More than 10 found dead … With hammer and with pesticides, animals are suffering

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More than 10 found dead … With hammer and with pesticides, animals are suffering

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Anchor: While the number of companion dogs and cats has surged to about 7 million in our nation, series of cases of animal cruelty have been cropping up one after another.
Min-Jung Cho reports.

As a man smash a burlap sack with a hammer, there’s a sound of a dog screaming loudly along with a blunt sound.
The man brandishing a hammer is Jeong (68 years old).
He says he did it because the dog was too noisy.
Jeong/Offender: I killed him because our villagers were complaining of not being able to sleep because of his barking. I didn’t do it to eat him.

In Hanam, Gyeonggi-do province, more than 10 dogs were found dead within 2 days.
There were pieces of meat contaminated with pesticides around the dead dogs.
Owner of the dogs is claiming that the dogs were killed by the owner of farm field because the dogs were entering the field damaging his crops.

Hae-Seok Kim/ Victim: Pork belly meat contaminated with suspected poison were found in four different places. And right next to these contaminated meat were two dead dogs.
When we asked the owner of farm field, he does not respond.
Reporter: Did the dogs cause you trouble?

As these series of animal cruelty cases are occurring one after another, penalties are becoming more severe. A representative case is the indictment by the prosecutors of a man in his 50’s who brutally killed his neighbor’s dog with a chainsaw.

Il-Min Kang / Pyeong-Taek Branch of the Suwon District Prosecutors Office (May 24): Until now, animal cruelty cases were treated as “criminal damage” and only the fine could be imposed but now we can demand and the court can sentence prison terms.

The problem is that recently number of cases of afflicting animals without clear motive is on the rise.

So-Yeon Park/Director of CARE: Senseless, psychopath-like, bizarre and unnecessary animal cruelty cases have been on the rise recently.

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