Friendship City Campaign – Paju, South Korea – Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Campaign updated on 4/4/2023.

Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart: Tell Friendship City, Paju, South Korea, you oppose the torture and consumption of dogs and cats.

If you want to help fight the grisly South Korean dog and cat meat trade and make a difference in South Korea, here are a few quick actions you can take that could save millions of dogs and cats each year.

Paju became a Friendship City to Coquitlam, Canada, in 2009.

Friendship City signing ceremony of Paju, South Korea and Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, 06/25/09.

In Paju, there are numerous dog farms, slaughterhouses, markets, and dog meat restaurants where the dogs, who have been tortured their entire lives, end up being slaughtered in the most inhumane ways, such as by electrocution, hanging, or beating; and then thrown into boiling water – sometimes while they are still alive. In many places, dogs are killed in full view of other terrified, caged dogs; and this takes place in broad daylight. In addition, many abandoned and stolen former pets end up in this industry and are subject to the same cruelty.

Video: Dog auction house operating on “Blind Spot”,.. Even on military-owned land?, KBS News, 9/15/2019. (‘단속 사각지대’ 개 경매장 활개…軍 소유 땅에서까지? / KBS뉴스)

A Search Engine reveals the sickening scale of Paju’s dog meat demand.

Health Food Shop selling Dog Elixir in Paju, South Korea

Two searches on Naver (the most popular search engine in Korea) – one was for so-called “Health Centers,” which commonly sell dog elixirs and cat elixirs (also known as dog soju and cat soju), and the second one was for “dog meat restaurants” – resulted in dozens of “Health Centers” and dog meat restaurants in the vicinity of Paju.

Even if half of these “Health Centers” and restaurants serve dog and cat ‘ingredients’ in one form or another, imagine how many dog/cat slaughterhouses must be in the vicinity of Paju to supply these outlets.

There are laws in South Korea against selling dogs and cats for consumption, yet these laws are blatantly ignored.

파주 개식용 경매에서 도살자에게 팔려와 전기도살 직전 구조되 개들
Dogs sold to butchers at auction for dog meat in Paju and rescued right before electric slaughter.

Call for Action

No matter where you live, PLEASE SHARE these actions with your friends, especially those who live in Coquitlam! 🙏

  1. rose brooks
    rose brooksJuly 31,17

    This primitive, inhuman practice of torture and murder of sentient creatures which is prevalent in south korea surely cannot be approved by the sister cities throughout the world. It is shameful of a country which has no interest in moving forward, no interest in implementing the laws which are in place, no interest in educating their ignorant is a blot on the modern world and should be shown up as the antithesis to humanity.

  2. G. Cramer
    G. CramerAugust 2,17

    Thank you for all these addresses, I am writing, sending letters, and signing everything on this horrendous inhumane practice!! I hope with all our efforts and the Koreans being soon in the lime light globally for the Olympic games, that this can finally be stopped. It saddens me to see how horrific some people can be

  3. sandra Lazaridis
    sandra LazaridisAugust 2,17

    Please boycott everything from this evil country!! Do not buy KIA,HYUNDAI,SAMSUNG,LG,POSCO,SK,as these companies do have influence,but do nothing! Samsung gave the markets a machine that rips the fur off the dogs alive.These are not human beings.They enjoy inflicting pain and suffering on innocent animals. They have lost their dignity as human beings. Shame on all of them for condoning this brutal and disgusting dog and cat meat trade.

  4. Anu Sipiläinen
    Anu SipiläinenMarch 29,22

    Kuinka te voitte olla noin alkeellinen kansa että syötte lemmikkejä, todella kauheata. Lopettakaa heti tuo julmuus !

  5. Susan boyce
    Susan boyceMarch 30,22

    Yes dogs and cats are man woman and childs best friends and life long companions. These are precious VOICELESS innocent animal BEINGS. With hearts and souls and feelings. God is watching and payback is a bitch!!!! Stop this MADNESS and start being real human BEINGS. With hearts and souls for innocent precious animal BEINGS.

  6. Darla Grove
    Darla GroveMarch 30,22

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! The farming, theft, torture, slaughter and consumption of our family members – cats and dogs – must stop NOW! PLEASE!

  7. Steven Fielding
    Steven FieldingMarch 30,22

    I understand that every nation treats their animals in different ways. Personally, I try to live a completely animal cruelty free life, but different cultures have their different beliefs. I think it says a lot about a nation, and a person, how they treat animals. To torture these poor animals in unimaginable ways whilst they scream in pain takes a dark soul. What have we become as a species to let this behaviour carry on? and to turn a blind eye whilst knowing this practice goes on is almost worse. We should be standing up to the meat trade in general. Dogs in Korea are not the only animals in pain. Every animal bred in captivity for our consumption is in anguish, not just the cute fluffy ones. Please spare a thought for them too please if you haven’t already.

  8. Elly
    EllyApril 3,22

    And if it is the last thing I do, I won’t let these horrible practices in South Korea go unnoticed. For a developed country it is a great Imageproblem to have this backwards and cruel things done to men’s best friend: dogs.

    I hope in regards South Koreas international reputation and image as a modern country they will end this horrific animal abuse. World wide all dog lovers should unite to end this.

  9. Amanda
    AmandaApril 5,23

    This needs to stop it breaks my heart why do they need to eat dog / cat it makes be so angry I cry nearly every day I hope one day it stops forever but when will that day come we need to stop this NOW it’s gone on why too long

  10. Naseem Mahmood
    Naseem MahmoodApril 5,23

    this horrfice atrocities against defenseless dogs and cats who are compassionate pets and aren’t for human consumption this misguided evil brutal ritual goes against all humanity. the horrfic slaughter and the barbaric inhumane killing .we has human have accountability on earth and aren’t on the plant to cause horrfice atrocities and bloodshed and burning animals alive , skinning them alive ,blowtorch them ,boiling them alive hanging ,electrocution. what sort of monsters does this to animals. they like humans have every right on earth .your atrocities speaks volumes of total disregard for life of animals China,Cambodia, north south Korea, Thailand,Philippines, Indonesia,Vietnam stop your horrfic barbaric torture and despicable heartless bloodshed .stop teaching your children animal abuse and crueality you have a brain and no from right and wrong use it for humanity and end this pure godless evil

  11. Darla Grove
    Darla GroveApril 5,23

    All of these wicked practices must be stopped and banned worldwide – now!

  12. S
    SApril 5,23


  13. Andrea Dammelhart
    Andrea DammelhartApril 6,23

    It is so shocking what mankind is able to do against animals. Go vegan, eat fruits and vegetables, but not our amazing, wonderful friends – animals. Our earth needs peace, not slaughterhouses.

  14. Sf de jong
    Sf de jongApril 22,23

    Please adhere to the Law. Be kind to all creatures and foremost the animals in your custody!!!!!

  15. Susan Fimbrez
    Susan FimbrezJune 7,23

    For the past two years I have been signing petitions and emailing All emails on these websites with the addresses that contain, This address will more likely go through along copying and pasting the letter message recommended. I’ve also written my own personal letter and had it translated in Korean attaching it to each email. I consider this my part in making a difference. Along with prayer!

  16. MS
    MSSeptember 17,23

    I oppose torture & consumption of Dogs & Cats — END sadistic, immoral, hateful treatment of Dogs & Cats – we have ALTERNATIVES — SHAME on us for ALLOWING such COWARDLY, BRUTAL treatment of innocent, vulnerable Animals, who deserve care, respect & love

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