Naju: Illegal meat dog auction market in Youngsanpo

Picturesque and seemingly peaceful village of Anchang-ri in Naju-city, Youngsanpo is famous for its Meat Dog Auction Market that is held everyday except on national holidays. Dogs from all over the place are auctioned off within 2 hours in a lightening efficiency. This auction market is for meat dogs only. No pet dogs are sold here. One dog trader was bragging about how dog trade is a lot more profitable than cow trade so they should not be underestimated.

Dogs traded in this market are transported to the markets all over the large cities in S. Korea such as infamous “Moran Market” in Seongnam-city and “Gupo Market” in Busan. Dogs tied tightly in the neck are helpless in the hands of the heartless dog traders. Dogs being sacrificed for the human selfishness and greed….. Let’s keep telling everyone about this and start a movement against this betrayal of mans’ best friends.

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Dogs have to be weighed in order to price them.

200 plus years old tree in front of the village designated and being protected as ‘Old Big Tree’ by the city of Naju.

Can South Koreans be this hungry?

Terrified dogs getting nearer to their las torturous moments…

Auction starts at 11:00am.

Auction numbers are tagged and the bidding starts.

Straw rope on the village’s guardian tree

Empty trucks are trucks of dog meat traders who came here to buy dogs.

Their lives are pure misery…

Angaam Boulder right in front of the meat dog auction market.

Source: Blog 차별화의 꿈.

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    AHLOIE REYESJanuary 19,14


  2. Mia
    MiaJuly 9,14

    Really heartbreaking. Dogs are for pets. Like families. Not foods! There are much proper foods to eat rather than dogs. Lets help these voiceless and defenseless poor beings. Lets spread the campaigns and petitions against animal cruelties.

  3. Evelyn Klumpp
    Evelyn KlumppMarch 15,15

    Stop it!!

    KATIA TUNISONSeptember 3,15


  5. Alessandra Trois
    Alessandra TroisNovember 15,18

    Questa terra è un vero lager e un inferno in terra per questi esseri viventi innocenti che subiscono la crudeltà di questi individui barbari e incivili

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