Petition letters mailed – Atlanta, Hiroshima, and Taipei – Tell Sister City Daegu to stop the torture and consumption of dogs and cats!

Daegu Sister City Petition_ScreenshotWe mailed petition letters for the petition, Mayor Kasim Reed of Atlanta, Mayor Kazumi Matsui of Hiroshima, and Mayor Wen-Je Ko of Taipei: Tell Sister City, Daegu, South Korea, That We’re Opposed to the Torture and Consumption of Dogs and Cats! to the Mayor Kasim Reed and three executive members of his Office of International Affair on March 9, 2015 by USPS Certified mail with return receipt service as below and to the Mayor Kazumi Matsui and Mayor Wen-Je Ko on March 14, 2015 by USPS international first class mail.

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This petition is still open and we will send the letters again when we reach 50,000 signatures so please click HERE to sign and share!

Petition letters mailed

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed

Letter to Mayor of Atlanta_Pg1.jpeg
Letter to Mayor of Atlanta_Pg2.jpeg
Letter to Mayor of Atlanta_Pg3.jpeg

Receipts for USPS Certified Mail with Return Receipt Services for the petition letters mailed to the Mayor Kasim Reed and his staffs.

Certified mail receipt for petition letters mailed to Atlanta Mayor and staffs

We want to thank Atlanta Councilmember Mary Norwood and her staff for responding to our petition letter and acknowledging our opinion.

Response from Atlanta Council Mary Norwood

  1. b benjamins
    b benjaminsMarch 15,15

    stop dit

  2. verbanck kelly
    verbanck kellyMarch 15,15


  3. J Simpson
    J SimpsonMarch 16,15

    Completely unnecessary and totally barbaric

  4. Susan Frudd
    Susan FruddMarch 16,15

    Barbaric is the word. To cause such vile suffering and inhumane treatment to animals is a crime.

  5. Marie Jack
    Marie JackMarch 20,15

    please please please stop the consumption of dogs and cats especially the cruel and barbaric way they are killed in order for you to eat their flesh it is horrific so very wrong spiritually mentally and physically the world is watching and we don’t like it and we will not support you please now make up your mind and stop there is no need
    Thanking you for your cooperation

  6. soraya ghisleni
    soraya ghisleniApril 26,15

    Please help dogs and cats. Saving them from eating business !
    Many thanks!
    Best regards.

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