Will South Korea finally ban dog meat?

Protesters stage a rally in Seoul on Oct. 29, calling for policies to improve animal welfare and rights, including a ban on dog meat consumption. The Korea Herald.

We wanted to share significant positive news regarding South Korea’s dog meat consumption.

On November 17, 2023, The Korea Herald reported that “The South Korean government and the ruling People Power Party on Friday agreed to introduce, before the end of this year, a special act to end dog meat consumption in Korea by 2027. In a special consultative meeting at the National Assembly, the Yoon Suk Yeol administration and ruling party officials agreed to push for the passage of an anti-dog meat bill banning breeding and slaughter of dogs, as well as dog meat delivery and sales.”

It further reported that “Under the legislation, farms, butcheries, distribution companies and restaurants would be required to submit proof to local governments that they do not engage in dog breeding or other related works, and a proposed timeline for ending dog meat activities. Violators would be subject to criminal punishment. A grace period of three years will be given to farmers, restaurant owners and others involved in the dog meat industry.”

According to The Korea Herald, People Power Party Policy Steering Committee chief Representative Yu Eui-dong told reporters after the meeting. “There have been many serious problems, such as animal cruelty and food hygiene. Also, the issue has deepened social conflict for years.” “We will put an end to social conflict and controversy over dog meats by enacting the special act.”

After the act is introduced, lawmakers must vote on it in the National Assembly.
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So does this mean the dog meat consumption in South Korea will finally end, and we can open the champagne and celebrate the victory? Or is this simply another empty promise by the South Korean government designed to appease international criticism? While South Korea campaigns to host the World Expo 2030 and the vote for the host country takes place in less than 10 days, is this announcement little more than an attempt to influence the final decision? What happens to these animals after the vote is announced, regardless of the result? Will our hopes be crushed again if they don’t follow through on their promise?

Several bills have been proposed to end dog meat consumption in South Korea over the years, but none was given serious consideration by their national assembly.

Two years ago, in December of 2021, a “consultative discussion committee on ending dog meat consumption” was formed to end dog meat when President Moon Jae-in mentioned that it was time to consider ending dog meat consumption. But after two years of discussion and dozens of meetings, nothing has changed for the dogs suffering terribly in South Korea.

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After decades of relentless campaigning from the international community, together with the efforts and sacrifices made by Korean animal activists, we sincerely hope the South Korean government actually follows through on their words this time.

Even if the South Korean government does implement its proposed plan to end the sale and consumption of dog meat, they will grant a three-year grace period to the entire industry. This means they will continue their illegal and brutal cruelty with their government’s blessing.

Today, hundreds of thousands of dogs are in raised wire cages outside in frigid winter cold. They live in utter hell, only to be brutally slaughtered in the most agonizing ways. From birth to death, their suffering is unimaginable. This must be stopped. We must continue our campaign and our fight until the dog and cat meat consumption, along with all cruelty against our helpless sentient friends, finally ends in South Korea.

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