‘Street of Horror’ Dog slaughterhouses in the heart of Seoul

In the center of Seoul, Korea is an alley known as “Health Food Center Alley.” One side of the alley is filled with tiny black metal cages. Inside those tiny black metal cages are dogs huddled together, awaiting their fate. Next to those cages are piles of dog meat.

Pass by plastic bags filled with intestinal organs to be thrown away and you enter the slaughterhouse itself. The floor is covered with garbage and grime. Scattered around are many tools of the trade, including the fur removal drum.

“Is this old?” asks the undercover reporter. “No, I just butchered it earlier,” responds the butcher. With no sanitation gloves on his hands, he grabs the piece of meat and shows it to the reporter. He tells him it’s 7,500 won per 1 Geun (the Korean unit of weight; 1 Geun = 600 g, 1.232 lbs) and this piece weighs 6.5 Geun.

TV Chosun, a Korean cable tv channel, has reported on dog slaughterhouses in Seoul and the impact they have on local residents. Slaughterhouses are being openly operated in the heart of the city, and nearby residents are suffering from the noise of barking dogs and the stench of the slaughter; sanitation at the slaughterhouses is in complete disarray.

This alley is filled with these slaughterhouses.

A passerby from Jongam-dong, Seoul says that he can’t describe the feeling. People who pass this alley, he says, probably feel nauseous just from walking by.
Jeongmin Park from Jaegi-dong, Seoul is afraid to pass this so-called “Health Food Center Alley” and finds the stench appalling.

But since dogs are not classified as livestock, there are no regulations on the dog slaughterhouses. Even with the unsanitary conditions, there is no punishment other than fines. There are more than 1000 businesses that sell dog meat within Seoul, but this slaughter of dogs is in a management blind spot.

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  1. Lisa Estupinan
    Lisa EstupinanMay 18,16

    This just sickens me.

  2. marsha
    marshaMay 19,16

    We need upstanding Korean citizens to do something about this horrendous practice. We are doing what we can from afar but where are the young local Koreans in Seoul or anywhere in Korea. What are they doing about this!

  3. Dawn Nelson
    Dawn NelsonMay 19,16

    Has anyone noticed that all comments regarding the dog meat trade have been deleted from the Korean Olympic site? Disgusting people in that country! How do they look at themselves in the mirror knowing they are perpetuating this horrendous dog meat trade. I hope every person who takes another bite of dog chokes to death!

  4. Wade Holdsworth
    Wade HoldsworthMay 19,16

    The torture of dogs and cats should not
    happen in anyplace in the world.

  5. carol D
    carol DMay 19,16

    The government is causing all the deaths of these animals, they allow it to happen. No country should do business with them until they in force a strict law against the killing of dogs and cats.

  6. Tracy Cobb
    Tracy CobbMay 19,16

    This has no place in a civilized society and must stop!

  7. Shadi
    ShadiMay 19,16

    Stop plz

  8. Audra m. Lacey-ehrlich
    Audra m. Lacey-ehrlichMay 26,16

    How do we get our president to take action on this?

  9. anneli jonsson
    anneli jonssonJune 17,16

    ban all mentally ill eating habits globally and ban all sick way of feeding breeding and killing animals to eat also the rest of the inhumane way for animals globally . save fact from animal org globally . collect all thats on its way find new solutions. and stop put in money in this dont invest here invest in the new thing instead.

  10. Kelly
    KellyJune 18,16


  11. Ia Johansson
    Ia JohanssonJanuary 4,17

    How is this cruelty possible? I agree these countries should be boycotted. We have to let the world know what is going on. Thank You, all who work for the protection of animals!

  12. Hermien
    HermienJanuary 5,17

    Please stop the dog and cat meat trade. I pray that you find our Heavenly Father in your hearts and His Love for all creation. These animals are not to be eaten, they have feelings, emotions, hurt and are being treated and tortured inhumanely. Only satan and his demons will do things like this, because he wants to hurt everything God created, including your souls… it is so cruel and my heart breaks every time. May you all of a sudden be touched so terribly feeling what they must feel every time, so that your eyes will be opened. Give your all to Jesus and He will save you. Open the eyes of their hearts Lord. Our dogs and cats are friendly, not your city…every time they see us, they are happy and give us so much love…how can you NOT see or feel that. It sickens me to think that you can eat your best friend…it is the same as you killing your child and boiling him/her…would you do that? Please Lord, I pray with a deep cry in my heart that you will touch these people and STOP them immediately, because with You, all things are possible, You can change a situation in an instant…You have never meant for your children be like this…touch their souls Lord…You are all knowing God! Father, Elohim…please Lord! Thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for us, for our sins, that we may be saved God and never be the same again, EVER, and too that we may be with You some day in the promised land. AMEN.


    With tears in my eyes and love in my heart, I pray this and ask this of you.

  13. Laura
    LauraJanuary 6,17

    Please stop the dog and cat meta trace. Please ,please,please

    • Maggie
      MaggieJanuary 7,17

      I am with your prayers. God have mercy Please take their pain and suffering away from them. Those animals are so innocent and hopeless

  14. Jean Riding
    Jean RidingSeptember 25,17

    I pray that one day this vile cruelty of dogs and cats will end

  15. Rui Almeida
    Rui AlmeidaSeptember 25,17

    Those people are the true animals!
    If someone do to them what they do to animals, they would think twice.

  16. Allison W
    Allison WFebruary 16,19

    Yes, I absolutely agree! I wish every person that knowingly eats dog meat chokes to death! This is an appalling practice in China, Vietnam & mostly S Korea. I’m glad to see the youth standing up to this trade and rejecting it as a disgusting practice, so there is hope for change. But, it’s needed now!

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