Cheonan: Illegal dog breeding and slaughtering along a major road… Authorities ignoring

This is a translation of news reported on January 10, 2014 on KBS News: Cheonan: Illegal dog breeding and slaughtering along a major road… Authorities ignoring 대로변서 불법 개 사육에 도축까지…당국 뒷짐.

An illegal dog farm is thriving in the center of the city but the authorities have failed to even acknowledge this situation. Ji-Eun Park reports.

[Chungcheongnamdo, Cheonan, Manghang-ro]
Wire cages, somewhat obscured by wooden planks, are lined along a busy national highway.

About twenty dogs including Maltese and Dosa dogs are held captive in these cages.

A Siberian Husky that was held captive is loaded onto a truck and is being taken somewhere.
After a little while, the slaughtered Husky is brought back in a black plastic bag.

Slaughtered dogs are processed in the vinyl house next to the dog farm and then sold to individual customers or to restaurants.

[Interview] Illegal dog farm owner: “Dogs like Bulldogs normally are sold to restaurants. I can slaughter this one for you.”

However, the dog farm is located inside a school district cleanup zone right in front of a University Hospital.

According to the laws and the Cheonan municipal ordinance, dog breeding as well as dog slaughter is illegal.

[Interview] Yeon-Jeong Park(Cheonan, Dongnam District): “It’s kind of shocking that this is happening in front of a major road. I think it should be closed down.”

The district government wasn’t even aware of this atrocious illegal operation taking place along the major road.

[Interview] Cheonan Food and Livestock Dept: “It’s hard to regulate dog farms. We can’t grasp it. The statistical survey for township is conducted through verbal communication by the heads of villages telling us where the dogs are….”

While the authorities are ignoring this situation, passer-bys and patients grimace at the noise and the stench. KBS News.

Cheonan is also the home of 119 Pet Dog Auction Market where dogs for human consumption are traded illegally at a pet dog auction market.

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  1. debbie dunn
    debbie dunnJanuary 13,14

    This is horrendous!!!!! Close down this slaughter house immediately! Disgraceful!!!!!!!

  2. Lilian Levriers
    Lilian LevriersJuly 8,16


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