Petition letters mailed: Sister City Campaign – Gunsan, South Korea

Gunsan Sister City Campaign Petition ScreenshotWe mailed petition letters for the Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland and Windsor, Canada Mayor Drew Dilkens : Tell Sister City, Gunsan, South Korea, That We’re Opposed to Torture and Consumption of Dogs and Cats! to Mayor Strickland by Certified mail with return receipt request and Mayor Dilkens by USPS international first class mail. Copies of these letters were also mailed to the Gunsan Mayor Mun by USPS international first class mail as below on September 17, 2015.

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This petition is still open and we will send the letters again when we reach 50,000 signatures so please click HERE to sign and share!

Gunsan Sister City Campaign Petition Letters
Certified mail receipt_Mayor of Tacoma_091715


  1. Janine Hills
    Janine HillsOctober 11,15

    No animal should never EVER be skinned ALIVE!!

  2. Rhonda LOwe
    Rhonda LOweOctober 12,15

    Stop killing dogs (and cats) for the meat trade crap. They are companion animals, not FOOD!

  3. Susan Meah
    Susan MeahOctober 14,15

    This is so wrong and needs to be stopped.

  4. Victoria
    VictoriaOctober 20,15

    Stop killing animals!

  5. Natalie Dylan
    Natalie DylanOctober 27,15

    What an utterly horrific, vile and inhumane practice! The world knows what is happening and is disgusted and angry! Please stop this now!

  6. Audrey Connor
    Audrey ConnorOctober 30,15

    Torturing helpless dogs shames South Korea. Until this heart breaking cruelty ends forever I will boycott all your country’s goods including Samsung,LG, Kia, Hyundai, etc

  7. Manon ter Beek
    Manon ter BeekNovember 24,15

    No animal should be killed for human profits! And especially when those humans have the sick idea of having to torture, boil or skin them alive!

  8. Rika Kempf
    Rika KempfDecember 4,15

    Mit solchen “Kreaturen” sollte man das Gleiche machen, wie die, mit Tieren.

  9. Carmen Nunn
    Carmen NunnApril 24,16

    How monstrously cruel, evil, greedy and backward! How can you live with this ugliness! What is wrong and missing from your hearts and minds! Dogs and Cats are All Companion Animals, not that any animal should ever have to suffer this pain, agony and terror!

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