. GUANG DONG
    every day we see 1000 horrible videos about Slaughter poor dog’s and animal by you chinese and specially yulin city, and it’s soo shame .your cuntry is too infamous among many cuntrys
    In your opinion Peeling and frying and baking dog’s and animal’s alive and 1000 Indecent behavior What justification can you chines are sooo small and poor from culture and humanity who your people cuases The material and cultural of poverty and moral do horrible crims like this ..have you ever feel the pain ?? and do u know what is pain?
    as i know in your cuntry more that 5 milions vegans live there and as i , me and my family are vegan .and we are so happy about it.and as i know Three main pillars of traditional Chinese ideas
    include of:
    confucianism is.
    and all of this teaching are emphasis of animals right that unfortunallity According to the old and new reports Not only to the old values not valued.
    humity and behaving and Conscience are destroy complatly in china .your government condemns human rights in America provided you violate animal rights actually no difference between a human and and animal , barring the power of speech an defense .
    and underestading this is showing humanity and conscience.unfortunalety no one love to visist your cuntry anymore However, according to people In a country where its people The fetus are eating meat abstinence You can not expect that value and respect for animal rights Does your child have seen this documentary is the city of Yulin Shanghai and Beijing Can you percipience and understand that these poor animal voiceless the skin’s alive or not alive in boiling water or cooking in hot oil burn alive It takes several hours to die and how terrible pain dies I few days ago Along with friends of the Chinese people saw your country Two of my friends Were shocked to the extent that were transferred to hospital The video showed two Chinese man in the crowd And finally composure while smokers A cow alive with fire from the burning of his genitals and set alight Then burned his head alive And moaning sound of The lament and suffering Every human soul and body With conscience Shook his alarm But the Chinese people in cold blood you with pleasure animal voiceless were burned alive And finally we are sure people around the world And finally we are sure people around the world More than the materially poor are More cultural poverty and lack of conscience and moral of poverty None of these crimes are not animals that you will not forget in your country And life will be a stain on your country In a country where animals are innocent and defenseless and without shelter and without defending your right to live there Justice and moralists and lack of conscience of humanity and culture is in trouble Even for self-respect and China a big step towards the rights of the original owners of planet take animals Thank you, Mr. Mayor.

  4. Rita Jennings
    Rita JenningsMay 14,16

    God bless Nami Kim for her tireless work, I can’t understand why so many people still want to eat these dog/cat products, there is enough publicity telling of the cruel ways these animals are treated, they must be barbaric morons, I hope they all die a slow death. They are pure scum.

  5. Olivia Hussey Eisley
    Olivia Hussey EisleyMay 14,16

    It’s a step in the right direction but do much more must be fine to outlaw this barbaric and cruel practice everywhere?The world is watching!

  6. Deborah
    DeborahMay 14,16

    This is good news!

  7. Tina Robertson
    Tina RobertsonMay 14,16

    Thank you Mr. kim and all the Council Members of Bucheon City for making Bucheon City a shinning light for the other city’s in China to follow. You will be known in the history books of the world as the City that made a difference to animal welfare in China….Bravo to all the heros who have worked so hard to make this happen…..

  8. Audrey
    AudreyMay 15,16

    Thank Nami Kim you are Angel.. I love you .

  9. Marilyn
    MarilynMay 20,16

    Thank you to all the wonderful people who are against this torture of our “best friends” and cats.

  10. Stacey Govito
    Stacey GovitoSeptember 28,16

    I have now two heroes … Nami Kim and Mayor Kim Man-Soo! I honestly became emotional when I saw this news. Words cannot describe how happy I was to read it. Finally, someone with some compassion and foresight.

  11. Barbara Peterlin
    Barbara PeterlinJune 3,17

    Big Victory! Thank you for getting our victory!!!!

  12. Timothy W Moore
    Timothy W MooreJune 3,17

    Thank you Nami and Mr Kim to divert a uniform of humanity. It is proven that we as humans can live without any type of meat and we have a responsibility to treatment of other life forms. The other life forms that are know to us as animals have a right to live freely and without harm just as we do. I applaud your efforts that seem to go on endlessly but as we move one step forward we are seeing results of our continued movement and not giving up.

  13. Peyote Phoenix
    Peyote PhoenixOctober 27,17

    Good news ! Hopefully other cities will follow suit. Thank you Mami Kim for the wonderful work of your group. Thank you also to Mayor Kim-ManSoo for standing up and having the conviction that breeding, torturing and killing dogs alive for human consumption is not acceptable to the global community. All things have a right to life.

  14. Gailina
    GailinaJuly 7,18

    The Civilized world is asking you so Korea to stop this barbaric practice of dogs who are malnourished terrorized beyond belief and left with disease heartworm rabies and other parasites and then eaten which is going to cause a next pandemic to the world we know already that Asia has to have it had been stopped for the avian flu and now you’re doing disease animals and this needs to stop dogs are Man’s Best Friend their use for seeing eye dogs that used for War veterans with PTSD there were used for seniors that use for all kinds of beautiful things in this world and you know that the Western World stands against this barbaric torture scanning them alive to make their meat tender by hormones produced out of fear and it’s the most disgusting vile diabolical thing we have ever witnessed and we are appalled and ashamed of your country and that this is so condoned and we need this to stop and stop now or else the world is getting wise and exposing it on the news international news and we are exposing what is happening there because most people that are decent and civilized did not know such as myself now that we do we are going to boycott Samsung we are going to book boycott high-end. We are going to boycott everything that comes out of your country and we’re going to isolate you to a shameful shameful state to the world now we are asking you to keep pushing and pressure in your government to get this abolished of making this a crime and that those who do this slaughtering of dogs and terrible disgusting torture that bothers me everyday that they need to be put in prison because that’s what we do in our culture we put criminals and cruel people in prison soon the world will isolate You So Korea and your economy will be hurt we are asking you to show respect to the world and to these animals because the way they have been found is the most of horrible condition I’ve seen since the Nazis the skinning them alive and boiling them alive is the most despicable Behavior to the world that is decent and you need to stop this now because we are growing by the millions and signing petitions worldwide as I speak now not just this one we are going to stand and isolate urination and say shame on you so stop this barbaric the heater now never mind the millions you’re killing each year and eating them!!!! There is no animal on Earth that would ever treat a human or another animal in such a barbaric fashion this is totally not got approved North civilized Behavior we do not live in the Dark Ages this is the 20th century and you need to stop this now because we the world are so angry and appalled and we will do whatever it takes to affect your conomy and tourism and you need to stop because we are sickened by what we see and hear everyday from your country!!! thanks!

  15. Gailina
    GailinaJuly 7,18

    This is most of all a very unclean unsanitary diseased treatment of animals who are the dearest and most loved animals in the world and have saved many many thousands of humans and it is a disgusting act to us and you know that you watch Western tv shows and western movies and you know that we love dogs how dare you treat them in such a disgusting way and serve them in restaurants 90 restaurants that we know about and Counting you even served it during the Olympics and that is shameful if we had known the world before we would have boycotted you I personally boycotted you I will not buy any products from your country and many many that are writing millions of signatures on these petitions are boycotting you we’ve had it we are seeking to death many of us can’t even sleep or have a happy life now because we are just so disgusted with this with this horrific treatment of dogs and the way you laugh at torturing them and cooking them alive you are disgusting to the world because never since the Nazis if we heard and my generation of such brutality and it’s a shameful shameful shameful thing and we are at the world are watching you and we are going to vote boycott every single product that makes you well and healthy and and Rich watch how many people are signing these petitions and we stand against you Korea South Korea!!!

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