Amidst Chaos, A Puppy Is Still Born, Inside South Korea’s Dog Farm (Part 3)

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Value as goods, Hostage, Recycled.. The dogs in this dog farm are used only for the purpose to be better compensated by the government, let alone them being abandoned, starved, and led to death. Yet still, amidst all these catastrophic scenes, a tiny precious pup is born.

This dog farm is in Gimpo, South Korea.

00:00 “Closing your eyes to the problem or just ignoring won’t solve anything”
00:05 Farm owner: Those breeders, who went of the industry, had to pay for disposal..
00:09 It clears their overdue payments if I bring their dogs with me
00:12 Ones lost their ‘value as goods’
00:16 and the others held ‘hostage’ for compensation,
00:23 Being ‘recycled’ and abandoned later
00:27 ep.03 Finding a New Life..
00:31 Select ones for emergency transfer
00:36 While checking the remaining dogs,
00:39 Found a puppy whose eyes are not open yet
00:44 And a white dog who assumed to be the puppy’s mom
00:50 As soon as we placed the puppy safely on the ground
00:53 and leave..
00:58 The white dog carefully approaches
01:02 Raising her guards upon hearing noises,
01:06 Yelping
01:08 As soon as the puppy cries,
01:14 She tries to protect the puppy
01:21 regardless of her body which trembles out of wariness
01:36 The surroundings are simply just unsanitary..
01:38 Jae-Ung Han, Vet: The puppy might catch an infectious disease if he’s left like that
01:43 The puppy should be rescued.. But mom’s with the pup at the moment
01:49 Mom showing her extreme wariness
01:53 Yet, we can’t give up on their lives
01:56 (The mother dog) Kept walking around the puppy when we approached
01:59 Chan-Jong Lee, Animal Behaviorist : Once we left, she went back to her puppies again.. She had a strong ‘Motherly love’
02:03 So we came up with the plan called, “Catch the mom by using her puppy”
02:06 By using every possible tool,
02:12 created a capture cage!
02:18 Yelping
02:21 Soon after..
02:25 The mother dog comes near to the cage
02:28 Entrance
02:31 She seems to check its structure, then..
02:35 Wary Wary
02:38 Not soon after she hesitated,
02:41 Striding
02:43 Now!!
02:51 I thought the mother dog wouldn’t go in
02:53 Chan-Jong Lee, Animal Behaviorist : She knew that she would get caught if she goes into the cage
02:55 While staying vigilant though, however,
02:57 she went into the cage to bring her puppy out
03:04 Will safely separate the puppy from mom
03:10 and block the entrance with a cage to put her in
03:12 Yet..
03:14 She bites!
03:15 !!!
03:18 The mother dog resists strenuously!
03:22 Once again carefully, and successfully rescue the dog!
03:27 Director, are you okay? / I’m all right
03:30 The dog bit me though..
03:32 I thought she’d also be freaked out if I get startled..
03:35 I wanted her to be least stressed during the rescue
03:40 That’s why I endured when I got bitten
03:44 Thanks to his thoughtful heart..
03:47 The mother dog could relax soon
03:51 Dad♡
03:53 You can’t leave with empty hands after an effortful task
03:56 Just smile
03:58 You should take them because her bite bonded you guys together
04:03 Including the white mother dog and her daughter
04:06 20 dogs who need medical aids are transferred to the hospital
04:11 Every possible first aid is done,
04:16 But the last task is left to the people on-site!
04:19 In-Seob Shim, Animal Protection Group ‘Life’ : The remaining dogs, after the others were transferred, were about 80-90 in total
04:27 Jae-Ung Han, Vet: Most of them were diseased..
04:29 What’s worse was that they all had skin disease which is contagious
04:32 It would’ve been best to take all of them in one place
04:35 There was ‘Share center’ in Gyeonggi-do
04:38 I already contacted that center/ They said no?
04:42 Nod
04:42 Among many groups, it’s difficult to find one
04:45 who would accept 90 dogs at once
04:49 The wall of.. a cold-hearted reality
04:53 There’s one place where they mentioned that
04:55 they’d like to help stray dogs if there’s any chance of it
04:59 I’m going to ask there first
05:03 Crew: Will appreciate if you could ask if they can, and if they say yes, then can you share the convo with us
05:09 Can I say 00?
05:11 (If they say yes)
05:14 Explaining the situation
05:18 Crew: They said okay?
05:19 Nod
05:21 Okay, wait
05:23 Holding the throbbing hearts,
05:25 Can you foster 90 dogs in your center?
05:32 Will figure out the way if you send us the list of what we need to do
05:37 Appreciate it☆
05:39 Thank you, sorry, and thank you again
05:42 I’m glad to be able to join such meaningful work
05:46 Thank you for this opportunity
05:52 Congrats
05:56 Moreover~
05:58 Chan-Jong Lee, Animal Behaviorist: Our dog training committee will help provide training service
06:04 to those who adopted them later
06:09 Thank you so much, GOD. Chan. Jong
06:12 And!
06:14 Relief supplies arrived as soon as possible
06:18 Since it takes some time before they’re sent off to foster families
06:21 Food is supplied just in case they don’t starve until then
06:27 It must be distressing..
06:31 It must be distressing.. But hope they hang in there some more..
06:36 In order to shut down all those horrible farms,
06:39 we should know what exactly is going on, which could bring consensus on this issue
06:44 to avoid creating such environments
06:46 I know it can be heart-aching and difficult to watch,
06:49 but requires your utmost interests to stop such hell-like places from existing
06:54 It starts from now on, which matters the most
06:57 “It’s a new beginning”
07:00 Your interest and support are much appreciated

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