Seoul Gangseo-gu’s response to our e-People petition

Application No.: 1AA-2009-0647913
Application Date: 2020-09-20
Seoul Gangseo-gu, South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses and markets.
대한민국 서울강서구는 불법 개농장, 도축장, 시장, 보신탕집을 폐쇄하라!!!

📌 Please note: The South Korean government continues to deceive us with lies and excuses. Click HERE to learn more.

Civil Petition Results
organization in charge 서울특별시
staff in charge contact
processing date 2020-09-28
result (Korean)
[주관부서] : 미래경제국 지역경제과
[답변일자] : 2020-09-28 15:37:22
[작성자] : 지희진
[전화번호] : 2600-6284
[이메일] :
[답변내용] : 1. Thank you for your interest in our agricultural, forestry, and livestock food policy. In our understanding, the point of the complaint you submitted must be about “ban on eating dog meat”.

2. Our department is operating the “Animal Protection Act”, which is aimed at protecting the life of animals, promoting safety and welfare of animals, and raising the public’s awareness of the importance of the life of animals.

3. Article 8 of the 「Animal Protection Act」 prohibits abusive activities such as killing animals including dogs unlawfully or injuring them without justifiable reason. Also, Article 46 says that a person who violates the Article 8 can be imprisoned for up to three years or be fined up to 30 million won. In addition, it provides cumulative punishment to habitual criminals.

4. We will do our best to build a public consensus on animal protection and to promote social awareness of human-animals relationship as an ethical companionship, by providing education. Thank you.

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