Young animal rights activist radio host speaks out against the South Korean dog meat trade!

Kevin with our leaflets and hat at the H Mart (a chain Korean grocery store in US). Thank you, Kevin for speaking out against the South Korean Dog Meat Cruelty! We are so proud of you! Source: Fans of K-Storm Facebook Page, 7/20/14 !

Source: Fans of K-Storm Facebook Page, 7/20/14.

Kevin Storm is a young vegan animal rights activist who hosts “The Kevin Storm Show” with his mother Susan on Philadelphia’s Renaissance Radio WNJC 1360AM Sundays noon to 12:30. Here he is wearing a t-shirt on last Sunday’s show. We sent him caps, t-shirts and leaflets. Kevin and Susan will be passing out our campaign leaflets at the Animal Rights 2014 National Conference in Los Angeles the same weekend as our demonstration in Jacksonville, Florida. Please listen to the show at: If you would like to sponsor Kevin’s radio show, please send Kevin & Susan a message on Facebook by clicking here!

  1. raymond
    raymondFebruary 28,17

    the cruelty to animals in this world

  2. bob
    bobApril 9,19

    animal cruelty sickens me

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