Sister City Campaign – Bucheon, South Korea – Bakersfield, California

Bakersfield Mayor Harvey L. Hall: Tell Sister City Bucheon, South Korea, That We’re Opposed to the Torture and Consumption of Dogs and Cats.

If you want to help fight the grisly South Korean dog and cat meat trade and make a difference in South Korea, here are a few quick actions you can take that could save millions of dogs and cats each year.

Bucheon Mayor Man-Soo Kim

Bucheon Mayor Man-Soo Kim

Bakersfield, California became Sister city to South Korea’s Bucheon in 2006.

Yet Bucheon, South Korea is responsible for the ongoing horrendous torture and killing of dogs and cats. Bucheon is one of the largest dog meat consumption areas in South Korea. If you have ever wondered what hell would be like, just visit or watch the videos of dog farms and slaughterhouses scattered all throughout Bucheon. There are countless dog farms from small to very large, markets, and restaurants where the dogs, who have been tortured their entire lives, end up being slaughtered in the most inhumane ways, such as by electrocution, hanging, or beating, and then thrown into boiling water – sometimes while they are still alive. In many places, dogs are being killed in full view of other terrified, caged dogs; and this takes place in public and in broad daylight. In addition, many abandoned and stolen former pets end up in this industry and are subject to the same cruelty.

A Search Engine reveals the sickening scale of Bucheon’s dog meat demand.

Shown below are two search results on Naver (the most popular search engine in Korea) – the first one was for so-called “Health Food Centers” which commonly sell dog elixirs and cat elixirs (also known as dog soju and cat soju), and the second one was for “dog meat restaurants.”

The searches resulted in dozens of 219 Health Food Centers ; and 85 restaurants in the vicinity of the city of Bucheon alone.

Even if half of these ‘Health’ Food Centers and restaurants serve dog and cat ‘ingredients’ in one form or another, imagine how many dog/cat slaughterhouses must be present in the vicinity of Bucheon to supply these outlets.

Sister City Campaign – Bucheon, South Korea – Bakersfield, California

Sister City Campaign – Bucheon, South Korea – Bakersfield, California

Please watch the video from one of countless dog farms in Bucheon:

Also watch the undercover video from the documentary trailer by the Korea Observer:

Please sign petition, call and email Bakersfield Mayor Harvey L. Hall TODAY!

  • No matter where you live, please SIGN OUR PETITION
  • Click HERE and click on Email icon button on top of the Mayor’s photo to send an online message or send an email to Mayor Harvey L. Hall and Bakersfield Government.(Use the below-suggested message or petition for email text):[email protected]; [email protected];
  • Call the Korean Embassy and Consulate General’s offices in your country!
  • Call the Mayor’s Office!
    Phone: (661)326-3770
  • Send a Twitter message!
    .@bucheon4u .@BKFcityfire Mayor Hall, Plz urge Sister City Bucheon,South Korea: Stop torturing & killing dogs & cats
  • Send a letter! (Use the below-suggested message or petition for letter text):
    City of Bakersfield
    Mayor’s Office
    1600 Truxtun Avenue
    Bakersfield, CA 93301, USA

    Send a copy of your letter to the Bucheon Mayor Man-Soo Kim!
    Mayor Man-Soo Kim
    Bucheon City Hall
    Giljuro210 (1156, Jungdong), Wonmi-gu, Bucheon City, Gyeonggi-do, Postal Code 14547
    South Korea

    Address in Korean:
    부천시장 김만수 님
    14547 경기도 부천시 원미구 길주로 210(중동)
    South Korea

    Phone: 82-32-320-3000

Suggested message to the Mayor of Bakersfield

Dear Mayor Harvey L. Hall and the Bakersfield City Officials:

Please watch the video from one of countless dog farms in Bucheon:
Also watch the undercover video from the documentary trailer by the Korea Observer:

The City of Bakersfield should not be a Sister city to any city that allows dogs and cats to be tortured and eaten. Please urge the Bucheon Mayor Man-Soo Kim and Gyeonggi-do Governor Kyung-Pil Nam to close down all illegal dog farms and slaughterhouses, markets, truckers, and restaurants that serve their products. An online petition calling for your support in ending the horrendous South Korean dog and cat meat trade can be found at:

The favor of your reply is requested.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Your Name & Address

No matter where you live, PLEASE SHARE these actions with your friends, especially those who live in Bakersfield!

  1. Candice tharp
    Candice tharpMarch 7,16

    Stop this hideous trade

  2. brigitte st jean
    brigitte st jeanMarch 12,16

    Do not let dog being tortured, being beaten and eaten !!!

    JAMES A. KRUMMMarch 16,16

    Why is this practice still being done with the consumption of eating pet type dogs or maybe even cats ? Where is your sanity, thinking – it should be made a LAW not to do this horrible act ! Please I ask, STOP DOING THIS, MAKE IT UNLAWFUL IN DOING SO, IT’S “WRONG” !! Thanks for reading & make it happen.

  4. Jane Albrecht
    Jane AlbrechtMarch 16,16

    Please stop this cruelty

  5. Julia
    JuliaMarch 17,16

    Please stop this barabric practice! How can people be so inhumane and cruel? It is disgusting treating living beeings who can`t defend them selfes like this!

  6. katya masini
    katya masiniMarch 17,16

    Fermate questo scempio!
    Gli animali vanno amati,io, proprio ieri, ho perso il mio cane…..
    Non potete immaginare come sto’ male.

  7. Emma Owens
    Emma OwensMarch 18,16

    Unfortunately this IS unlawful already but according to the petition, the laws are not being upheld or enforced. No-one seems to be being punished! No-one seems to care in South Korea. Apart from this being incredibly cruel, it is making a mockery of the Korean judicial system! I have emailed (and will also write to) the Mayor and also the Korean Embassy in my country too, as suggested. Thank you!

    • admin
      adminMarch 19,16

      Thank you so much, Emma!!!

  8. marguerite white
    marguerite whiteMarch 20,16

    sign and share.

  9. Cathy
    CathyMarch 21,16

    Everyone needs to boycott all Korean goods. Cars, electronics, food, clothing, shoes, the Olympics. EVERYTHING KOREAN.
    Maybe if they see how the world is against this hideous behavior, and their economy drops real good, they will reconsider their
    actions, and LIVE LIKE HUMAN BEINGS.

  10. Robin
    RobinMarch 21,16

    Stop these poor animals from being tortured!!! Boycottn anything from over seas…Buy made in USA…SICK INDIVIDUALS!!!

  11. bryan lowe
    bryan loweMarch 22,16

    Sick world

  12. Sal
    SalMarch 22,16

    Blasted zombies. They’re the living dead who do this, as foretold in Revelatiions. Sathya Sai Baba calls them “living corpses”. These demented, deranged individuals don’t deserve to see the light of day! If they were subjected to the same horrific torture they’d be singing a different story. Rotten monsters! Can anyone make them go to hell a lot quicker somehow? Poor babies that suffer so intolerably because of wretched monsters.

  13. sandra
    sandraMarch 22,16

    arrêter SVP les chiens et chats sont des animaux très fidéles sensible et vous font confiance sont adorable et vous les trahissez arrêter de les tuer je vous en suplie

  14. jo Rogers
    jo RogersMarch 25,16

    WE NEED the UN to step in ASAP. Everyone sign all the petitions!! We are going to stop this CRUELTY.

  15. john pasqua
    john pasquaMarch 26,16

    must end this cruelty on these great animals now.

  16. Ortwin Mergner
    Ortwin MergnerApril 10,16

    Sorry, no new LG TV, no new ASUS mainboard and Laptop, etc. – AS BLOOD RUNS EVERYWHERE FROM PRODUCTS THAT COME FROM THERE 🙁

  17. Ingela Hammar Wallentin
    Ingela Hammar WallentinApril 14,16

    This deliberately abuse against animals must come to a definitive end. Outrageously strange that it is still allowed.

  18. Ingela Hammar Wallentin
    Ingela Hammar WallentinApril 14,16

    Please listen, if you don’t care about the animals, understand that there are loads of people who is suffering their hearts out every day and night knowing this is going on.

  19. MS
    MSApril 27,16

    Countless dog farms & slaughterhouses are scattered throughout, & they truly are hell on earth for the defenseless dogs suffering there. Dogs & cats exist their entire lives in squalid, feces-encrusted raised wire cages in utter misery only to be slaughtered in the most horrific of ways – by electrocution, a hammer blow to the neck, being hung or beaten, bleeding to death from a slashed throat, being burned to death from a blowtorch, or thrown into a vat of boiling water while still alive. — WHAT SANE & MORAL SOCIETY WOULD ALLOW THIS? PLEASE, LET’S DO THE RIGHT THING -THIS IS ALWAYS THE BEST OPTION. Think of the future for ALL people — LET’S ABOLISH THESE DRACONIAN, BRUTAL FARMS -LET’S RESCUE THESE DOGS & CATS.

  20. Chris D'Amanda
    Chris D'AmandaMay 20,16

    The history of cats and dogs, as far as I know, throughout the world has not been for eating, the relationship that has evolved makes your using them as food, animals with such hearts, barbaric. Please stop it!!

  21. Margaret Irving
    Margaret IrvingNovember 2,16

    Please stop this horrible life for these animals. How would you like to be a dog or cat. Please let them live has pets not food

  22. Emma Owens
    Emma OwensFebruary 14,17

    I believe that the Bakersfield Mayor is now: The Honorable Karen K. Goh
    Mayor, City of Bakersfield

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