Korean Ministry of Environment’s response to our e-People petition-Stop feeding animals food waste

Application No.: 1AA-2009-0180193
Application Date: 2020-09-06
South Korea’s Ministry of Environment, South Korea must stop feeding animals food waste!

[🔥민원 액션] 당국의 엉터리 동물방역을 성토하고, 음식쓰레기 동물급여 전면 금지를 위한 환경부 민원에 동참해 주세요!

📌 Please note: The South Korean government continues to deceive us with lies and excuses. Click HERE to learn more.

Civil Petition Results
organization in charge Ministry of Environment 환경부
staff in charge 현세환
contact 044-201-7414
processing date 2020-09-17
result (Korean) ㅇ How are you? Thank you for your interest in the work of our Ministry of Environment.
ㅇ The complaints you inquire are related to “Prohibition of food waste to animal(dog) food”.
ㅇ When the leftover food is recycled as feed, it must obtain permission or report it to the relevant local government in accordance with Article 25 or 46 of the 「Waste Management Act」.
ㅇ Leftover food is included as a material that can be used as sweet rice feed based on the 「Feed Management Act」 and related notices under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and in order to recycle them, 3], in case of intending to use it as feed for livestock, the verification method pursuant to Article 30 of the Enforcement Rule of the Feed Management Act.The result of this must meet the range and acceptance criteria of the toxic substances in the feed process pursuant to Article 11 (1) of the 「Feed Management Act」 and Article 14 (3) of the same Act.
ㅇ Food left over according to the 「Livestock Infectious Disease Prevention Act」 due to the ASF outbreak last yearAlthough the movement of water to pigs has been limited, it is difficult to consider the same level of measures as concerns about the spread of asf through dogs at this time.
ㅇ For reference, waste treatment companies and waste treatment reporting facilities are guided and inspected by the head of the relevant local government, which is the subject of the license, in accordance with the 「Integrated Guidance and Inspection Regulations on Environmental Pollutant Discharge Facilities, etc.」. Please report or report information and data of related companies to the relevant local government.
ㅇ We hope that your question has been answered satisfactorily, and if you need additional explanations on waste, please contact the Ministry of Environment’s Waste Resources and Energy Division, Se-hwan Hyeon (044-201-7414), and kindly guide. Thank you.

[🔥민원 액션] 당국의 엉터리 동물방역을 성토하고, 음식쓰레기 동물급여 전면 금지를 위한 환경부 민원에 동참해 주세요!⠀코로나19 시대에 살고 있는 우리, 한국의 '동물방역'은 이대로 괜찮은가요? 동물의 희생만…

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