[Update February 7, 2017] Supportive Pompeii Commissioner Cafagna responds to call to action against the dog meat trade.

👉 Click HERE for the updated campaign.

Pompei Mayor Donato Cafagna

Pompei Mayor Donato Cafagna

On February 7, 2017, we received a second response from the Special Commissioner of Pompeii, Dr. Donato Cafagna, regarding our campaign. He sent us a copy of the letter he sent to Pompeii’s Sister City, Gyeongju. In his letter he stated “I would like to express openly our total opposition and the pain of Pompeii for a practice, if it is still in use, far from our culture”. He also asked for action from Gyeongju by stating “We expect you will take in to serious consideration our reflection and we would be happy to receive assurances in that regard”. We are very grateful to Commissioner Cafagna for taking action to speak out for the Korean dogs.

A special thank you, too, goes out to Tamara, in Italy, for working with the City of Pompeii to bring about this positive result. We are also thankful to all in support of our work, who have taken action to speak out against the cruelty to dogs and cats in Gyeongju.

Click HERE to see our campaign.

[Update February 7, 2017] Supportive Pompei Commissioner Cafagna responds to call to action against the dog meat trade.

[Update February 7, 2017] Supportive Pompei Commissioner Cafagna responds to call to action against the dog meat trade.

Call for Action

Please send an email thanking the Commissioner Cafagna for responding to our concern. You can use our suggested message below or your own words.

Email addresses:
[email protected];

Suggested letter to the Commissioner Cafagna (In Italian) dott. Dr. Donato Cafagna, Commissario Straordinario della Città di Pompei,

Vorrei ringraziare Lei e la Città di Pompei per aver dato seguito alla nostra richiesta lanciata attraverso la petizione riguardo al maltrattamento, le torture e il consumo di animali di compagnia nella città di Gyeongju, vostra gemellata. La ringrazio inoltre per la lettera che ha inviato al Sindaco Yang-Sik Choi, con la quale ha comunicato il Suo totale disappunto e opposizione per come vengono trattatati i cani e i gatti nella città di Gyeongju.

Su questa problematica è necessaria sia la pressione a livello nazionale che internazionale al fine di ottenere dei reali cambiamenti in Sud Corea.

Pertanto Le chiedo cortesemente di continuare a relazionare con la città di Gyeongju fintanto che le loro autorità non mettano in atto le azioni più opportune per fermare l’orribile e illegale commercio della carne di cane e gatto.

Grazie nuovamente per quanto ha fatto e potrà fare.


Suggested letter to the Commissioner Cafagna

Dear Honorable Dr. Donato Cafagna, Special Commissioner of Pompeii,

We would like to thank you and the City of Pompeii for responding to our concerns raised through the recent petition on about the mistreatment, torture and consumption of companion animals in Pompeii’s Sister City, Gyeongju. And furthermore, we thank you for sending a letter to the Mayor Yang-Sik Choi in which you have communicated to him your disappointment and your opposition to the cruelty to dogs and cats in the City of Gyeongju.

Both domestic and international pressure on this issue is required if we are going to incite some real change in South Korea, so I kindly urge that you reach out to Gyeongju until affirmative action has been taken by their authorities to end the horrific and illegal practice of the dog and cat meat trade for good. Thank you again for your efforts here.

[Your Name & City/Country]

  1. Carolyn
    CarolynFebruary 8,17

    Thank you sir??

    • Gabriella
      GabriellaFebruary 8,17

      Thank You, Grazie 1 Milione!!!

      • Audrey Muir
        Audrey MuirFebruary 8,17

        Thank you Sir for your compassion and humanity for others.

    • John
      JohnFebruary 8,17

      Thank you so much, it is truly appreciated.

    • SILVIA
      SILVIAFebruary 8,17



    • Sandra Peel
      Sandra PeelFebruary 9,17

      Dear Pompei Mayor Donato Cafagn, its great that you speak out as the poor dogs don’t have a voice. The evil and cruelty that goes on in Korea with dogs, cats and other animals are heartbreaking. I like to thank you. Kind regards Sandra Peel (Dublin, Ireland).

    • Heath St John
      Heath St JohnFebruary 10,17

      Thank you for using your valuable time to call for a merciful action, re. the torture of animals, in your Sister City. Your influential intervention is greatly appreciated. Heath St John. London

    • helen freedman
      helen freedmanFebruary 10,17

      Thank you so much.

    • lisa
      lisaFebruary 14,17

      Thank you SO MUCH Sir!!!

    • fairy zambilo
      fairy zambiloFebruary 15,17

      Thank you Sir

    • Jackie Corso Lamirande Laguna Beach CA USA
      Jackie Corso Lamirande Laguna Beach CA USAFebruary 15,17

      Thank you Mayor Cafagn for speaking on behalf of the animals in South Korea. You are a true hero of the animals!

    • Susanne Wischinski
      Susanne WischinskiFebruary 15,17

      Grazie mille Senior!

    • Susan Fanning
      Susan FanningFebruary 15,17

      Thank you Sir for helping these sweet animals. This horrific practice needs to end now. God Bless You for caring!!

    • patty
      pattyFebruary 16,17

      Thank you for trying to save these innocent angels!

    • Gina
      GinaFebruary 16,17

      Grazie, Dr. Cafagna!! Grazie per la protezione degli animali!

    • lynda cippoletti
      lynda cippolettiFebruary 20,17

      TY commissioner , the innocents must be saved and loved

  2. Melina Lopez Colin
    Melina Lopez ColinFebruary 8,17

    Muchas gracias señor

    • helen freedman
      helen freedmanFebruary 10,17

      Thank you very much.

  3. Maija Johansson
    Maija JohanssonFebruary 8,17

    Thank you so very much

  4. Katherine Peterson
    Katherine PetersonFebruary 8,17

    Thank you so much for caring for these who can’t express themselves, dear and wonderful Doctor Donate Cafagan.
    Thank you is not enough of our gratitude for reaching out for these dogs and cat, rabbits etc.

      VINCENZOFebruary 8,17


    • helen freedman
      helen freedmanFebruary 10,17

      Thank you for the animals who can’t speak for themselves.

    • Elizabeth Evans
      Elizabeth EvansFebruary 15,17

      Big big thankyou If the rest of the world would take the same action I’m sure there would be a reduction in the cruelty and suffering of dogs and cats

  5. Elisabetta Peru (medico) Cagliari
    Elisabetta Peru (medico) CagliariFebruary 8,17

    Grazie infinite con tutto il cuore.
    Ha tutta la mia stima

  6. liz shipp
    liz shippFebruary 8,17

    Thank you so much for your compassion

  7. Nicole Garner
    Nicole GarnerFebruary 8,17

    A thousand ‘Thank yous’ Dr Donato Cafagna ?

    JARNETFebruary 8,17

    Merci beaucoup Monsieur pour votre bonté !

    • helen freedman
      helen freedmanFebruary 10,17

      Thank you so much

  9. Tőke Ildikó
    Tőke IldikóFebruary 8,17

    Köszönet a védtelen állatok nevében!!!!! <3

  10. Tőke Ildikó
    Tőke IldikóFebruary 8,17

    Hálás köszönet !!!

  11. Rose jeffreys
    Rose jeffreysFebruary 8,17

    Thank you so so much,Evil what they do and should be stopped right now.

  12. Perczak Ewa
    Perczak EwaFebruary 8,17

    thank you very much Mr Cafagna

  13. isabella alliaud
    isabella alliaudFebruary 8,17

    Sono felice e commossa di vedere che la nostra Italia, nel comune di Pompei, si dimostra in prima linea nella difesa di creature innocenti che da sempre sono a fianco degli uomini con amore e fedeltà incondizionati. Grazie di cuore!

    • helen freedman
      helen freedmanFebruary 10,17

      Thank you so much.

  14. Sandra Kirchberger
    Sandra KirchbergerFebruary 8,17

    thanks so much for doing this!

  15. Tiffany Hodge
    Tiffany HodgeFebruary 8,17

    Thank you so much for your kindness, compassion and willingness to take action to help save those with no voice. You are a hero!

  16. deVos Sylvia
    deVos SylviaFebruary 8,17

    Merci, dank u wel ,thanks,

  17. Gosia Porwit
    Gosia PorwitFebruary 8,17

    God bless you, sir

  18. maryann
    maryannFebruary 8,17

    Thank You, let’s keep up the pressure.

  19. maryann
    maryannFebruary 8,17

    I sent my thank you letter. Everyone reading this please send him a Thank You letter and ask him to continue to put pressure on ending the torture of these helpless animals.

  20. Miriam Leiseroff
    Miriam LeiseroffFebruary 8,17

    I e-mailed my thank-you letter and I will post the Major’s letter on my Facebook page.

  21. Pam turner
    Pam turnerFebruary 8,17

    God bless you for speakong up for those poor dogs and cats in South Korea meat trade.THANK YOU ,,,,, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH

  22. Karin Vagnoni
    Karin VagnoniFebruary 9,17

    Thank you verry much Sir. for standing up for the Dogs and cats.???

  23. Jana Repova
    Jana RepovaFebruary 9,17

    Thank you very very very much for you compassion! You are an angel!

  24. Darlene Avery
    Darlene AveryFebruary 9,17

    Thank you so very much for standing up for these innocent, defenceless cats and dogs. Your compassion will make a difference for these innocent animals who cannot speak up for themselves.

  25. Chris Saranchuk
    Chris SaranchukFebruary 10,17

    Thank you for speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. You are to be respected and your compassion will make a difference.

  26. Ramona Meischner
    Ramona MeischnerFebruary 10,17

    Thank you sir you restored my faith in humanity

    • Jane Ciarlone
      Jane CiarloneFebruary 10,17

      As an American of Italian descent, you have made me proud. My own country should take a page from your book. Grazie1 You’re the best!

  27. Ia Johansson
    Ia JohanssonFebruary 10,17

    Thank You dr Cafagna for Your intelligence and good heart.

  28. Helene
    HeleneFebruary 10,17

    I have send a personal letter to the e-mail address above. It is good that especially people in higher places take notice and react in a positive way.
    Lets keep the attention going, there is still a lot to do. 🙂

  29. Janine Amano
    Janine AmanoFebruary 10,17

    Thank you so much, to make the voice bigger against this barbaric tradition!

  30. Melissa foss
    Melissa fossFebruary 10,17

    You are an angel. Thank you.

  31. Gaby
    GabyFebruary 10,17

    Thank you so much for your compassion to speak up for those how has no voice, you are a hero…thank you thank you!

  32. Annette Gregory
    Annette GregoryFebruary 10,17

    Thank you and God Bless you for helping these soulful dogs and cats.

  33. Miranda burrows
    Miranda burrowsFebruary 10,17

    Thank you sooo much
    I’m crying happy tears
    We need more angels on esrth like you
    God bless you ??????❤❤

  34. Ann Northrop
    Ann NorthropFebruary 10,17

    Thank you for your mercy for sentient beings.

  35. Elsa Cilio
    Elsa CilioFebruary 10,17

    Wonderful! Thank you!

  36. Jolanta Skoczylas
    Jolanta SkoczylasFebruary 10,17

    Thank you very much!!!!!

  37. Joan hansen
    Joan hansenFebruary 10,17

    Thank you so much for helping the animals??

  38. Lynn J
    Lynn JFebruary 11,17

    Thank you sir for your compassion to living beings! It’s more appreciated than I can ever put into words! God bless you!

  39. Roxy K.
    Roxy K.February 11,17

    Mille grazie!

  40. Jessy DR
    Jessy DRFebruary 11,17

    Thank you very much for helping the animals!! Your influential intervention is greatly appreciated!

  41. Julie
    JulieFebruary 12,17

    Thank you

  42. Carol Marinho
    Carol MarinhoFebruary 15,17

    Thank you so much sir! we need more peoplesCa like you

  43. Christy Hanna
    Christy HannaFebruary 15,17

    God bless you and thank you for taking action to help animals!

  44. Debra Riddle
    Debra RiddleFebruary 15,17

    Thank you Commissioner Cafagna for your humane & decent response regarding the South Korean dog & cat meat trade. I respect & greatly admire a man in authority that can take the time to speak on behalf of these poor tortured animals. May the Lord greatly Bless you for your heart of compassion.

  45. Giulia Carducci
    Giulia CarducciFebruary 15,17

    Egregio dott. Cafagna, Lei mi rende fiera di essere italiana! È una grande persona!

  46. Lee Jones
    Lee JonesFebruary 15,17

    Thank you.

  47. Christie Mello
    Christie MelloFebruary 15,17

    Thank you so much for doing the right thing! This means a lot! ?

    JUSTINE TILLEYFebruary 15,17

    Thank you very much. Namaste ??.

    RICHERE DEZIELFebruary 15,17

    Grazie, bravo et merci !

  50. Connie Nickum
    Connie NickumFebruary 15,17

    Thank you! This type of barbaric animal abuse needs to come to an end. We live in the 21st Century, not the Medieval

  51. saba
    sabaFebruary 15,17

    Thank you sir.

  52. Lynne Ellis
    Lynne EllisFebruary 15,17

    Thank you so much for your support.

  53. Jennifer Clements
    Jennifer ClementsFebruary 16,17

    Thank you so much

    LORA EVANSFebruary 20,17

    Sir, Thank You So Much For Your Help and Support on this Matter. Dogs and Cats are not food. And, we must stop this cruel and evil act that these animals have to endure. These animals are mistreated and have to watch one another be murdered. The fear these animals must feel. Thank you!

  55. James Hoots
    James HootsSeptember 21,17

    Thank you sir! You are both braver and more intelligent than our politicians.
    Thank you for caring for the dogs and cats.

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