Save the 200 dogs at the Incheon Lotte Gyeyang Mountain dog farm!

Sharing for the Volunteers To Save The Dogs At The Lotte Dog Farm (롯데목장개살리기시민모임).

👉🏽 Click HERE for the 10/25/2020 update.

Video: Leo and his 197 friends, who escaped from slaughter, calling for desperate help from all over the world

The 200 dogs at the Incheon Gyeyang-gu (district) Gyeyang Mountain dog farm have been saved from being slaughtered, but they are still living in raised wire cages because they have nowhere else to go. A group of volunteers (Volunteers To Save The Dogs At The Lotte Dog Farm) are helping them to survive by providing food and water, but what these animals desperately need to escape their existence in those wire cages are foster families. Unfortunately, large dogs like these have a very slim chance of being adopted in South Korea. These dogs need generous and caring people like you to foster them until the volunteers can find them forever homes. Are you willing to foster, or even adopt, them?

🙏 Will you donate whatever you can to help with the care of these dogs?

✈️🐶CARE needs flight volunteers! 👉Click HERE to learn more.

Thank you so much for caring! 🐶🙏🐕

👉 Click HERE for the updates from the Facebook page of Volunteers To Save The Dogs At The Lotte Dog Farm (롯데목장개살리기시민모임)

👉 For an adoption inquiry, please send an emails to both:
CARE: [email protected]
Volunteers To Save The Dogs At The Lotte Dog Farm:, [email protected]

There are many dog farms like this one where dogs are slaughtered every day. Please help rescue these dogs by filing your e-People petition urging Incheon and Gyeyang-gu District to shut down all dog farms operating in their city/district and to rescue the dogs. 🙏😿😢🐾 Only your voice can help stop this cruel trade and save these dogs!

Call for Action

The dogs at this farm are large, mixed breed dogs and they have little chance of being adopted in South Korea. Therefore, overseas adoption is the best chance for these dogs to have a happy future after a life of fear, abuse, and suffering. Would you please appeal to international animal rescue organizations for help in finding permanent homes for them? Please click below to begin your contact with the rescue organizations in the U.S. and Canada. We have a sample letter, the contact information and the websites you can use to search rescue organizations for their email addresses.

If you are in Gyeonggi-do area in South Korea, would you please volunteer to help out at the dog farm?
👉 Please click HERE to complete online volunteer form.

All photos and videos: Volunteers to save the dogs at the Lotte Dog Farm (롯데목장개살리기시민모임)

👉 Click HERE to see more photos from Gyeyang Mountain dog farm.

Below are press coverages regarding this dog farm:

📰 MBC News: 6/1/2020, [바로간다] 등산로에 ‘식용 개 농장’…땅 주인은 재벌 회장

📰 Yonhap News: 9/16/2020, 인천 계양산 불법개농장 250마리 구조놓고 지자체-시민모임 갈등

📰 9/18/2020, 계양산 롯데목장 개들의 호소 “물러날 시간을 주세요”

📰 FE Times: 9/21/2020, “삶은 이용, 목숨은 외면” 갈 곳 잃은 인천 계양산 개농장 개들

Videos: TV program, Shilwha On. [실화탐사대] 계양산의 갈 곳을 잃은 200마리 개들 20201017

✅ Below is English translation of the CARE’s Paypal page:

#계양산롯데동물보호소 #롯데계양산개농장 #개농장철폐 #개고양이도살금지 #계양산개농장 #롯데목장개살리기시민모임 #계양산 #계양산장미원 #계양산정산 #계양산둘레길 #계양산뜰에 #계양산카페 #계양구 #계양산둘렛길솔밭 #계양산성 #계양산전통시장 #인천광역시 #롯데 #롯데백화점 #롯데시네마 #롯데타워 #롯데월드 #롯데호텔 #롯데퓨리나 #롯데마트 #롯데월드몰 #빼빼로 #불매 #롯데계양산

  1. rui almeida
    rui almeidaOctober 19,20

    I really have no words when i keep seeing this images.
    Poor dogs, born in the wrong place.
    Filthy people doing this to dogs.
    Always Vegan.

    • Marguerite White
      Marguerite WhiteOctober 24,20

      Its really evil what happens to these poor animals who never want anything except to be a loved companion..these poor animals deserve better,no one can bring back all the animals who been murdered before but hopefully it can stop for Good.Hope that only Good things happen for animals in the future,for ourselves and God.

  2. Janja
    JanjaOctober 19,20

    Stop to do that to dogs, you not human!!!!

  3. Sondra Rodgers
    Sondra RodgersOctober 19,20

    When will China stop this HORRIFIC treatment of innocent animals.. You make this a very DEGRADED country – one I would NEVER EVER visit❗️🤢🤮

  4. Caterina
    CaterinaOctober 20,20

    I agree with you, it’s horrific but this is the technological and modern South Korea where the cutting edge technological innovative hybrid cars are produced .. KIA, Hyundai , …and sold as bread in all the western countries. It’s fool

  5. maria O Donnell
    maria O DonnellOctober 20,20

    Hi, They seem to have blocked me from emailing them. They are so cruel and evil

  6. vallet
    valletOctober 20,20

    unbarreable unacceptable barbaric

  7. Eric Martin
    Eric MartinOctober 23,20

    These people are a disgrace, they are the lowest individuals humanity has to offer, soulless, evil, cruel, experts in pain & suffering, they would have made Hitlers Nazi Death Squads proud.

  8. John Pasqua
    John PasquaOctober 23,20


  9. mari. O
    mari. OOctober 26,20

    This is not dark age, let’s evolve

    SANDRA LAZARIDISOctober 27,20


  11. Anne Marsh
    Anne MarshOctober 28,20

    Throughout the world, dogs and cats are loved family members to compassionate human beings – do South Korean citizens treat their family members in the same appalling, barbaric way that they do to dogs and cats? This cruelty must end – civilized human beings DO NOT EAT DOGS AND CATS!

  12. margarita camus
    margarita camusNovember 3,20

    Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

  13. Alessandra Trois
    Alessandra TroisDecember 7,20

    Sono tristissima, da anni cerchiamo di far capire quanto sia crudele quello che stanno subendo questi poveri animali indifesi ma sembra di pestare la testa su di un muro di gomma, le persone restano indifferenti e continuano nella loro orribile e crudele tradizione, non possiamo mollare fino a quando tutto questo finità

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