KARA: South Korea! Follow China in ending the dog and cat meat trade!

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China clearly declares its will to end the ‘dog meat’ industry. South Korea will also have to end dog meat industry before it’s too late!👊

China has recently made a big step toward banning dog-eating by officially announcing its list of livestock that does not include ‘dogs’! It is a way to clearly recognize the status of dog as a companion animal. Korea’s dog meat industry, which threatens public health and involves extreme animal abuse, should also be banned soon.

The Chinese government’s announcement and its significance on May 27

The Chinese government stipulated a list of ‘national livestock and poultry products’ to ban illegal transactions, root out indiscriminate use of animals, and ensure the lives and safety of the people.
According to the report, China has included a total of 33 species of animals, including poultry, on its livestock list. Dog is not in this list.

Whitelisted listing of livestock animals that can be raised for meat, eggs, milk, fur, etc. means that animals that are not included in the list are not livestock. The Chinese government has made it clear that dogs and cats that are not included in the list are not subject to legal regulations as livestock and are not allowed to be used as livestock animals. In other words, the absence of dogs on the list means that dogs should not be used for purposes other than companionship and that dogs should not be slaughtered and eaten as done before.

China’s Agriculture Ministry said, ‘We have made and announced a list of livestock based on four principles: science, security, life and tradition, and international factors,’ fully accepting the dog’s changed status, explaining as follows.

“In the past, we used to raise dogs to protect our homes, hunt, and graze, but now our relationship with people has become closer as companion dogs, dogs that help police, search and rescue activities, and assistant dogs for the disabled.” Internationally, dogs are often not managed in accordance with livestock laws. As times progress, people’s culture and eating habits are constantly changing, and traditional customs about dogs will also change.

China’s central government banned wildlife trade and food in February, while Guangdong’s Shenzhen city enacted an ordinance in March on a total ban on wildlife eating, and now has declared that dogs are not livestock at the Chinese national level, moving toward a ban on dog-eating tradition.

On the other hand, South Korea still specifies dogs in livestock under the Livestock Act, and the Korean government does not even keep its promise to exclude dogs from livestock, and is sitting on its hands for arbitrary slaughter of dogs that do not comply with the Livestock Products Sanitation Control Act. In particular, the Ministry of Food and Drug neglects dog meat and “boshingtang(dog meat soup),” which are being distributed despite the fact that dog carcasses cannot be used as raw materials for food under the regulations of the Food and Drug Safety Act. While each side has been holding off on responsibility, the Triple Bill for the end of the dog meat industry has been scrapped without discussion in the 20th National Assembly, and now the new National Assembly needs to re-issue the Acts.
With the petition of 100,000 citizens until July 1, a campaign is being launched to revise the Waste Management Act, which bans feeding animals food waste, and the Livestock Products Sanitation Control Act, which prohibits arbitrary slaughter of animals.

If you are a South Korean citizen, we ask for your active participation on the petition.

(Non-Koreans, please scroll down and click “Calls for action” items below.)

🔥 Going to petition for revision of the Wastes Management Act – Banning feeding animals food waste

🔥 Going to petition for Livestock Products Sanitation Control Act – Prohibits arbitrary slaughter of animals

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