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It’s been four and a half years since I had started this campaign against the horrendous cruelty of the South Korean Dog and Cat Meat Trade, and so far nothing has happened. Every day, thousands of dogs are still being killed tortuously and millions more are kept in a nightmarish Hell. It’s time to kick it up a notch to get Korean people thinking and acting. It’s time to get the Korean conglomerates involved.

We are launching a new “BOYCOTT CRUELTY, BOYCOTT KOREA” campaign with posters targeting large South Korean conglomerates producing popular consumer products. For many years, we had asked for the support of South Korea’s global companies in ending the horrific cruelty of the dog and cat meat trade in their country, and have not received any response. Without the participation by the Korea’s largest conglomerates, dog meat consumption in South Korea will not end. Therefore, we are starting a new round of campaigns beginning with Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Kia, SK, Daewoo, and FILA.

Please sign and share the below new boycott petitions:
Boycott Samsung
Boycott Hyundai
Boycott Kia
Boycott LG
Boycott Daewoo
Boycott SK
Boycott FILA
Boycott Asiana Airlines
Boycott Korean Airlines

Please share our Boycott posters widely, especially on the Facebook and Twitter pages of these companies. Click HERE for Korean companies to share.
Click HERE for the posters to share.

Please also give a quick call to the Samsung office in your country. Click HERE to call.

We will say this out loud in as many languages as we can. Click below for the posters in your language.

We need help with translating “BOYCOTT CRUELTY, BOYCOTT KOREA! STOP THE KOREAN DOG MEAT TRADE” into Russian, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Thai, Vietnamese and other languages not yet translated. Please CONTACT US if you can translate this into your language.
Compassion Through Action!
Thank you!


Campaign: Boycott Cruelty, Boycott Korea.

  1. Ragnhild Klum Nyberg
    Ragnhild Klum NybergNovember 15,15

    STOP the cruelty!!! For the honor of your selves and your country! The world is watching you in disgust!
    You bring big SHAME on all Koreans! Can’t you feel the pain and horror om these helpless, defenseless animals??? Would you like to be treated like this yourself? Stop this NOW!

    • Dulondel Valérie
      Dulondel ValérieNovember 16,15

      Thank you to say exactly what I think about all this cruelty. This must be STOPPED NOW !

    • Rebecca Cowart
      Rebecca CowartNovember 16,15

      you are so very cruel to put these innocent dogs in so much pain and torture….may you feel the exact pain you have put on these dogs…rot in hell

    • Isabel Vanover
      Isabel VanoverNovember 17,15


      • Brenda
        BrendaNovember 27,15

        Some day you may suffer the same horrible fate you do to these beautiful dogs. God is justice & your afterlife will be the living hell you performed on this Earth.What you do on this earth,you shall pay for when you die. It’s written & true that what you do to your brethren,including animals you do to yourself.Karma.

    • Laura
      LauraNovember 18,15

      How dare you do this to innocent animals!! God is watching all the cruelty you inflict to these loving creatures! You will all pay! This is evil!! What is wrong with you people?!!! Don’t you get these are amazing, intelligent creatures, created to give us love, joy and companionship !!!! You are in big trouble. This is evil! You need to stop!!

    • june bullied
      june bulliedNovember 27,15

      these cretins are the lowliest breathing thing on the planet. they all deserve to be tortured daily but not killed. they need to suffer the rest of their worthless lives. so cruel and barbaric.

    • Mariann Adcock
      Mariann AdcockNovember 27,15


    • FregO
      FregODecember 4,15

      Looks like he actually wants to experience what pain he causes to these animals as indeed. And I could show em, and I will if i’ll have the opportunity…But it will be much more horrifying than he can ever imagine. I could not hurt a fly normally, but the psycho in myslelf would show what’s the true meaning of suffering to those who hurt defendless, innocent animals.

    • Terri Valko
      Terri ValkoFebruary 6,16

      They want them to feel pain supposed to make meat taste better. They don’t know what spices are and YES they thoroughly enjoy doing this.

    • marguerite white
      marguerite whiteMarch 23,16

      These countrys are worse than hell for all animals,its bad for people with no rights from their government but also the animals are tortured to death,for certain people who have no decent morals or good taste,the people must be the devil’s spawn to be able to watch a innocent creature being burned or boiled or skinned alive,I know that I could not watch or do this myself as I have a conscience and sympathy, if anyone cannot feel pity and stress and break down for these animals,you have no soul,I have loathing for such atrocities,this should be stopped,With these countrys like this who do this barbaric act to animals your time will come from GOD,you will face your judgement day and be sent to where you belong with the likes of Hitler and many of those barbaric tormentors.

    • Idarose Huf
      Idarose HufNovember 12,17

      It’s Hell On Earth….No Living thing deserves this kind of Pain and torture for your archaic rituals and beliefs….do you ahve any idea how disgusting this mentally is…you are eating a companion animal , one with PAWS….going to argue with God?

  2. margherita remotti
    margherita remottiNovember 16,15


    • Sylvia Zade-Routier
      Sylvia Zade-RoutierDecember 21,16

      STOP this cruelty to dogs!

      • Sylvia Zade-Routier
        Sylvia Zade-RoutierDecember 21,16

        Please STOP this cruelty to dogs

  3. Anette Johansson
    Anette JohanssonNovember 16,15

    Stoppa nu

  4. Eileen Clement
    Eileen ClementNovember 16,15

    Stop this horror and cruelty

  5. Cassandra Remare
    Cassandra RemareNovember 16,15


  6. Jane Rita
    Jane RitaNovember 16,15

    We cannot understand how a country so advanced technologically and with positive trade relations with the United States and Europe can inflict such unbelievable suffering and pain to dogs merely to satisfy the perverted tastes of minority of Asians. What is wrong with you South Korea?

  7. Robin Taborelli
    Robin TaborelliNovember 16,15

    I have traveled to Korea in the past and love the country and the people. I will not include Korea on my travel list until they stop the dog meat trade!

  8. Barbara Porter
    Barbara PorterNovember 16,15

    These insane and barbaric acts against animals needs to stop
    now. Please do the right thing, and stop the dog and cat meat trade. Thank you.

  9. marge scott
    marge scottNovember 16,15

    NEVER NEVER will I buy LG.

  10. Susan Masoner
    Susan MasonerNovember 16,15

    I know I will not stop talking about the horrific treatment and abuse of the dogs you torture. All people and companies that participate and allow this behavior to continue knowing that it is inhumane treatment will continue to lose respect and customers.

  11. dave perry
    dave perryNovember 16,15

    what sort of people can do this to cats and dogs which have been companion animals of the human animal for thousands of years. Do these people not feel anything like compassion for a sentient creature?

  12. Pamela Grand
    Pamela GrandNovember 16,15

    Stop this cruelty

  13. Annabel Edwards
    Annabel EdwardsNovember 16,15


  14. Joseph Tolerico
    Joseph TolericoNovember 16,15

    I am boycotting all Korean products and telling my friends and family to do the same until this horrendous cruelty towards dogs and cats in Korea is stopped immediately and forever! Koreans should be horrified and ashamed at what they are doing to these innocent intelligent beings and I hope they rot in hell for eternity for not stopping this massacre!!

  15. valerie
    valerieNovember 16,15

    Please stop this cruel and barbaric act on dogs and cats they are not meant for the dinner plate, these are family pets with so much love and friendship to give.

  16. Serge Munger
    Serge MungerNovember 16,15

    This cruelty must stop!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Roswitha Marcuzzi
    Roswitha MarcuzziNovember 16,15

    STOP these atrocities. Dogs are wonderful beings, they are our best friends and of higher value than most humans, specially their torturers, these monsters, the shame of humanity. I shall never buy any Korean product, I am much too horrified and disgusted. STOP this barbarity ! and NOW !

  18. Melynda Quinn
    Melynda QuinnNovember 16,15

    Why are you so cruel?m You don’t deserve to be called humans. You are the lowest form of animals that exist in this world occupying space that you don’t deserve. Stop your cruelty and leave all these innocent animals alone. They are not meant for food but as man’s best friend. Shame on all of you dog and cat eaters.

  19. Baeten M
    Baeten MNovember 16,15

    Stop the cruelty against this poor animals !!!

  20. Roswitha Marcuzzi
    Roswitha MarcuzziNovember 16,15

    I shall boycott all Korean products, I am too much horrified by the monstrous cruelty in your country. The whole world is waiting for you to stop it NOW !

  21. Viv Coombes
    Viv CoombesNovember 16,15

    Please stop this cruel trade ,imagine if you were those poor dogs suffering and skinned alive

  22. Doreen Mapes
    Doreen MapesNovember 16,15

    This cruelty is not needed, causing much suffering and pain to GOD’S creatures!! You will pay high for what you do on this earth!!!!!!!!!

  23. Allison Anderson
    Allison AndersonNovember 16,15

    These monstrous deeds that you inflict on innocent animals will come back to haunt you. We are living in the year 2015 not the Dark Ages. You have no heart, no soul, just evil within.

  24. Kimi UEDA
    Kimi UEDANovember 16,15

    Stop the cruelty!

  25. Dennis adkins
    Dennis adkinsNovember 16,15

    I will buy nothing made in Korea and will strongly encourage others to do the same

  26. Carolyn Breslin
    Carolyn BreslinNovember 16,15

    This horrific act must be stopped NOW!!

  27. Connie Yost
    Connie YostNovember 17,15

    I am willing to Boycott Korea.

  28. Diana Drummond
    Diana DrummondNovember 17,15

    MURDERERS!!!! Animals are innocent beings who love,feel pain,sorrow,fear,joy and deserve to be protected and loved!!! They are loyal beings with more honor than most people!! Animals CLEARLY have more honor than the Korean individuals who murder them!!!Dogs and cats are family members!!! Anyone who tortures,abuses and murders dogs and cats deserve to die the same way they kill the poor,sentient animals!! The dogs and cats are more human than the Korean people and your nation of evil,vile,abusive,murderers disgust me!! What you do to the innocent animals qualifies all of you as TERRORISTS!!!! STOP THE DOG AND CAT MEAT TRADE NOW AND FOREVER!!!! Prove to the world humanity,mercy and compassion exists in the Korean people by STOPPING the dog and cat meat trade NOW!!!!

  29. faith fleming
    faith flemingNovember 17,15

    How any country can allow this cruel & barbaric act against “man’s best friend” is appalling. Outraged Americans will speak with their dollars and boycott Korean products until this STOPS!

    • Sue balemans
      Sue balemansNovember 18,15

      Please stop .

  30. Connie klemisch
    Connie klemischNovember 17,15

    These animals will have my voice! Cruelty and barbarism have no place in this world that we must co-inhabit. We are all related to each other, going back to primeval times. To be able to inflict such suffering on a fellow sentient being says a lot about you, and your society. You are barbarians and bring shame to all humans!

  31. J. Olafsson
    J. OlafssonNovember 17,15

    You make me ashamed of how vile people can be. Korea will NOT see my tourist dollars. Korea will NOT see my consumer dollars. Time for serious change.

  32. Mary Hall
    Mary HallNovember 17,15

    I am utterly appalled how people can be so cruel towards innocent animals. It is jaw dropping. I will boycott Korea!!!

  33. Kait lambert
    Kait lambertNovember 17,15

    “Man is the cruelest animal ”
    — Friedrich_Nietzsche

  34. Linda Hamilton
    Linda HamiltonNovember 17,15

    I am absolutely through with ANY products Korea produces, and will do everything in my power to boycott and future Olympics.

  35. Melanie Morgan
    Melanie MorganNovember 17,15

    Oh my gosh, I can’t believe what these people do!!! No respect for you or your kind at all!!! Stop the bullshit!!!

  36. Betty Chan
    Betty ChanNovember 17,15

    STOP the horrific cruelty to human’s best friends! Shame on your barbaric act and boycott in visiting Korea anymore until the government will do something to close down all dogs meat trades and dog farms.

  37. Dave and Rita Cross
    Dave and Rita CrossNovember 17,15

    This barbarism will stop once the S. Koreans feel it in their pocketbook! If we buy products such as LG. Daewoo, Samsung, KIA, Hyundai and others, we are supporting the mass killing of dogs for their meat. Cats are boiled alive for soup! These backward and cruel people will change only when we end all our support such as travel, the Winter Olympics and the boycott of all S. Korean products!!!

  38. Jan Jorczak
    Jan JorczakNovember 17,15

    I have no words, only sorrow for this unspeakable cruelty these intellegent dogs are suffering. South Koreans, you are heartless scum of the earth, to dish out this extreme torture with no feelings whatsoever, you are the spawns of satin and your home is in hell. May you beg for mercy and find none.

  39. Jan Jorczak
    Jan JorczakNovember 17,15

    BTW I will never buy anything made in S Korea.

  40. Anita
    AnitaNovember 17,15


  41. Rianne
    RianneNovember 17,15

    … may an earthquake reign down on you as the people of Nepal received for the slaughter of 250,000 animals in the name of ‘religion’ they got thiers … may you get yours … but of a magnitude NO living soul could survive … it all comes around

  42. Antonia zagaglia
    Antonia zagagliaNovember 17,15

    Stop it

  43. Lejla Johansson
    Lejla JohanssonNovember 17,15

    Will not buy anything from Korea !

  44. liz shipp
    liz shippNovember 17,15

    We will not buy anything from this country nor visit it or support it in any way until they stop these barbaric practices – how can they treat these beautiful animals in this way

  45. Kenneth Rudys
    Kenneth RudysNovember 17,15

    This barbarism reflects poorly on the South Korean race, how can we in the rest of the civilised world respect you when you carryout these atrocities to ‘mans’ best friend. You are indeed a nation doomed to burn in hell. to the western World I say DON’T buy South Korean goods – hit tem where it hurts.

  46. Letitia
    LetitiaNovember 17,15

    This is so disgusting, please stop this cruelty to the poor animals, can’t you people eat normal food like everybody else, WTF

  47. Guilherme Sartori
    Guilherme SartoriNovember 17,15

    South Korea is a shame for humanity, not only because of the eating of dog/cat meat, but especially because of the extreme level of intentional torture that they inflict on the poor animals. For me, they are a perfect reason to say: “The more I know humans, the more I love my dog”.

  48. Guilherme Sartori
    Guilherme SartoriNovember 17,15

    I have already bought South Korean products before learning about these atrocities. Never again in my life. I also told my family and friends to the same, and all of them agreed to do the same. By continuing with these hedious acts, South Koreans will little by little lose costumers for life, just like me, my family and friends.

  49. Giorgio Precchia
    Giorgio PrecchiaNovember 17,15

    Io non comprerò mai più alcun prodotto coreano, finché il governo e i grandi produttori di questo Paese non faranno qualcosa di valido per arrestare questa barbarie. Farò inoltre propaganda presso i miei amici e parenti perché facciano altrettanto. VERGOGNA!!!

  50. Dirk Barbaix
    Dirk BarbaixNovember 17,15

    It is time for ALL humans to show we have evolved since stoneage, especially when looking at our brainss and its potential. Our so called brain power could prove this. Yet looking at such torture pictures today proves some countries are still retarded and not prove to be blinded by the power of money but even enjoy torturing people AND animals. it is a shame for all of us to show no respect for all creatures on earth today, animals included! They deserve respect, as humans do. It’s time to realize that crualty an torture used to take the lives of innocent animals, being victom of our meat industry, is a total disrespect for ourselves too. WHY DON’T YOU EAT ISIS MEMBERS….THEIR TESTICALS ARE APHRODISIC. Maybe top politicians will believe this too if they are stupid as they prove to be today. Please stop this, be aware of the value of all kinds of lfe, nature and animals deserve respect. Please listen to your heart, the only real way to live a descent, respectful and decent life. I hope South Korea will prove not to be imbecils but intelligent people. And indeed my next car, phone or other luxury item will not be a Korean, at least until I see big changes on this subject. I’m so disgust that I try to convince my family and friens to do the same thing by disgusting them. IT IS A BIG SHAME FOR EVERYBODY ON THIS PLANET. South Korea…stop this cruelty and disrespect for your food, you have the power.

  51. Lesley Blissett
    Lesley BlissettNovember 17,15

    Dogs are wonderful, marvelous animals, they do so much for mankind, guide the blind, hear for the deaf, guard the vulnerable, smell out cancer in its early stages, they are police and drug smelling dogs, they give the lonely company and so the list goes on and on! That such incredible animals should be treated in such an evil, barbaric and cruel manner is beyond reason, it is evil beyond comprehension and MUST BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY! If you would not treat a person this way then you shouldn’t treat a dog this way! South Korea is held in disgust by most of the world for this barbaric and abhorrent “trade”, if this is NOT stopped then I think that South Korea will be circumnavigated when it comes to trade, especially with the west!

  52. Bilkis Satar
    Bilkis SatarNovember 17,15

    I will stop buying every thing coming from Korea!

  53. Ronald Woolway
    Ronald WoolwayNovember 17,15

    Words fail me

  54. Karen Rheney
    Karen RheneyNovember 17,15

    I already traded in a Hyundai for a Toyota (bought the Hyndai before I was aware of the animal torture perpetrated in S Korea) and purposely did not buy any Korean-made appliances when I moved into a new home. If more people take action by not buying their products, we can make them take notice by hitting them where they care the most… their bottom line!

  55. JEan Osborne
    JEan OsborneNovember 18,15

    Please stop please please please DONT BUY HYUNDAI

  56. S de Wit
    S de WitNovember 18,15

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Mahatma Gandhi

    “We can judge the heart of man by his treatment of animals.” ~ Immanuel Kant * * * * * “Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  57. Guy Naylor
    Guy NaylorNovember 18,15

    stop this barbaric cruelty now

  58. Stuart Davies
    Stuart DaviesNovember 18,15

    How about helping bring S Korea in to the 20th century, never mind about the present 21st. Humans are supposed to be advancing towards becoming a civilised species. This sort of barbaric behaviour makes me think we have millennia to go before that happens. If you can’t show compassion for mans best friend, there is no hope for you.

  59. Anita Maynard
    Anita MaynardNovember 18,15

    Horrific,barbaric and no way to treat an animal of God (dog in reverse) Where is the compassion in what should be decent human beings.

  60. victoria
    victoriaNovember 18,15

    got this online about Korea– “Sometimes fortune-tellers tell horror stories or stories about life after death, and those being told of their future tend to spread these stories on. You see, North Koreans who weren’t taught about Marxist theory tend to find these stories particularly captivating – and they want to believe them, for numerous reasons. So while Marx’s theory of materialism says that there is no afterlife, the spiritual world simultaneously talks about reincarnation – something which many North Koreans find to be comforting. And like anywhere else, North Korean people are of course most afraid about death, so these tales are popular in many circles. NO wonder you’re panicked about death. You must understand karma (or whatever you may call it). What goes around comes around. Sometimes fortune-tellers tell horror stories or stories about life after death, and those being told of their future tend to spread these stories on. You see, North Koreans who weren’t taught about Marxist theory tend to find these stories particularly captivating – and they want to believe them, for numerous reasons. So while Marx’s theory of materialism says that there is no afterlife, the spiritual world simultaneously talks about reincarnation – something which many North Koreans find to be comforting. And like anywhere else, North Korean people are of course the most afraid about death, so these tales are popular in many circles.”
    — No wonder you are afraid. How can you expect any sympathy for your own suffering– when you are committing this grave injustice against innocent helpless animals? If you are a perpetrator or a bystander doing nothing you are accepting unacceptable cruelty. Karma. If you do have a heart and would like people to think well and respectfully of Korea– give thought to your barbaric ways and do your part to stop the cruelty.

  61. Connie Korcsmaros
    Connie KorcsmarosNovember 18,15

    This is totally evil and sick. Just as evil as people/companies that kill so called “farm animals!”

  62. Susanna
    SusannaNovember 18,15

    This is absolutely totally evil and sick. To torture innocent animals as much as you can, as heinous as cruel ways as you can, keep them intensionally barely alive as much they endure the pain, just for false beliefs. Intensional cruelty and torture do not increase sexual prowess, cure anything nor make you more manly. On the opposite, you all dog/cat torturers in every nation that does that are so little scum as can be. Please, if you like to increase your manlyhood and sexual appetite, fight yourselves only. I have boycottet all South Korean product marks. All Samsung phones are forbidden, not to mention our stupid cars etc. Viagra is invented. I cannot even imagine what are the livestock carriers and factory farms etc. in Asia.

  63. Cecily Colloby
    Cecily CollobyNovember 18,15

    Totally unforgivable-may all those tortured animals now be with their Maker and may all those who torture them suffer agony for eternity…

  64. Mel
    MelNovember 18,15

    No animal deserves this. Totally evil ones do this. Subhumans.

  65. Joanne Godzicki
    Joanne GodzickiNovember 18,15

    Absolutely barbaric!

  66. Lisa Bonaventura
    Lisa BonaventuraNovember 19,15

    You sick bastards should be shot

  67. Diana
    DianaNovember 19,15

    Stop This horror and cruelty. The animals have the most beautiful soul in this planet. (T.T). I only know a one thing, that the humans are the worst in this world.My heart has been broken with this pictures.

  68. Winnie tan
    Winnie tanNovember 19,15

    We demand . End dog n cat farm. End dog n cat meat. We condemn this barbaric culture. Ban

  69. Laura Gargano
    Laura GarganoNovember 19,15

    You must take a stand against this barbaric, cruel punishment to these domesticated animals. It must stop NOW! We will no longer continue to buy or support Korean manufactured products. I have already stopped and share my list.

  70. Ingrid Kvick
    Ingrid KvickNovember 19,15

    I would like you to think for a sekound about the fear, pain and helpnes those dogs feels. I am ashamed over the cruelty the Korean people shows.
    I hope fore you all that education will change the way you treath animals.

  71. Hilda
    HildaNovember 19,15

    Stop them please

  72. Sandra Dean
    Sandra DeanNovember 19,15

    This practise of the torture, slaughter and eating of the dogs and cats is a huge disgrace to your Country….It is seen throughout the civilised world as barbaric, cruel and disgusting. These beautiful trusting animals are our companions , capable of huge love, devotion and service to Mankind. What you are allowing…. what you are doing is definitely going to impact your country…..I for one will never visit… or buy goods from your country until these evil acts stop , and laws are brought in that protect these animals….Please do what is right, be a kind people …. make changes……..

  73. Elisabeth Nyhagen
    Elisabeth NyhagenNovember 19,15

    Korea. Just the name makes me SICK. You are an evil Country. How can the president allow this madness, torture of this inosense dogs and cats. I will never wisit the country of hell for animals. You dont deserve to have dogs and cats in your Country. No animal deserve this torture. I HATE IT. STOP!!! SHAME ON KOREA!!!!! ????

  74. sherry compton
    sherry comptonNovember 19,15

    S. Korea is a vile, sadistic, perverted country that should be shunned by the civilized world. Heartless, ignorant, mentally sub-standard people who lack normal human compassion. The world looks upon you with disgust!!! STOP

  75. Bana Christine
    Bana ChristineNovember 20,15


  76. Rebecca newland
    Rebecca newlandNovember 20,15

    Hi I feel the same as you and I got to a point where I was really depressed about the world and what was happening in it I then changed it around and read the secret all the negative energy people are putting in to these horrible slaughters only makes them happen more because when you are really angry about something or you really love something all your time goes into that so please people think positive for these dogs or there will never be change. Everyday I wake up to at least 15 rescues on my page I still see bad ones like this but the rescues make it feel like all your effort is spreading the compassion and there is lots of people like me an you trying to make a difference. Thank you for all your doing to change for these animals I am so grateful and I’m sure the animals you have saved along the way I think your there world so thank you. Watch or read the secret because change is coming for these dogs!

  77. Caloin
    CaloinNovember 20,15

    Les c’est animaux les chien chat île son inocent vous être barbar c est de la barbarie on va faire sa avec leur enfant

  78. Alejandra Bruzual Yespica
    Alejandra Bruzual YespicaNovember 20,15

    Stop this cruelty please. Boycott

  79. Abbie Riley
    Abbie RileyNovember 23,15

    Please stop.

  80. Barbara Paul
    Barbara PaulNovember 24,15

    perverse Tierquäler

  81. Majella Furlong
    Majella FurlongNovember 24,15

    It is up to people to boycott these companies, and never to buy any product from them. Well done for highlighting this barbaric cruelty.

  82. Kelly Ochoa
    Kelly OchoaNovember 25,15


  83. ruth dalmasso
    ruth dalmassoNovember 26,15

    Stop these horrific acts of cruelty NOW!!!!

  84. shah moghadam
    shah moghadamNovember 27,15

    dogs are loyal, loving and protective to their owners and you eat them…you are sick people- I will boycott anything to do with your country, countries and I will share your sick behaviour with as many people as I can do they can see for themselves.

  85. Genevieve Jeffreys
    Genevieve JeffreysNovember 27,15


  86. Inge Nielsen
    Inge NielsenNovember 27,15

    I will not accept this cruelnes against dogs…no animals should be in this position.

  87. MERLO Emmanuelle
    MERLO EmmanuelleNovember 27,15

    Il est grandement temps que ces HORREURS cessent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Amy Freeman
    Amy FreemanNovember 27,15


  89. victor
    victorNovember 27,15

    this is horrible. I already stopped buying Hyundai and KIA and now I will not buy any new LG and Samsung products.

  90. Nicolette C. DUDENEY
    Nicolette C. DUDENEYNovember 27,15

    There can never be any justification for cruelty to Other Species. Only together can we as a multispecies world stop these atrocities against innocent Other Species. WELL DONE and GREAT SUCCESS to the humane petitioners of KOREANDOGS.ORG.

  91. marga terstal
    marga terstalNovember 27,15

    STOP the cruelty!!! For the honor of your selves and your country! The world is watching you in disgust!
    You bring big SHAME on all Koreans! Can’t you feel the pain and horror om these helpless, defenseless animals??? Would you like to be treated like this yourself? Stop this NOW!

  92. marga terstal
    marga terstalNovember 27,15

    S. Korea is a vile, sadistic, perverted country that should be shunned by the civilized world. Heartless, ignorant, mentally sub-standard people who lack normal human compassion. The world looks upon you with disgust!!! STOP

  93. Pamela Grand
    Pamela GrandNovember 27,15

    These acts of horrific cruelty must be stopped. There is no excuse for it and they need our voices to help end it.

  94. marga terstal
    marga terstalNovember 27,15

    S. Korea is a vile, sadistic, perverted country that should be shunned by the civilized world. Heartless, ignorant, mentally sub-standard people who lack normal human compassion. The world looks upon you with disgust!!! STOP


  95. marga terstal
    marga terstalNovember 27,15

    Korea. Just the name makes me SICK. You are an evil Country. How can the president allow this madness, torture of this inosense dogs and cats. I will never wisit the country of hell for animals. You dont deserve to have dogs and cats in your Country. No animal deserve this torture. I HATE IT. STOP!!! SHAME ON KOREA!!!!

  96. Anja Hallermann
    Anja HallermannNovember 27,15

    Stop this terrible cruelty! It is terror on helpless creatures.
    Ghandhi sagt: Den moralischen Fortschritt einer Gesellschaft kann man daran ablesen wie sie mit den Schwächsten, den Tieren, umgehen.

  97. andjo vissen
    andjo vissenNovember 27,15

    You Korean fool’s,you have so much luxury and still you commit cruelty’s on animals,may terrorists bombs destroying as much humans as it can get,we will not buy any electronic stuff from you anymore.Tomorrow one of your people will get tortured for your crimes,we will not stop until you do.

  98. Nicolette C. DUDENEY
    Nicolette C. DUDENEYNovember 27,15

    There can never be any justification for cruelty to Other Species. Only together can we as a multispecies world stop these atrocities against innocent Other Species. WELL DONE and GREAT SUCCESS to the humane petitioners at KOREANDOG.ORG.

  99. Lillian Kiel
    Lillian KielNovember 27,15

    Stop these horrific acts of cruelty NOW !!!!

    ANITA HUYSMANSNovember 27,15


    ANITA HUYSMANSNovember 27,15


  102. keith
    keithNovember 27,15

    Who are the animals, men women that carry out cruelty, done to defenceless animals …..

  103. Monika blaha
    Monika blahaNovember 27,15

    South Korea thinks they are a moder countries. This is not at all if you are going on like this. You shouldn’t be called humans, this is absolutely terrifying

  104. Ellen Danstrup
    Ellen DanstrupNovember 27,15

    So awful. I dont know what is wrong with that Asien countries and their people. But human they are not.

  105. David Roney
    David RoneyNovember 27,15

    Boycott all their products! Think before you buy a car or a phone. Kia, Hyundai, Samsung, LG, just to name a few

  106. Marc Tai
    Marc TaiNovember 27,15

    You may not understand or even give a damn about how you treat these animals; but we sure as hell do. If you must eat them at least treat them and slaughter them humanely, quick and painless! Sick backward people! Were in the 21st century with amazing TV’s, so surely you can dispatch an animal properly!!!!!!

  107. Nora
    NoraNovember 27,15

    It is just utterly disgusting what Human beingd have become. Emotional empty! How can any witness such a horrific act and watch without doing a thing? How can a human being actually do this horrid act and live with yourself? I cant imagine seeing terror in an animals eye and still have the ability to commit this torture. I beg of all countries who think that is ‘ok’ STOP! Take a step back and rethink what your doing! One day you will be held accountable by a higher power. I promise you will end up enduring the same fate if not worse.

  108. Wilfred Zakis
    Wilfred ZakisNovember 27,15

    How on earth can you call yourself a civiliset country? You are not even near.

  109. cris
    crisNovember 27,15

    My family and will not buy Korean goods until this stops

  110. Annalisa
    AnnalisaNovember 27,15

    Barbaric and incivil. I will stop buying any corean things and food.

  111. ingrid voigt
    ingrid voigtNovember 27,15

    Keine Tierquälerei mehr Tiere sind Lebewesen wie wir.Schmerzen Angst wie wir

  112. Des
    DesNovember 27,15

    Asia, Korea, DOGS ARE OUR BELOVED FRIENDS, not your cheap source of food. Humanely breed chickens, and eat eggs. I wish I knew about this cruel inhumanity before I bought my HYUNDAI, I would have bought a non-Asian/Korean car. Now, when I get in my car I am disgusted.

  113. Gudrun Brante
    Gudrun BranteNovember 27,15

    Stop this killing of dog and cats

  114. Coreen Kerr
    Coreen KerrNovember 28,15

    It is so maddening that this barbaric torture is still going on if they don’t pay for their heinous acts here on Earth I’m positive they will pay in their after life! I’d rather the Korean’s eat each other than then these poor dogs.

  115. Cindy Araya
    Cindy ArayaNovember 28,15

    I am disgusted but not surprised by who commit these despicable acts!!

  116. Paula
    PaulaNovember 28,15

    How can you call yourselves human beings and do this to innocent animals. How do you live with yourself. This is deplorable and I wouldn’t visit Korea if you gave me an all expense paid trip.

  117. beclard
    beclardNovember 28,15

    horrible , c’est inadmissible, insupportable, inhumain . STOP

  118. Nataly
    NatalyNovember 28,15

    Barbaric,Evil,Abhorrent…no words can do this practice justice! Shame on Korea,China,Vietnam…every decent person in these countries has to stand up to end this!!

  119. Lynn Juozilaitis
    Lynn JuozilaitisNovember 28,15

    You are subhuman garbage! Evil, vile, monsters! You will suffer greatly for your barbaric cruelty! It’s called KARMA! I hope I will get to see those pictures!

  120. Rosemarie Claudio
    Rosemarie ClaudioNovember 28,15

    You all gonna pay for this. You Bastards

  121. Giovanna Perini Folesani
    Giovanna Perini FolesaniNovember 29,15

    No beast acts like that: only some humans. Because they know they get away with it. What if they were condemned to the very same atrocities in front of their families? They would stop, no doubt. A government that does not enforce any law in strong defense of the weak and innocent does not deserve anything but contempt and should be kicked out of the UN.

  122. Andrea Brahmer
    Andrea BrahmerNovember 29,15

    STOP THIS!!!! Hört auf die Hunde zu quälen!!!! Ich bin ohne Worte, sprachlos über soviel menschliche Grausamkeit. HÖRT AUUUUF!

  123. WAU
    WAUNovember 29,15


    Stop & pursue this deformity – instantly!

    Not humans than barbaric idiots! Or not?


  124. Harald Bilek
    Harald BilekNovember 29,15

    really big, greed and inhumane assholes – they will get again – what they deserves – ever

  125. Heather Smith
    Heather SmithNovember 29,15

    This has got to STOP!!!! If it’s not taken care of by the goverment, ect, Karma WILL TAKE CARE OF IT!

  126. Mary Gonzalez
    Mary GonzalezNovember 29,15

    You better stop this your country and people are going to hell, if I was near by I’d slut your throat the same way!!!!!!!

  127. Ana rivera
    Ana riveraNovember 30,15

    This must stop! I hate those people and I hate their countries. We need to go save those pets and then go torture and burn those people alive!! Bomb them all. These pets do not deserve this!! This makes me sick, and it’s heartbreaking!!

  128. angela oakley
    angela oakleyDecember 1,15

    The world is watching you South Korea- you are a nation that has developed such amazing Technology yet you allow this disgusting barbaric act against innocent animals. The torture of these animals is unbearable! The suffering these animals are subjected to in indescribable!! If your nation is hit by a earthquake the world will turn against you and not give you aid! THIS HAS GOT TO STOP! SHOW THE WORLD YOU CARE!!

      NANCI LITTLEDecember 7,15


  129. michaela sladkova
    michaela sladkovaDecember 3,15


  130. S de Wit
    S de WitDecember 3,15

    Animal cruelty is bad because animals feel pain and are capable of suffering, just like people. Animal Cruelty to me is worse than human cruelty. Why you ask? Because animals are so helpless. They cannot scream out in pain or talk to anyone to help them. Pets trust humans, then when they hurt them, they still will be loyal to them and try to make their owner happy. Animals are just mini humans. They have a soul and a beating heart. Animals are sweet, living things. They shouldn’t be treated like boxing bags.

  131. Terri Underwood
    Terri UnderwoodDecember 6,15

    Seeing those poor babies hung from ropes is as horrifying as seeing human children hung. IT’S PLAIN WRONG! HOPE YOU CHOKE TO DEATH ON DOGMEAT…ALL OF YOU WHO PARTICIPATE IN THIS HIDEOUS TORTURE!!! :'( ..

  132. Conny Sohm
    Conny SohmDecember 6,15

    Please STOP this torture to these poor animals. They are our companions! The pain that these helpless animals are suffering is going back to you and your third generation. SOULLESS POS, IGNORANTS, WORST HUMAN BEINGS. SOUTH KOREA, CHINA, WORST PEOPLE EVER!!!!!!!!

    NANCI LITTLEDecember 7,15

    BUYING ANYTHING MADE IN SOUTH KOREA (WHICH COSTS US TAXPAYERS BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS EVERY SINGLE YEAR!!!) … IS EVEN WORSE THAN BUYING THE CRAP THAT IS MADE IN CHINA. ALL ASIAN COUNTRIES PROVE THEMSELVES OVER AND OVER, FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS NOW, THAT THEY ARE POPULATED WITH A HUGE PERCENTAGE OF SUB-HUMANS, MONSTERS AND SADISTS!~ Sadists are ‘BORN THAT WAY’ lacking the mirror neurons (which are inherited – as is the LACK) and which are necessary to FEEL for anything or anyone but themselves. They cannot be ‘changed’ nor ‘educated’ but they can be made to FEAR EXPOSURE and the harsh PUNISHMENT that SHOULD BE sure to follow! All of society is at risk from such sub-humans because they derive pleasure from causing terror, pain and suffering to anyone/anything unable to fight back; thus a child, an elderly, disabled or infirm human is just as much at RISK as the next unlucky animal that crosses their path. EVERY GOD that ANYONE prays to, HATES SADISTS, so they WILL be punished, but SOCIETY needs protection! We need them to KNOW they will be caught, charged and convicted and it means mandatory time BEHIND BARS! Once, if ever, they are RELEASED from JAIL society desperately NEEDS a National Animal Abusers Registry (Inter-national would be even better to DENY VISAS to these dangerous people!) to protect the rest of us from unknowingly hiring, working for, renting to, moving next door to, adopting out to, or socializing in ANY way, ANY where with such sub-humans – for the sake of our kids, two AND four legged! Just like Child Molesters, these sadistic perpetrators will commit all kinds of cruelty again and again, if they think they can get away with it.. and so they MUST be monitored. Give us, PLEASE, the Registries and keep them easily accessible and updated. so WE the PEOPLE have the information to protect our families from these psychos. MEANWHILE, IF IT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH SOUTH KOREA, AVOID THE PRODUCT …. OR KNOW THAT YOU ARE HELPING TO FINANCE THIS HORRIBLE SUFFERING OF INNOCENT HELPLESS ANIMALS. KILLING WITH SUCH INHUMANE VIOLENCE SHOULD DAMN THESE PEOPLE TO A VERY SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL, ALONG WITH THE NAMED COMPANIES WHICH ARE FINANCING THEM. ME? I PRAY FOR A WAR WHICH WILL ALLOW AMERICA OR RUSSIA… EITHER/OR….TO BLOW THE ASIAN COUNTRIES OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH, IN ORDER TO SAVE GOD’S CREATIONS!

  134. Cheri Clark
    Cheri ClarkDecember 7,15

    Stop animal cruelty they don’t deserve this torture. Please

  135. judy misheck
    judy misheckDecember 8,15

    you are such crual people i will boycott anything korean until this torture stops.

  136. mary walishko
    mary walishkoDecember 10,15

    My company, my family and I will be boycotting all S. Korean products, we are outraged by the horrendous cruelty in your country.
    I will continue to inform people about this with the hope of stopping this deliberate cruelty.

  137. mark jordan
    mark jordanDecember 11,15

    South Korea is full of scumbags! I hope those bastards will pay for their crimes! SHAME ON YOU!!!

  138. Joanne Montgomery
    Joanne MontgomeryJanuary 13,16

    I will certainly boycott anything of Korean origin until the people of the country take a stance and stand up for all that is ethical and decent!

  139. Christine charbonneau
    Christine charbonneauFebruary 24,16


  140. Vandals Sattiraju
    Vandals SattirajuMarch 6,16

    We have already stopped buying anything coming from Korea and not taking even flight via this country.

  141. Elena nikolova
    Elena nikolovaMarch 6,16


  142. Lorraine Baxter
    Lorraine BaxterMarch 6,16


  143. Cynthia Mattera
    Cynthia MatteraMarch 7,16

    I will never understand the rage and anger against these innocent cats and dogs. They have done nothing wrong but are treated like criminals. Stuffed in cages, fed rotten food, left out in the elements. The at the end, they are tortured, beaten, burned and skinned alive!!!!This evil, greedy industry needs to be shut down world wide.

  144. josh
    joshApril 11,16

    Hate to say it but the asian culture have the largest plastic and manufacturing plants that pollute our oceans. Not to mention slaughtering dogs, making furs for profit and selling rhino horns. We need a higher power to slaughter those who have not remorse and maybe they will get it.

  145. liz shipp
    liz shippApril 12,16

    We will boycott everything Korea – STOP THIS HORRENDOUS BEHAVIOUR this is not the behaviour of a civilized country

  146. chaitanya
    chaitanyaMay 21,16

    You reap wht you sow

  147. WM Chan
    WM ChanJuly 16,16

    What goes around comes around If you kill animals, you will be killed or die and suffer pain hundred times more than they did.

  148. Mia
    MiaSeptember 8,16

    what’s the difference btw south and North Korea? Apparently not that much, they are both unethical people.

  149. Lorrsine
    LorrsineSeptember 13,16

    Sicko ‘s leave these animals alone you will go to hell for what you are doing

  150. ginger molina
    ginger molinaJanuary 26,17

    There is no reason for this. they are just sick people & needs to have their head examined. they need the same thing done to them.

  151. Vivien Roskell
    Vivien RoskellMarch 22,17

    I unintentionally scrolled through the pictures I try through suffering from depression to avoid any pics although an avid signer of all petitions and a true believer that all animal life is precious and to see such horror unveil its self before my eyes I felt physically sick! I fear nothing could have prepared me for what my eyes was going to bear witness to! The waves of emotions I felt horror, disgust,compassion, sorrow, but the worst was the anger, and rage I felt and the utter hopelessness I felt at not being able to help more to help these poor suffering creatures, I’m heart broken for I feel no animal should die to feed man. I would eat grass rather than eat something that had suffered so!

  152. Patricia Collica
    Patricia CollicaAugust 27,17

    :'( +++Matthew 13 41 The Son Of Man will dispatch his angels to collect from his kingdom all who draw others to apostacy, and all evildoers. The angels will hurl them into the fiery furnace where they will wail and grind their teeth+++ :'(

    :'( @VivienRoskell I could not have posted it any better, I agree :'(

  153. paolo
    paoloNovember 14,19


  154. Simon Beresford
    Simon BeresfordJanuary 5,20

    Sick evil bastards.
    I will not buy a single product from South Korea until this is stopped completely.
    You try to pretend to the world that you are the civilised part of Korea and progressive. What a load of bullsh*t.
    I will make it my personal mission to inform eveyone I know of what still goes on in your disgusting country.
    Why did we (UK) and America give our lives for your freedom when all you have done is advance technologically but still have all the moral compass of a horse fly. Please stop this immediately. My LG TV and speakers are going in the skip tomorrow after seeing this (I will not pass them on to anyone).
    I had thought you were civilised but having read more about you and seen images like this, you are no better at all than your northern neighbours.
    Nothing pisses off civilised people more than disgusting animal cruelty. I just wish it was the dogs hanging the sick bastard humans over there instead.
    Change your ways NOW !!!!! Otherwise you are no better than any of the worst nations of the world. All animals should be treated with respect but dogs?? DOGS ???!!!! Sick fucks. Next time North Korea goes to war with you, instead of being immensly pro South Korea, I will just think well . . .Can’t be worse than that country is now !!

  155. A. Neale
    A. NealeJune 5,21

    I couldn’t have put it better myself

  156. John Farnan
    John FarnanJune 24,21

    S&S. Ban this illegal abomination of sadism done to innocent companion animals. Show moral intelligence!

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