Petition letters mailed–Governor Brown-Tell Sister State, South Korea and Jeju Province of South Korea, That We’re Opposed to the Torture and Consumption of Dogs and Cats.

Jeju Sister State Petition ScreenshotWe mailed petition letters for the Governor Brown. Tell Sister State, South Korea and Jeju Province of South Korea, That We’re Opposed to the Torture and Consumption of Dogs and Cats! to the California Governor Jerry Brown, California Assembly Member Kansen Chu and California Senator Bob Wieckowski for my district by United States Postal Service certified mail with return receipt services as below on March 12, 2015.
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This petition is still open and we will send the letters again when we reach 50,000 signatures so please click HERE to sign and share!

Receipts for the USPS Certified Mail with Return Receipt Services for the petition letters mailed.

USPS Certified mail receipts_Jeju Sister State petition letters mailed


  1. christine warman
    christine warmanApril 19,15

    The civilized world are disgusted at the way these so called normal people torture and kill animals,it seems it is fun to them,and the more pain they can inflict on these innocent animals the more they enjoy it.They try to fob us off with the usual garbage about their so called culture,well many centuries ago we all had cultures of not very nice things happening,be it human or animal,but those days for most of us are over,except for the killers in China,and the rest of the animal torturing countries.

  2. marisol melgarejo
    marisol melgarejoApril 20,15


    • helen freedman
      helen freedmanApril 20,15

      Please stop the torturing of these poor and defenseless dogs and cats. It is cruel and inhumane. Please stop. Thank you.

  3. LeAnn Timothy Walters
    LeAnn Timothy WaltersApril 20,15

    Stop the torture, this isn’t about culture, it isn’t an age old custom, stop lying to the world. This is barbaric and cruel. EVIL! These precious sweet innocent animals deserve better. Quit breeding them for consumption. I would say the same about cows, pigs and chickens. I hate all inhumane treatment of animals. PLEASE STOP THIS, PLEASE!! IT BREAKS MY HEART.

  4. Laura
    LauraApril 20,15

    How can any human being be so cruel and evil to treat these innocent animals in such a despicable way? God does
    Not like this. They better stop!!!

  5. ldrboyle
    ldrboyleApril 20,15

    Boycott is the only way to stop this torture on innocent and helpless animals!

  6. Beaupre Claudette
    Beaupre ClaudetteApril 22,15

    lacher les animaux tranquille une fois pour toute gang de barbare

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