The response of the Supreme Prosecutors’s Office’s to our e-People petition regarding the dog farmer in Gimpo

Application No.: 1AA-2104-0850675
Application Date: 2021-04-20
Gimpo, South Korea, Gimpo Police, Prosecution Services: Prosecute and punish the animal abuser of the dog farm in Gimpo that horribly abused hundreds of dogs leading them to unthinkable agony and brutal death!

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Please note that the English translation provided by the Supreme Prosecutors’s Office (Incheon District Prosecution Service Bucheon Branch) is not accurate.

Below is a more accurate translation:
We processed your petition as a complaint. We would like to inform you that your complaint was accepted on April 21, 2021 and forwarded to the prosecutor Kim Dong-Wook (phone number: 032-320-4242). The Complaint Case number: Prosecutor Service Bucheon Branch 2021 Complaint 80. Please note that if the complaint is reviewed by the prosecutor’s office, you will be informed of our determination on the complaint.

English translation provided by the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office

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