Dog tied to the back of a car and dragged on the road to protect the car seat in Yeonggwang.

Sharing for Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE)

Please sign the petition and file an e-People petition urging the prosecution of the person who dragged a dog, causing massive injuries in Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do Province, South Korea.

Amid the pain and anger resulting from a man who dragged a dog to her death with a Hyundai Galloper in Sangju, South Korea, devastating animal cruelty using a vehicle occurred once again, this time in Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do Province.

On April 6, 2022, a driver witnessed a car moving fast, dragging a dog behind the vehicle. The witness stated that the dog had tried to keep up initially, but her legs collapsed from under her after a while, and she was dragged. The blood on the road was clearly visible.

The witness stopped the car, but the man shouted at the witness, “Mind your own business. This is my dog.” and drove away.

Upon receiving the video, Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) immediately took action and managed to find the perpetrator and his severely injured dog and another dog at the house. CARE convinced the man to give up both of his dogs. CARE is providing medical treatment for the injured dog.

This is an obvious and egregious case of animal cruelty that must be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Let us not let the horrendous suffering of this defenseless dog be in vain. Please stand with the Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) by signing the petition calling on the Yeonggwang Police and Korea’s Prosecution Service to launch a full investigation and hold this evildoer accountable.

CARE’s post on 4/7/2022:

We couldn’t believe it when we first received a witness report at around 11 pm that a dog had been dragged across town, tied to the back of a moving car. But it was all too real. The bloodstains were testament to the cruelty that had taken place. Was the dog still alive? Who was driving this car? So many questions ran through our minds.

We arrived at the scene at 1:00 am, trying to convince local authorities to locate the perpetrator. Dogdream and Watchdog activists were at the scene with us, and we successfully identified the dog and her home. Blood and open wounds covered one side of her body, and her face was battered. She managed to cling to life but could not stand on her own. We also discovered that there was another dog with her.

CARE is happy to report that both dogs were surrendered to us and are now under our wing. They have survived but have a long journey ahead of them. We would be so grateful if you would join us through their journey to recovery and healing. We sincerely appreciate our activists, many of whom are still suffering from the after-effects of COVID, still assisting in rescues on very little sleep and rest. Please send them some love by leaving a comment below!

CARE’s post on 4/9/2022:

Why would someone commit such a cruel act, you may wonder. The perpetrator claimed that he was taking his dog to impregnate her forcibly. The blood trail alone was over 3 km long.

The abuser claims that the dog was bitten in the face by an aggressive male dog. The driver said that he didn’t want his car seats to get stained, so he tied the dog to the back of the car and “gently” put his foot on the gas pedal. This act of cruelty and abuse was carried out to protect the car seats. Her life was worth less than the fabric in the abuser’s car.

The verdict? He’s a liar – and a bad one at that. Did he not consider that a moving car with a bleeding dog tied to it could do more harm? And when stopped by the witness, he dismissed them with, “Mind your own business. She’s my dog.” and drove off. This reveals how utterly heartless this person is.

Witness states that the dog had tried to keep up initially, but her legs collapsed from under her after a while, and she was dragged. The blood on the road was clearly visible.

The dog suffered severe lacerations, the muscles exposed, and the skin mucous membranes were ripped. Blood splattered, blood dripped down the asphalt, and clear bloodstains on the road for more than two kilometers, but the owner didn’t care. In the end, the hot asphalt burned all the bare muscles even blood stopped flowing.

The perpetrator turned out to be an old man in his 80s who lived in rural Yeonggwang Jeollanam-do Province and had no concept of animal welfare. Yet this is too serious a case to be dismissed as a “generational gap” or “lack of education.” He committed a crime and should never be allowed to own a dog ever again in his lifetime.

CARE will take both dogs under our wing. We arrived at the perpetrator’s house during off-hours in the middle of the night, which slowed us down more than we would have liked, but we worked with local authorities to get the job done. He gave us his dogs, and they are never going back.

There are so many cases like this happening in South Korea. Dogs are often being dragged behind cars and trucks in rural parts of South Korea. The abuse is steadily increasing. South Korea has 15 million pet owners. Laws to protect humans from dogs (e.g., bite accidents) are being made, but laws to protect animals receive far less attention. There needs to be legislation on the safe transport of animals.

Rescued on a warm spring day, Gaenari (wild lily) and Jindallae (azalea) were warmly welcomed to the CARE family. Gaenari went in for surgery today, where the vet operated on her extensive wounds.

Please become a CARE monthly sponsor to support our rescued girls! They need all the help they can get on their long road to recovery.

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Call for Action

See below for the videos and photos posted by CARE on Facebook and YouTube:

[긴급] 전남, 개 매달고 달리는 차, 어제 밤 11시 반경에 들어온 긴급 제보

영상 속엔 작은 발바리로 보이는 개 한 마리가 차 뒤에 강제로 매 달려 끌려갑니다.
차가 지나간 자리, 한 구역에서는 흘린 핏자국이 선명하게 남아 있습니다.
학대자 신원은 물론, 개의 생사도 모르는 상황.
케어는 새벽 1시 경까지 관할 경찰서와 군청을 찾아 소통을 하며 설득하고 학대자를 찾는데 주력하였습니다. 학대자 신원은 알지 못한 상태였지만 무작정 전남으로 출동하였습니다. 새벽 1시 반까지 울진의 다친 개들 보호처 마련 활동을 이어가던 독드림과 와치독 활동가도 함께 했습니다.
새벽 내내 현장에 도착한 활동가들은, 많은 어려움 끝에 경찰과 군청 민원실의 도움으로 학대자 집을 찾을 수 있었고 아직 개가 살아있음을 확인하였습니다. 얼굴과 다리 등 한 쪽 방향이 심하게 쓸려 있는 상태, 잘 일어나지도 못하고 있었다고 합니다.
그리고 조금 전, 현장에서 온 소식은 다친 개와 함께 살던 다른 개도 조금 전 함께 소유권을 포기 받았다는 기쁜 소식을 전해 주었습니다. 새벽 내내 한 숨도 자지 못하고 어려운 구조에 성공하고, 또 먼 거리를 달려와야 합니다. 다친 녀석의 긴급 치료비와 함께 구조된 녀석이 보호되고 입양가야 하는 먼 여정에 동참해 주세요.
현장의 자세한 사건 소식과 구조된 아이들의 상태 등은 오늘 활동가들이 올라 오는대로 다시 알려드리겠습니다. 대부분 코로나에 걸려 아직 후유증이 남아 있는데도 불구하고 활동가들이 쉬지도 못하고 여러 사건으로 새벽활동을 며칠간 이어가고 있습니다. 응원으로 마음을 나누어 주세요! 사건은 경찰에 입건되었습니다.

“시트는 보호하고 개는 학대 했다” / 전남, 개 매달고 달리는 차(2)

피가 흐른 시점부터만 따져도 무려 3키로를 달렸습니다.
강제임신을 시키기 위해 데려간 자신의 암컷 개.
학대자의 주장은 다음과 같습니다.
‘교배 과정에서 숫컷에게 얼굴을 물렸다. 얼굴을 심하게 물려 살점이 떨어져 나간 개를 차에 태우지 않은 이유는 피가 흘러 차량의 시트가 젖을 것이 걱정 되서였다. 그래서 차 뒤에 묶고 천천히 달렸다’
결국 시트를 보호하기 위해 개는 학대를 당한 것입니다. 그리고 물린 것보다 더 심한 상해를 입었고 죽을 수도 있었습니다.
학대자의 말은 거짓으로 보입니다. 그렇다면 처음 교배를 하러 갈 당시에는 개를 차에 태웠어야 할 텐데 전혀 그런 사람으로 판단되지 않습니다. 피가 흐르는 개가 더 다칠 수도 있다는 생각도 안 하는 사람, 목격자가 항의하며 차를 세운 후에도 ‘내 개인데 상관말라’ 며 심각하게 상해를 입고 온 몸이 만신창이가 되도록 끌려가는 개를 묶고 그대로 다시 내달린 사람이기 때문입니다.
목격자가 본 당시 상황은 ‘개가 힘들어했지만 끌려가듯 달렸고 그때는 피를 흘리지 않았다. 이후 온 몸에 힘이 풀렸는지 더 이상 달리지 못 하고 축 늘어져 끌려갔다. 그리고 피가 도로에 길게 묻어났다. ’ 는 것입니다.
피부가 찢기고 근육이 튀어 나오고 피부 점막이 쓸리고 갈렸습니다. 피가 튀기고 아스팔트 위로 피가 흥건히 떨어지며 2 키로 이상 도로에 길게 핏자국이 선명히 나고 있는데도 주인은 아무 관심이 없었습니다. 마지막엔 뜨거운 아스팔트로 인해 벌겋게 드러난 근육이 모두 타버렸고 딱딱해지며 결국 피조차 흐르지 않았습니다.
전남 영광에서 벌어진 이 사건의 학대자는 80이 넘은 노인입니다. 그러나 나이가 많고 동물보호에 대한 개념이 없는 무지에 의한 것이었다고 해도 명백한 학대행위이며 지나가는 시민이 제지를 해도 그대로 끌고 가서 철장 속에 넣어 놓은 것으로 보아 용서할 수 없는 범죄행위이며 앞으로도 개를 기를 자격이 없습니다.
케어는 새벽에 전남으로 달려가 다친 개와 그 옆의 친구 백구 모두를 포기 받아 구조했습니다. 동물보호법으로 격리조치하고 포기를 받아야 마땅하나 군청 동물보호담당자가 출근 시간이 아니라는 이유로 현장에 오지 않는 바람에 신속한 구조에 차질이 생겼지만 결국 경찰과 군청 당직자의 협조로 학대자의 집을 알게 되어 직접 포기 받아 구조하였습니다.
개를 매달고 달리는 행위, 트럭 짐칸 위에 묶어 달리는 행위 등 반려동물을 이동할 때의 학대는 여전히 줄어들지 않고 있습니다. 대한민국 반려동물 인구 1500만. 입마개, 2미터 이내 목줄 규제 등 반려견 사육 시 사람에 대한 안전조치를 의무화하는 동물보호법과 제도는 지속적으로 강화되고 있지만 정작 동물보호법은 반려동물의 보호와 안전에는 관심이 없습니다. 동물운송업자에 대한 법규뿐만 아니라 반려동물 사육자 또한 동물을 이동할 때의 안전조치 의무조항이 반드시 신설되어야 할 때입니다.
화사한 봄날, 죽음에 이를 정도의 끔찍한 학대를 당한 황구는 ‘개나리’. 백구 친구는 ‘진달래’라고 이름 지었습니다. ‘개나리’ 는 오늘 수술에 들어갔습니다. 4다리 모두 심한 상해를 입었고 눈 옆은 찢어지다 못 해 괴사되었고, 뼈가 드러날 정도의 상해들도 여기저기 나 있습니다.
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  1. Tina Dunleavy
    Tina DunleavyApril 12,22

    Petition filed. Disgraceful in this day and age

  2. Ewa Perczak
    Ewa PerczakApril 13,22

    all is done, what a shame ! what a horrendous time for the dogs and cats in this country ! how can they manage this ? how can they accept this ? ununderstable …

  3. Brenda Carty
    Brenda CartyApril 13,22

    I hope he gets jailed for whats left of his life.Gods only knows how many dogs have passed through his and the likes of his hands.That goverment needs to wake up to animal rights.

  4. Albert Viscione
    Albert ViscioneApril 14,22

    Barbarians like this should be in prison or dragged themselves. Why is such cruelty allowed in SK with no repercussions.

  5. Dee Henderson
    Dee HendersonApril 14,22

    Jail this abuser for the rest of his life!He is a danger to animals and all of society.The government needs to wake up to animal rights!

  6. Patrick & Dana Kraft
    Patrick & Dana KraftApril 15,22


  7. Jin Ju
    Jin JuApril 15,22

    Fucking disgrace. I swear to God, if he does not get the proper repercussions for this malicious, psychotic behavior, I am going to fucking blow. FUCKING PSYCHO.

  8. James Gately
    James GatelyApril 19,22

    This savage should suffer the same fate
    but a civilized society should castrate him
    and imprison the b@st@rd for life
    Who know what else the creep has done???
    From 1950 to 1953 we sacrificed almost 37,000 lives
    and treasure to save this land of savages
    and their primitive culture of
    abusing, murdering, and eating our best friends
    Give a tie and title to a savage and you still have a savage
    with a tie and title – they’ll never change
    James Gately ASM
    Feathery scaly furry friends supporter – army veteran – proud vegan

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